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by Monique Star 2 years ago in fan fiction
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Curiosity can kill the cat, but can it hurt creativity?

Edit done by Zenpai (recipe.for.thomathy on IG)

If there's anything that Logan would willingly admit to loving, it's Crofters and research. Case in point, he did the best he could to research the creative aspects of Thomas's mind ever since the Split. Patton might have been responsible for separating the King, but Logan had his own responsibilities after the Father walked away.

Ever since they resided in different parts of the mind, Logan did his best to keep an eye on them: Roman had expressed gallant yet cocky mannerisms and it was clear that he wanted to make his mark in whatever career Thomas would decide for himself. As for Remus, he was just as cocky and was more deviant, especially since the Dark Side didn't express as much discipline. Remus wanted so badly to make himself known, just like Janus and Virgil, but, of course, it was only a matter of time before Virgil, then Janus, revealed themselves to be more than just what Remus was believed to be formed from: taboo.

Logan acknowledged the behaviors that were hidden behind cocky facades, too, but, to him, they were nothing more than just more parts of the brothers for him to research. Although Roman prided himself in being the Prince meant to help Thomas, he could see from the responses of everyone else that Roman wasn't showing everything about him: there were uncertainties of whether or not he was or did enough. Of course, Logan knew that the term for such a worry was "atelophobia". In Remus's neck of the woods, it was clear that the Duke had some negative feelings as well than just glad that he had impunity and deviance on his side. It took a lot of books and straining, but Logan was eventually able to notice that Remus had loneliness, sadness, and envy within him. He guessed it was probably an effect to being in the shadows of the socially acceptable brother. Again, Logan saw it as nothing more than part of his research.

One night, Logan decided that he had finally had more than enough research to satisfy his curiosities, so he gathered everyone into the livingroom of the Mind Palace, including Thomas. Everyone seemed either curious, like they couldn't care less, or like they want to be next to their brother for the sake of security.

"Listen, everyone, as we all know I had been around ever since Thomas started to learn and Patton had split the King into two aspects of Creativity a few years afterward," Logan started.

There were emotions in the room that weren't exactly positive. Logan read out the different parts of his research over the years and, as expected, the brothers expressed pride in some areas and denial in other areas. After some time, Janus raised his hand.

"Is this to further emphasize that they need to take care of themselves?" he asked.

"Although that's secondary, that's not the main point of this announcement. You see, after Patton had split the King in two and left, I was curious about the principle of 'Nature vs Nurture'. As a result, I brought Roman to the Light Side when he should've been on the Dark Side and Remus to the Dark Side when he should've been to the Light Side. From what I gathered, it did impact their behaviors, but it never took away the desires to be something worth acknowledging."

Everyone but Logan expressed variations of shock. Roman and Remus ran of in the same direction crying while Patton and Janus left after them. Thomas and Virgil glared at Logan and expressed their disgust with Virgil adding that he's no different than Dr. Zimbardo. The two left in the same direction as everyone else and Logan's only companions at the moment were his papers of research. As he thought of the research, the reactions, and his inability to see things as black-and-white, he was struggling to figure out what might happen next. He had a feeling that the barriers between both sides of the mind would shatter, but he wondered if it was actually worth putting them through such harm.

fan fiction

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Monique Star

I'm not the most sophisticated adult out there. I'm also not the best at communicating all the time, but I do try my best to get my thoughts out there into the world verbally or nonverbally.

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