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Cozy Movies to Snuggle up too

Need a calming movie to help you feel good inside? Here’s a starter list!

By Rich BurtonPublished 2 months ago 9 min read

The list could go on and on, but this list is just a step in the right direction to Cottagecore type movies that will get you in the mood of feeling cozy and warm!

Tuck Everlasting

Would everlasting life appeal to you? When a young girl meets a boy who has lived an already long life, she falls in love with his ideals and his adventurous personality. When hardships befall them, the fountain of youth seems like the best option to once again meet. But as the young girl contemplates what life would be like to live forever, she chooses the choice to live a mortal life. A cozy movie that makes you contemplate what it is to die and what it is to live forever and which one would be better.

Big Fish

A man with big dreams, who exaggerates much (or so we think) retells his story to his son while on his deathbed. His son is a realistic man who doesn’t or won’t believe a word his father says. For, in his eyes, his father was an absent one who tells lies about why he was gone so much from his life. His father believed his purpose was to be out in the world helping others, unaware that he had another purpose at home. His adventures outside of the home were unbelievable until we see the guests (spoiler) at his funeral. Was he tellling the truth, spinning it a little, or just completely lying. With relaxing music and tales to take you for a loop, Big Fish gives cozy vibes to relax with a hot cup of whatever you like.

Ella Enchanted

A classic Anne Hathaway film. When we thought she wouldn’t get better after Princess Diaries, this beauty comes along. Fighting for the rights of other races, while battling an obedience curse, Ella is treated like garbage at home by her stepmother and stepsisters. Thrusts into a journey with the prince of her land, she is trying to break her curse, bring Benny back to being a human and somehow finds an elf friend who is willing to help her battle ogres and fall in love with the giants. It’s a fun, feel good show that makes you root for Ella and her friends while hoping the prince sees through her curse.

Ever After

On Hulu, I just had the pleasure to re-watch this movie. I can’t tell you how much I am in love with every aspect of this movie. The ambiance is relaxing and the values are pertinent, even for today. This is what I envisioned the original story of Cinderella to be like. Cinderella was not looking for a man to save her that, she was looking for a night out and happened to meet a man, who she fell in love with at first sight. This version of Cinderella is sweet, cozy, and heartwarming. You are rooting for everyone, even the stepmother at times, but not Jacqueline. Girl is the worst.

Any Studio Ghibli Movie

These movies are not for everybody, but Miyazaki is the type of director to send a deep message to his audience while giving comfort to those watching. His movies make you root for the protagonist and their friends while also feeling hope for the antagonist to become better after giving trials to the main characters. Some are more cozy than others, but each give a feeling of triumph after.


The secondhand embarrassment I get from this show... Gets me every time. However despite that, the fact that this show is about a woman who wants the Jane Austen experience is so innocent and cute. When she gets there she meets a handful of strange people who are actors for the experience and more who are there to experience Austenland. Our main lady has the pauper experience and therefore the pauper love experience. For our naive friend, she is really in the moment and wants the experience to be real.

However, she finds that her experience may not be so far after all. And Jennifer Coolidge is in it, need I say more?

Any Jane Austen Adaptation

Any adaptation from Jane Austen’s works are amazing. Along with her writing, but that’s for another post! I am currently watching the 90’s version of Pride and Prejudice and (I hate to say this because people might think I am blasphemous) I think the Keira Knightley version is better. The acting is above par with the ambiance, music, the subtlety’s from the actors faces, it is just amazing. For the TV show thought I have to say that we get to see more of the other stories of the characters and everything makes more sense within the story. More cohesive in storytelling.

The new Emma movie that came out was also very fun and unique. I did like the Gwyneth Paltrow version though, but her British accent isn’t my favorite.

The new Persuasion with Dakota Johnson was also a good version.

Either way any version you watch of the Jane Austen movies is fun to watch, heartwarming, and fun to snuggle up with.

Much Ado About Nothing (1993)

Or most of Shakespeare’s written word turned to movies/shows. This one just happens to be my favorite (along with She’s the Man, if you know you know). The start of this movie is cozy, cottage core incarnate. Everyone is running around having fun, being outside in the fields, the men come to clean up, then a party happens and people fall in love! What more could you want?


Probably my favorite on this list. I’ve read the book twice and seen the movie at least thirty times. The book has it’s own style and reminds me a lot of Howl’s Moving Castle (Novel), showing us how a poem is integrated throughout the story and the answer was within it all along. Tristan lives on the non-magical side of the “wall.” Lighting a babylon candle, wishing to see his mother, he is thrust into the magical world on the other side of the wall. Halfway to meeting his mom, he runs into a recently fallen star. A now injured woman, from crazy circumstances, was a star is now on the Earth wondering how to get back home. So these two have to figure out how to get what they both want while trying to run away from those who want the star. This movie’s atmosphere and fantasy world are cozy and heartwarming.

The Narnia Movies

If you were a little girl with access to a magical land befriending a fawn who gives you goodies, would you want to come back? I would. The messages are deep and the circumstances that brought the pevensies to Narnia are unfortunate, but the land of Narnia and its inhabitants are mesmerizing and enchanting. With a new version coming out on Netflix soon, I can’t wait to see the cast and the way the cinematography shows the true nature of Narnia.

The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society

It’s 1946 and the Germans were occupying the Channel Islands the only part of the British Isles, Guernsey. Being insignificant, the British government didn’t protect them as well as they should. In this movie we get To see what it was like for the people of Guernsey who lived through this war on these islands. We do get to see a sliver of hope with the book club, whose perspective we see throughout the movie. It was a sad show that had me shedding some tears, but I did enjoy seeing the history, the location, and the love story.

The Princess Bride

Rats of unusual size, anyone? Another favorite of mine. As you wish. Buttercup and her sweetheart Wesley are separated and believed him to be dead, Buttercup is now set to marry Prince Humperdink. Abducted by three mercenaries looking for money, Buttercup is followed by a pirate dressed in all black and after attempts to keep her in their hands she is taken by the new captor. Now the pirates captive, Buttercup has to find a way out and be free. But is the pirate her real enemy? With humor and drama we get to follow a funny story that a grandfather reads to his grandson when he is sick.

I’ve also heard the book is an amazing read.


I haven’t seen the release of the new show that is based in future of Willow. I did not hear the best reviews, but this version is amazing. My parents made me watch it and it was one of the best things she has ever done for me. It sparked my fire for Val Kilmer and my spark for fantasy. Trying to save the world a Nelwyn (a small person) named Willow Ufgood takes it upon himself to take a Daikini (a large person) baby back to her kind. What he doesn’t know is that baby is one of the most important people in the world.

All Little Women Adaptations

Greta Gerwig is probably one of the best women directors we’ve seen in this new age. In this adaptation she explores and values the different girls ways of life and how they want to live their life. I have heard that this version is highlighting Amy in a better way (I actually haven’t seen this yet). This movie is about the lives of sisters and how they grow up together to be their own little women.

Secret Garden

I haven’t seen the new one, but this film is my absolute favorite. I love all the little kids personalities, the way they find the garden, and the end when everyone can find joy in a magical garden. An orphaned girl, now living with her uncle and cousin, she is still lonely being a new person in the household with her uncle being aloof and her cousin being sickly and bedridden. She finds a garden and starts fixing it up while trying to fix her familial relations.

Miss Potter

This one was so hopeful and then so sad. This story is about the life of Beatrix Potter, the creator of Peter Rabbit and the side stories about his friends. A classic feminist tale about a woman who goes against her family’s wishes of becoming a wife, she choose to write and be her own person. After rejections of her stories, she finds a small publisher who makes her stories into the phenomena they are today.

This story, though having amazing books, is heartbreaking in the end when we learn of the hardships our beloved author had to endure. However, it is a lovely watch and fun to see a semi-fictionalized version of this tale.

Finding Neverland

The creation of Peter Pan. It follows J.M. Barrie and the real events that helps him create the world of Peter Pan. He meets and befriends a widow named Sylvia and her four sons. As he gets to know the family, the story of Pan comes to his mind and he begins to write the play. Tragic events and unfortunate circumstances are plagued for the boys and Barrie as Sylvia dies of cancer and now Barrie is the unofficial caretaker of the boys. Was Peter Pan a novelty like we think it is or is there a darker past behind it that we are remaining ignorant of? Either way the story is gripping and still makes you want to cuddle up.


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