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Comedian Jennifer Coolidge

Jennifer Coolidge shot to fame after her role in American Pie, but her success as a comedian is due to more than being a MILF.

By Geeks StaffPublished 8 years ago 7 min read

Jennifer Coolidge, the actress with impeccable comedic timing as well as other huge assets, has starred in dozens of films and numerous TV shows. For fans of a certain age, she'll always be known for her role in the American Pie films as "Stifler's mom." Her part in the series helped propel Coolidge's status to a character actress that was guaranteed to get big laughs. In the years since the first film hit theaters in 1999, Coolidge has acted in films in a variety of genres including Best in Show, Legally Blonde, and HBO's Sex and the City.

While her busty physique was the object of lust for the fans of American Pie, her personal life outside of the acting world is just as interesting. This list contains some little known facts about Stifler's mom, Jennifer Coolidge.

She Started Her Career on Seinfeld

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The first time this cougar in training appeared on the screen she wasn't flirting with underage boys, but on Seinfeld. In an episode titled "The Masseuse," airing midway through the celebrated sitcom's run, Coolidge plays Jerry's girlfriend and a professional masseuse. Sounds pretty ideal, right? That is, until she refuses to give him a massage. Naturally, a discussion about masseuse consent rights follows. Although her entertaining performance was short lived, Coolidge said, "The minute I was on that show, I was able to support myself just acting. It opened so many doors." After scoring this role she went on to land some great opportunities such as parts on Friends, Party Down, and 2 Broke Girls.

She is Still Seen as Stifler's Mom

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A downside to being a celebrity is that they are often the victims of envy and are expected to be in character at any given moment. Coolidge is associated with her "Stifler's mom" character from American Pie on a daily basis. Fans expect Coolidge to look and act like the seductive mom even when they encounter her on the street. "When I'm out on the town doing errands and I'm wearing a scrunchy in my hair and no heels, people do look disappointed," says Coolidge. "Usually, some young kid goes, 'That's not her, is it?' " Look at it this way, you probably don't need someone yelling quotes from their favorite movie from high school while you're buying groceries.

She Does Stand-Up Comedy

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While fans might be used to seeing her on the big screen, Coolidge still makes a living and makes people laugh doing national comedy tours. "The stand up thing has been really fun, really seeing the United States instead of reading about it," Coolidge has said. "Stand-up is just dirtier, a far more risqué kind of thing... I talk about the strange stuff guys say when they're trying to get you to sleep with them, I talk about sex, being single again, really weird Hollywood auditions. I think people will be really interested in it and laugh."

Her Life as a Real MILF

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We mentioned the slight negatives Coolidge encounters from time to time, but don't let that make you think her fame is too hard a pill to swallow. In an interview Coolidge remarked, "Thank God for Stifler's mom. I don't know if life would be this fun if I didn't have that. As a single woman, I reap the benefits of being Stifler's mom." The character, who tends to go for younger guys, apparently inspires young guys to approach Coolidge. "Never anyone close to my age. Always young guys." Ah, fame. Truly a double edged sword.

She's in Most of the Christopher Guest Movies.

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Christopher Guest is notorious for using his same favorite actors over and over in his film, but where's the harm when they bring his movies together so well?Guest is famous for his mockumentary style productions that feature interesting characters in a simulation of "real life" settings. Three of Guest's most notable movies involving Coolidge were A Mighty Wind, Best in Show, and For Your Consideration. In A Mighty Wind, she played Amber Cole, a ditzy character, not unlike the actresses' other famous roles. Coincidentally, the screenplay for A Mighty Wind was co-written by Eugene Levy, who played Noah Levenstein (Jim's father) in American Pie and its sequels. In Best in Show, she played Sherri Annthe gold digging trophy wife of Leslie Ward Cabot (Patrick Cranshaw). Throughout the film it becomes clear their marriage is a sham, leading Sherri Ann to follow her heart and find romance with Christy Cummings (Jane Lynch). Finally, Coolidge played Whitney Tyler Brown in For Your Considerationa film which was also co-written by Eugene Levy! More recently, in 2015, Guest assembled all his usual gang to take part in Mascots, a Netflix exclusive.

She is the Source of the Term MILF

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The term MILF first coined by her character in the American Pie films. As the sexy and mysterious matron figure, she served as a common fantasy for the male students at East Great Falls High. In the first film, Paul Finch has a "Mrs. Robinson" moment with her and loses his virginity, and subsequently becomes obsessed with her in the following two films. The two do come together for a second rendezvous at the end of American Pie 2, where the audience sees them rocking Jeanine's Mercedes so violently, the alarm is set off. One small step for Coolidge, one giant leap for MILF kind.

She Almost Got a Role on Desperate Housewives

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Coolidge was super close to being cast in the role of Lynette Scavo on the drama Desperate Housewives. However, the role was ultimately given to Felicity Huffman. Coolidge would have felt right at home in the role, considering the many similarities between the characters on Desperate Housewives and Stifler's mom! But everything happens for a reason and Coolidge was cast in the Friends spin-off Joey soon after, playing Joey's agent, Bobbie Morgansternthe self proclaimed twelfth most powerful woman in Hollywood. This probably goes without saying, but Bobbie is just as sex crazed as Stifler's mom, and just as much of a cougar considering her crush on Joey's 20 year old nephew in Season 1!

Bonus fact: Joey was not the first time Coolidge had acted alongside Matt LeBlanc. She also had a minor role on Friends, playing a friend of Monica and Phoebe, Amanda Buffamonteezi in "The One With Ross's Tan" during Season 10.

She's Still Being Cast in Comedy Sitcoms

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And with good reason! Jennifer Coolidge is funnythere's no arguing that, so why not include her in some of TV's most popular shows? Back in 2011, she was cast as a recurring character for the first season of 2 Broke Girls on CBS. But her role and performance were so well received, she was bumped up to a regular from Season 2 onwards. Although it may have helped that she's close friends (and neighbors) with the show's executive producer Michael Patrick King, it was no doubt her talent and hilarity that sealed the deal. Coolidge plays a Polish immigrant who runs a cleaning company and lives in the apartment above the two main characters. She often talks about her life in Communist Polandand, of course, shares stories of her sex life. Although 2 Broke Girls is still running, Coolidge also had roles on Glee, Inside Amy Schumer, and Trip Tank. It may be many years since the release of the first American Pie, but she's certainly showing no signs of slowing down as an actress.

She's Won Some Hilarious Sounding Awards

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Okay, so she may have won some highly acclaimed awards in her time, including the FFCC Award for Best Ensemble Cast for A Mighty Wind by the Florida Film Critics Circle and a nomination for Gotham Best Ensemble Cast for For Your Consideration as well as the PFCS Award for Best Ensemble Acting by the Phoenix Film Critics Society. However, she was also nominated for (and ultimately won) the Teen Choice Award for "Choice Movie Sleazebag" after her role as awful stepmother Fiona Montgomery in A Cinderella Story, starring Hilary Duff. Coincidentally, her character in the movie has a number of similarities to Stifler's mom. They're both trophy wives who appear to have married into their wealth, both confident women who aren't afraid to hit on their interests. What can we say, Coolidge has a type! The difference, however, is that while Mrs. Stifler's actions were sometimes a little risqué, she never had the intention of hurting anyone in the process. Fiona, on the other hand, had it out for Sam from the start. But don't worry, she gets what's coming to her.

She's has Some Insightful Views on what it Means to be a MILF

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While younger guys may hit on her while she's out trying to grocery shop, Coolidge is proud of her title. But what does it really mean to be a MILF? Being a comedy pro who doesn't shy away from the camera, it's no shocker that Coolidge put together a video explaining the true meaning of being a MILF, entitled Cougar Class and Cocktails with Jennifer Coolidge. The video begins with her American Pie co-star Jason Biggs, telling us Stifler's mom is the epitome of a MILF, before cutting to Jennifer describing the character as a woman who "never turns down an opportunity." She goes on to explain that she prefers the term "MILF" to "Cougar" as, when a woman is a MILF, it's the kid's idea to sleep with her, not the other way around. She also adds that age is irrelevantthe only prerequisite is being a mom, and how dating a younger guy can bring optimism, appreciation, and energy that may be harder to come by in older men. So while she may not be too similar to Mrs. Stifler in real life, it's clear Jennifer Coolidge has the "MILF" thing down!


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