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Celebrating William Utay as Dr. Rolf

An entertaining soap character

By Cheryl E PrestonPublished 5 years ago Updated about a year ago 2 min read
Dr. Rolf on Days of Our Lives

WIll Utay is a fan favorite

William Utay has portrayed Dr. Wilhelm Rolf on the NBC daytime drama Days of Our Lives since 1997. He comes and goes and was for the longest time the righthand man of the town villain, Stephano DiMera. According to Wikipedia, Will Utay says that 95% of his scene were with the evilest man in Salem. Together, these two caused a lot of problems for Salemites and also got many laughs from viewers. Joseph Mascola who portrayed Stefano passed away on December 8th, 2016.

Utay was said to be unavailable to reprise his popular role in 2022 and Richard Wharton took over. Rolph was involved with the resurrections from the dead of Kayla Johnson ( Marybeth Evans), Kate Roberts (Lauen Koslow), and Marlena Evans Black (Deidra Hall). He also brought Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) back to life in order to assist Steano's daughter Meghan Hathaway (Miranda Wilson).

Dr. Rolf has been a mad scientist, comedian, female impersonator, and an actual physician all rolled up in one. Utay portrayed stockbroker turned eccentric derelict Phil Sanders in 26 episodes of the original Night Court during seasons 2 thru 9. He then played the evil twin brother, Will Sanders, a successful attorney for eight more episodes in Season 9.

Rolph, John, and Steve

Dr. Rolph is unique

In his portrayal of Dr. Rolf he has assisted Stefano in all kinds of experiments on the good citizens of Salem. Rolph played a role in John Black (Drake Hogestyn) believing he was Roman Brady (then Wayne Northrop now ) and he did a good deed when he decided to help Jennifer Devereaux (Melissa Reeves) restore Jack Devereaux's (Matthew Ashford) memory.

Utay was born William Madans Utay on September 7, 1947 in Dallas, Texas. He is married to Susan Utay and his Alma mater is Southern Methodist University.In an industry that celebrates youth, it's great to see an actor continue in his craft into older age. He celebrated his 75th birthday on September 7, 2022 which made his 25th year of playing the evil genius.

Utay can be very comical, dastardly and yet endearing to his fans who love his accent when he portrays Dr. Rolph. In an article with Soap Opera Digest the actor said he was happy to be reunited with old friends such as Kirsten Alfonso and Deidra Hall. Alfonso left Days of Our Lives in 2020 and although she said she was not returning she is currently wrapping up a 15-episode stint..

Dr. Rolph will never change

In recent years Dr. Rolph has lent a helping hand to villains Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk) and Gwen Rizczech (Emily Obrien) and gave Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) Stefano's memories. Nothing has been said regarding if Rolph will return and whether it will be Wharton or Utay.

Days of Our Lives has a history of allowing older actors to continue until they are no longer able. Frances Reid who portrayed Alice Horton was on the CBS daytime drama until age 83 in 2010 when she began forgetting her lines. Joe Mascolo portrayed Stephano until a few months before he died at age 87. Like Reid, he remained part of the cast until he was no longer able to recall his lines. John Anniston who portrays Victor Kiriakis was still on DOOL at age 89 when he passed away and Bill Hayes (Doug Williams) will turn 98 this year. Kudo's to Will Utay for giving fans Dr. Rolf and entertaining viewers for decades.


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