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'Captain Marvel' Review

Further, Higher, Faster

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

I will start by saying that I did like the movie overall, all of its elements worked well together, and it was a technically cohesive movie that had a great rhythm and flow. Any problems I had with it were from a nerd perspective, not a professional one. The updated Marvel title sequence was a beautiful tribute to Stan Lee and caused me to start this movie through tears.


The visuals were stunning, the CGI and special effects served the purpose of enhancing the story without overpowering it or looking cheesy. Carol’s powers were depicted clearly and the way they showed her when she went Binary was beautifully executed. The de-aging of Nick Fury and Agent Coulson were also done extremely well.

The acting was extremely well done overall, however, as much as I love Brie Larson as a person, I feel like her portrayal of Carol Danvers leaves something to be desired. It wasn’t bad, she wasn’t flat, it just felt off. For example, the scene where Maria is telling her who she is, Lashana Lynch was emoting beautifully and I could feel her words in my heart, and it felt like it took Brie Larson till the very end of her speech to convey any kind of reaction, and then she had three distinct facial expressions. It was as if someone had to cue her to change what she was doing with her face, she wasn’t listening and feeling what was coming from Maria. She was Brie listening to Lashana and it felt out of character and out of the moment. Unfortunately, I felt that several times watching Brie Larson. Everyone around her though was always present and always in character, managing to keep me in the story.


The story elements bleed into nerd territory so that is how I will review them. By using flashbacks and jumping around Carol’s memories, the writers allowed the story to move more quickly, gave the audience insight into Carol Danvers, and allowed us to start figuring out her story for ourselves. The origin of her powers was as close to comic book accurate as we could ask for (they will never be 100 percent, I’m pretty sure the writers of Marvel movies don’t even know what comic books are). Carol caught in the blast of a Kree device absorbs the energy. The Kree take her back to their home base and merges her genetics with their own (mostly accurate).

Carol’s enhanced strength and speed is shown during her sparing with Yon-Rogg, yes, but is better depicted in her escaping from the Skrull ship. Her hands are bound in metal, leaving her unable to use her photonic energy powers, but her ability to fight hand to hand shows the more relatable and human side to her powers.

My favorite part of the film was the way that they introduced the relationships between Carol and Maria, as well as Carol and Monica. I for one am very ready to see Spectrum, so the introduction of the Rambeau women makes me very happy, as it was well executed.


First of all, I don’t have a ton of problems with what they did with the story, but it's about quality not quantity…

During the entire end fight scene, I was waiting for her to go Binary because I knew as a fan that a good reasoning for her not being involved in the MCU, or even mentioned in the last 10 years, would be because after Captain Marvel goes Binary for an extended period of time, she’s pretty much useless. Her powers are drained, and often her memories as well, but apparently she can just go Binary whenever she wants (which makes absolutely no sense for so many reasons; the biggest being, you can’t hold that kind of power without consequence).

Secondly, I know that everyone was wondering how Nick Fury lost his eye and the writers knew that. The way they handled that overtly minor plot point was simply lazy writing.

And third, naming the Avengers after Carol as a pilot was a desperate and vain attempt to make her more important than she actually is—and try to get us to care about her saving the other heroes in Endgame.

Overall, it was a good movie, but the ending was lazily written, poorly executed, and took me out of a movie I was really enjoying. The rest of the movie was wonderful and if you can overlook the glaring nerd errors then I highly recommend it.


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