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Scarlet Witch

And the Possible Direction Her Story Could Go In

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Although we have an idea of what the next phase of the Marvel Universe will entail, the details are a bit murky, especially when it comes to the new mini-series events coming to Disney’s streaming service. The only one I am concerned about, however, is the future of Scarlet Witch. My favorite character, one of the most powerful comic book characters ever, and a very easy character to screw up if they don’t handle it properly.

All of the possible directions they could take with this character require a lot of build and setup that they haven't quite done with her yet. What I am hoping will come out of Endgame will be the unlocking of her Chaos magic and, depending on what they decide to do with Vision, the true extent of her power.

They could, of course, find a way to resurrect Vision and the mini-series could surround their relationship and the creation of their children. If we do see Scarlet Witch’s twin demon babies that would open a plethora of new storylines for the character. Vision and Scarlet Witch’s life together, of course, but also Wanda’s need for children fueling her reality-warping powers and giving her twin boys, leading to insight into her emotionally unstable mind as they were said to be apparitions that existed only in her mind. Apparitions that exist anyway as part of the young Avengers Speed, and Wiccan (a play off of herself and Quicksilver). The Children’s Crusade would also have to include Quicksilver, which would raise questions as to how they would do that. Not even questions about the resurrection (as he technically died in Age of Ultron), I’m sure the MCU has BS excuses all lined up for that one. But even if they bring in the X-Men, they can’t bring in the shifted timeline cast as that would make no sense. We know they are recasting the X-Men, so the possibility of an entirely new Quicksilver is there, BUT since the MCU has already introduced Aaron Taylor Johnson as Quicksilver, I think it would be best to bring him back as he and Elizabeth Olsen played very well off of each other (which means we may see the return of super thick Sokovian accents). The possibility of this storyline is to see two characters that just want to be human and live a normal life. You don’t want a mini-series depicting mutants domestic struggles? Okay, fine…

If we don’t bring Vision back (or attempt to and fail) that could be the jumping off point for her mental instability and the unlocking of her powers, as we didn't really get to see the aftermath of her emotional trauma before she was dusted. This could also be the kicking off point for House of M, if they take the time to bring in the X-Men. This storyline would take a lot more setup, but done correctly and in a mini-series format, they could really take their time with the storyline and make sure that it's done its justice.

If they don’t feel like waiting until House of M can be setup properly then we could always bring in Wonder Man; this storyline could be done with Vision alive or dead, so I think that it's the most realistic and certainly the easiest storyline to do in a mini-series format. The introduction of Wonder Man would include the storylines of the West Coast Avengers.

If we are not wanting to include to many other heroes in the mini-series I would go with Scarlet Witch and Vision’s comic books or Scarlet Witch’s solo series. These would make the most sense, as they have cameos from other heroes, but are not necessary to the central storyline and, therefore, can be done independently of the team movies. This also offers them a better format to develop the characters so that when the “new Avengers” are taken to the big screen, Scarlet Witch is at full power, again offering up far more storylines for them to choose from.


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