Captain America: Civil War's Sokovia Accords Explained

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One of the biggest questions is how the Sokovia Accords will fit into the film.

Captain America: Civil War's Sokovia Accords Explained

There are a lot of mysteries surrounding the film, specifically the content. One of the biggest questions is how the Sokovia Accords will fit into the film, as there is no comic-book basis for them to be based off of. However, the description and photos of the main page of the Sokovia Accords indicate that the Sokovia Accords are an interpretation of the widely known, SuperHuman Registration Act from Marvel Comics.

Sokovia Accords. Front Cover

Sokovia Accords, First Page

Comic-Book basis of The Sokovia Accords, Civil War Event.

In Marvel Comics, the SuperHuman Registration Act required every enhanced individual to register with the government, and required that each participant have their activities monitored while also being held accountable for any ensuing collateral damage. The Sokovia Accords have the same principles but presented in a manner more fitting to the MCU. It wouldn't seem appropriate in the grounded world to call the Sokovia Accords, the Superhuman Registration Act when that would imply that every enlistment is a recognized superhero when not every 'enhanced' individual is a superhero.

Implementation and legislation of Sokovia Accords.

The Sokovia Accords are meant to cover every enhanced individual in the MCU', from Inhumans to armored Avengers, as well as enhanced humans like Wanda Maximoff(Scarlet Witch). As to when the Sokovia Accords will be implemented is yet to be determined. The Sokovia Accords could be set into motion during the opening scene of the film, having Tony Stark/Iron Man deliver a monologue alongside General Thaddeus Ross to the Avengers but there's room for alterations. There's also the possibility that the Sokovia Accords are being planned during the beginning phase of the Civil War, but are forced into legislation when an international incident involving enhanced individuals causes another catastrophic effect, resulting in loss of civilian life. All of that is speculative for the moment. The facts that aren't speculative are the proponents behind the Sokovia Accords.

Tony Stark's role in enforcing the Sokovia Accords.

Iron Man/Tony Stark has been seen in the promotional footage for Captain America: Civil War giving a speech to his former Avengers' comrades. Explaining that everyone should be held accountable for their actions, even the Avengers, and Tony Stark is behind that plan of action. Along with Iron Man/Tony Stark, General Ross has been seen giving his piece of the Sokovia Accords to the Avengers as well. Ross describes the recent events on Earth that have resulted in loss of life, and vast collateral damage, mainly because the Avengers have been fighting threats on all fronts without regard for public safety.

Iron Man and his team will definitely be promoting registration and held accountability by everyone, including themselves, along with the government supporting their efforts in keeping enhanced individuals contained and supervised. However, Iron Man's support of the Sokovia Accords doesn't mean he's an antagonist to the Avengers now, he's simply doing what he believes is best for the world. Iron Man's involvement in the Sokovia Accords are to maintain that the Sokovia Accords are followed appropriately so that enhanced individuals are treated fairly, without being subjected to experimentation or forced action. His comic-book counterpart in the Civil War event also followed a similar philosophy. Believing that involving himself personally, Tony Stark felt that the negative impact caused by the Superhero Registration Act would be minimal if the superhero community saw that a mighty Avenger like himself was a proponent of the enlistment requirement. That would also tie in to the previews we've been privy to of Tony Stark/Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War.

Casualties of war. Possibly on both sides.

The Sokovia Accords are likely to result in multiple Avengers on the opposing side of the conflict being detained in the Raft. Marvel Comics' has the Raft as a prison for super-powered criminals, but the MCU' iteration of the Raft will be used to house any enhanced individual found in violation of the Sokovia Accords, including the Avengers. A new photo recently released, shows Bucky Barnes(Winter Soldier) in a containment module similar to the containment modules used by SHIELD on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Bucky Barnes contained

It's possible that Bucky Barnes is going to be apprehended after the chase scene he's been featured in, in the promotional videos for Captain America: Civil War. Bucky is wearing the same attire as when Black Panther and War Machine were seen chasing him through a tunnel. It ties into the scene where Captain America is standing by Bucky's side and they're surrounded by law enforcement, Black Panther, and War Machine. That also hints at smaller team-ups between Avengers in Captain America: Civil War.

The Raft

Sebastian Stan's role as Bucky Barnes appears to be a focal point of the film.

Another picture could indicate where Bucky Barnes ends up after his capture, and it's not in the Raft. The picture above is what looks to be of containment cells. Those look to be of decent quality, and in a place where someone inside would be treated with dignity and respect, well as much dignity that a prisoner can have. Bucky Barnes' containment cell looks nothing alike to these cells. Bucky's containment module appears to be doing something to him, possibly brainwashing him again.

New Set Image explained, and the significance during the film.

Bucky's containment appears to be doing something to his physical form, it could be a form of phase integration for a person to be cryogenically frozen; as the Winter Soldier had been utilized in the past as an assassin by Hydra. The real piece of information that is of note is here is Bucky Barnes' containment being apart from the Raft, meaning another entity outside of Team Iron Man and the Sokovia Accords have captured Bucky Barnes. They could be experimenting on him or reinstalling his brainwashing program to turn Bucky Barnes back into the assassin, Winter Soldier. All theoretical at the moment.

However, Bucky Barnes' capture could come at the hands of Baron Zemo. Zemo has not been seen in any of the promotional footage for Captain America: Civil War and Daniel Bruhl is set to play the main antagonist, Baron Zemo in the film. His character could have something to do with Bucky Barnes being taken to another prison away from the Raft, Zemo might find use of an assassin like the Winter Soldier. If this theory has any credibility, then Zemo capturing Bucky Barnes and brainwashing Bucky could potentially lead to Bucky betraying Captain America then assassinating him. That's all conjecture at the moment, based on the information derived from the promotional footage released for Captain America: Civil War.

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