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Best Superhero Halloween Costumes

If you're struggling to find the perfect superhero costume, look no further. We got you covered with the best superhero Halloween costumes to make your Halloween night a heroic one.

By Jacqueline HanikehPublished 7 years ago 5 min read

When it comes to costume searching for Halloween, it can actually be a big pain, especially if you don't exactly know what to dress up as. And you don't want to show up to a Halloween party being the only one who didn't dress up again. So, you search and search through stores to find out which costume best suits you. Eventually, you give up and show up to the party with blood all over yourself... Don't do that.

This year, show up as a superhero! Superheroes are really in these days and there are even groups of friends dressing up as the characters from Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, etc. Suggest superheroes to your friends and you and your friends will show up to the party like total badasses. But now that you have the idea, where do you start searching for the right costume? Look no further, because we hooked you up with a great list of superhero Halloween costumes to get you ready for the parties. But if you do end up dressing like Batman, try pulling off his deep, husky voice. People will give you ten extra points for the effort.

Captain America is one of Marvel's all-time best superheroes due to storyline and character overall. Among the best superhero Halloween costumes, dressing up as Captain America includes his 'A' helmet mask, cosplay T-shirt, and, of course, his iconic Captain America shield.

You'll be the best Captain America at the party, and when the party slowly starts to get boring, you can even hide yourself behind the shield and walk right out the door — one of the many perks of this costume.

Thor is another popular superhero from the Marvel comics — making this costume one of the top superhero Halloween costumes ever. It's actually fairly easy to dress up as Thor, all you need is the cosplay t-shirt, his legendary Mjolnir hammer, and a red cape — that's it.

And once you wear it all together, BAM, you've become Thor in the most effortless way, but you still look great! Just make sure you don't swing your hammer at anyone at the parties. Who knows how much power it holds.

From Guardians of the Galaxy comes Gamora, a total badass babe who can make you look like one too with this costume. This set comes with her shirt, pants, belt and gauntlets. You basically get everything in one purchase! It Makes costume shopping a real breeze.

To really become Gamora, you can even paint your face green and apply green lipstick. And once you're fully complete, you can head to the party looking like the most dangerous female assassin in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Who doesn't want to be Superman for Halloween? One of the top superhero Halloween costumes you can be is Superman. Become the Man of Steel with this costume set that includes the jumpsuit with a built-in muscle chest, attached boot tops, and a belt. However, the look isn’t complete without his flowing red cape!

Just a heads up, you cannot fly or have super strength while wearing this costume. So, please, when you're at the party dressed as Superman, don't jump off of high places promising you can fly, and don't lift the fridge up unless you want to break a bone.

If you're thinking of becoming Black Widow for Halloween this year, you're a genius. Black Widow is one of the most iconic and well-known assassins in the superhero world. And not only is she one tough chick, but her outfit is seriously on point.

Dress up like Black Widow with these pieces such as her belted jacket and a red-colored wig to really become the famous assassin. It's a simple dress up, but the outcome can really make you become Black Widow.

Don't be the original Joker this Halloween, dress up as Suicide Squad's Joker! He's much more casual, and more badass, all in one. In fact, his costume is so simple, all you need is his trench coat, Joker's cosplay grill (optional), green hair spray, temporary Joker tattoos, and the Joker's face paint if you really want to go all out. But just smudging black eyeshadow on your eye lids is fair enough, too — creating one of the top superhero Halloween costumes.

You can even throw on a pair of ripped jeans or pajama pants if you want to be comfortable at the party, because who doesn't want to be? Partner up with someone dressed as Harley Quinn, and the two of you will show up to the party as an awesome power couple.

Men shouldn't be the only ones dressing up as the bat hero, this Batgirl costume will give ladies the opportunity to be the dark hero this time! Among the best superhero Halloween costumes, this Batgirl costume can really have girls slaying the costume game at any party.

What you'd need to create this look is the Batgirl cape, Batman's half mask, black lamé gloves, Batgirl boot tops, and a black leather jumpsuit.

Not many people dress up as Nightwing on Halloween — be the first to! Show off your wicked cool Nightwing cosplay jacket and his half mask when attending a Halloween party. This costume is not only super effortless, but you'll look great dressed up as the DC hero.

Not to mention Nightwing's jacket can be worn even if it's not Halloween, that's how cool it looks. So, this costume doesn't have to be worn only once, make use of that rad jacket whenever you want!

Valkyrie is among the most underrated Marvel superheroes, and this Halloween, you can make her more known by dressing up as her. As one of the top superhero Halloween costumes, Valkyrie features a really unique costume. Not to mention you'll totally kick butt wearing this.

What's amazing about this set is that you get the dress with the attached cape and bandolier, a belt, armbands, and gauntlets! You'll be looking exactly like Valkyrie with this set and people at the party won't stop complimenting you.

Have you ever heard of Squirrel Girl? Despite the fact that she's part squirrel and part human, her costume is super adorable. I mean, look at that fluffy tail! It really ties the entire look together.

This specific costume set comes with a two-piece bodysuit combo, arm and leg warmers, an ear headband, and a large plush tail with an adjustable harness. And don't worry, the fur in this costume is made out of faux fur. But don't attempt to climb trees while wearing this, you're not actually part squirrel, just dressed as one.

Robin doesn't always have to be male, right? Become a flirty, but tough, sidekick when dressed up as Batman's most trusted partner. No one would want to mess with you at the party if you're dressed as this Robin.

The set includes the dress, cape, gloves, belt, and an eye mask to really put the entire look together. Find yourself a Batman, or Batgirl (duh), and head to the party looking like a pair of kickass superheroes in one of the best superhero Halloween costumes.

From the list of great superhero Halloween costumes, we can't leave out the Flash! He's one of our well-known, classic superheroes who possesses the power of super speed. When you're dressed as the Flash, you bet you'll be running to the party quicker than lightening! Not really.

The Flash costume includes the jumpsuit, boot tops, belt, and a headpiece. Once again, when you're dressed as a superhero, you don't possess their super powers. So, don't attempt to run really fast or else you'll either fall on your face really hard or slam your body into something or someone.

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