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Suicide Squad Cosplay Guide

The anti-heroes of 'Suicide Squad' are the perfect characters to cosplay.

By Isaac ShapiroPublished 8 years ago 7 min read

Anti-heroes have become increasingly popular and Suicide Squad is following the momentum of Deadpool and Kick Ass. The blockbuster transforms iconic DC characters like the Joker into skewed criminal masterminds who are manipulated into deadly black ops missions (like breaking into Arkham Asylum, with the ruthless government patsy Amanda Waller serving as their gatekeeper). “I want to build a team of some bad people who I think are capable of doing some good,” says Waller, in the third trailer for the movie.

While it provides a modern spin on comics, Suicide Squad is derived from The New 52, DC’s much-touted reboot, which is currently running in the Rebirth phase and has yielded some of the most intriguing characters and plot lines to hit comics. However, Suicide Squad offers a bevy of inspiration for novice and experienced cosplayers, from the sassy bravado of Harley Quinn to the robotic assassin, Deadshot.

Harley Quinn

Image via Birth. Movies. Death.

Harley Quinn is a saucy vixen who debuted in Batman: The Animated Series, where she donned a black-white-and-red look of a playing card pierrot inspired by British Harlequinade. While she was once portrayed by the Mia Sara of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in the Bird of Prey series, Margot Robbie brilliantly conveys the unhinged beauty of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. The costume, which captivated audiences from the moment the first trailer was released, was revamped from the clownish look created by Bruce Timm and the corseted outfit that was featured in Suicide Squad comics.

Robbie weighed in on the difficulty behind creating the perfect costume for the film during an interview with Hello Giggles. “I cannot emphasize how many outfits, and how many variations of the Harley Quinn costume we tried," said Robbie. “We tried the court jester costume, we tried the corset and skirt, we tried leather pants, we tried literally every costume possible for her.”

The Joker’s once-neglected sidekick sheds her campy kitsch by embracing jaw-dropping hot pants and dip-dye hair that would make any roller derby babe proud. Her sateen jacket may read “Property of Joker,” but Suicide Squad marks a turning point for the former psychiatrist, who is approaching madness at breakneck speed. Whether it is a baseball bat or a gigantic mallet, she prefers to use blunt force to brutalize her victims but she isn’t willing to sacrifice stylish shoes for practicality.

Cosplaying Harley Quinn has become increasingly simple, thanks to a wide range of products that are currently on the market. Those who are seeking the most authentic ensemble possible will want to start with the red and blue Harley costume jacket. The saucy Daddy’s Lil Monster tee continues to sell out at official retailers because it is a necessary addition to her bubblegum smacking, sinister look.

Daring cosplayers who don’t mind getting their bathroom sink a little messy may consider trying using hair chalk to transform their hair, but it’s much less of a hassle to use a pink and blue dip-dye wig. The tap shorts from the film version of Suicide Squad offer a daring look. Cosplayers who opt for a less revealing look may consider the Harley Quinn Suicide Squad shorts from the costume base on Amazon. A gun sling, baseball bat, and leather cuffs bring authenticity to the cosplay. The final touch for those who weren’t able to get their hands on a pair of the very limited release Adidas x Jeremy Scott Margot Robbie Heeled Sneakers is a pair of Dreamy House Women’s Cosplay boots, which evoke the same silhouette as the high-fashion shoes.

Shop the Look:

Property of Joker Jacket by Blingsoul - $89

Daddy's Little Monster Tee by Hot Topic - $28.50

Womens Lolita Gradient Color Wig by Angelaicos - $29.99

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Shorts by The Costume Base - $32.80


Image via Birth. Movies. Death.

Joker plays a pivotal role in Suicide Squad, where his off-the-rails persona begins to take second-fiddle to the gum-smacking bravado of Harley Quinn. Over the years, his character transformed from a campy side note to a suave, sinister villain whose cunning prowess is reflected with the juxtaposition of his flashy, cheap-looking suit. David Ayer’s interpretation of the Joker looks less clownish and more like a former-salesman-turned-sociopath. He resembles a twisted, turquoise-haired Alex of A Clockwork Orange, who was recently released from an asylum.

Jared Leto captures this by pairing a blood red button long-sleeved button down with a silver dinner jacket which features black lapels, dress pants, and a garish silver tie. Devoid of his signature purple and clad with inexplicable tattoos, the Joker is revamped from the demonic look that made Heath Ledger’s turn in The Dark Knight unforgettable. Cosplayers can pair a cranberry red Geoffrey Beene men’s fitted dress shirt with a silver gray Vesuvio Napoli narrow necktie. A silver modern fit Sharkskin 2 Button Dress Jacket is accompanied by black Kenneth Cole Reaction Slacks. Joker offsets the ordinary nature of his suit with green hair, which can be accomplished by hair chalk, dye, or a wig.

Shop the Look:

Men's Dress Shirt by Geoffrey Beene - $55

Necktie by Vesuvio Napoli - $9.95

Modern Fit Silver Sharkskin Dress Suit by New Era Factory Outlet - $89.99

Reaction Men's Textured Stria Flat-Front Pant by Kenneth Cole - $60


Image via

Deadshot is an important figure within the Suicide Squad universe, who is revered as a diabolical assassin who wields a mind-blowing arsenal with lethal precision. Once known as Floyd Lawton, his journey into psychological despair started when he accidentally shot his beloved brother in an attempt to kill his abusive father. The incident leads to his obsession with sharpshooting and his total disregard for humanity. Will Smith portrays Deadshot with a mix of 70s-inspired swagger of Blaxploitation films (replete with a fedora and leather trenchcoat) and militaristic cyborg sterility.

Deadshot is best cosplayed when tactical paintball accessories are mashed up with all-weather gear. Use white spray paint to colorize the Empire Paintball X-Ray Single Lens Goggle, then place a balaclava like the Candy Color Ultra Thin Ski Face Mask underneath. A Steampunk Victorian Monocle in red for the right eye compliments the headpiece. The rest of the costume also incorporates outdoor and sporting accessories. A New Men Sports Apparel Compression Shirt serves as the base for the upper portion of the Deadshot look. Maddog’s Sports Chest Protector mimics the style of a bullet-proof vest. Tactical pants and arm and knee pads help to complete the cosplay.

Shop the Look:

X-Ray Single Lens Goggle by Empire Paintball - $20.30

Candy Color Ultra Thin Ski Face Mask by NewNow - $2.28

Steampunk Victorian Monocle by Umbrella Laboratory - $12.99

Sports Padded Chest Protector by Maddog - $32.95

Captain Boomerang

Image via Birth. Movies. Death.

Captain Boomerang is often considered to be the least heralded member of the Suicide Squad, due to his occasional off-color remarks and talents that seem like they are ripped from an old-school comic. His first appearance as Digger Harkness was in the 60s era comic, The Flash. Captain Boomerang’s name might sound heroic, but he is far from a team player. He maintains a contentious relationship with Deadshot, which provides some interesting moments in the Squad's interactions. Australian actor Jai Courtney portrays him as a hardscrabble hoodlum who looks like a working-class mob enforcer. Cosplayers can wear a gray Recycled Fisherman Beanie with a Captain Boomerang Bomber Coat. An added touch is the Augusta Satin Baseball Jacket.

Shop the Look:

Recycled Fisherman Beanie by American Apparel - $22

Satin Baseball Jacket by Augusta - $24.29

Killer Croc

Image via Birth. Movies. Death.

While he may be a fascinating character from the movie, Killer Croc is one of the most difficult to cosplay, due to the need for highly detailed makeup and customized prosthetics. Adele Akinnuoye-Agbaje transforms into the lethal reptile through sophisticated makeup artistry that has yet to be revealed by the production. Cosplayers who don’t have access to Hollywood-grade special effects may consider using a Giant Crocodile mask, which is available online.

Shop the Look:

Giant Animal Crocodile Costume Mask by Allures and Illusions - $13.99


Image via Birth. Movies. Death.

One of the most daring costumes from Suicide Squad is Enchantress, the former freelancer-turned-sorcerer. While her swamp witch look (fully revealed in the December issue of Empire magazine) is a far departure from the hooded green catsuit which defined her comic persona, Enchantress is poised to become a popular cosplay for women who aren’t opposed to wearing very revealing creations on the convention floor. Her look can be achieved by sprucing up a black bikini like the Victoria’s Secret Hottie Halter with custom-made chain mail accessories. Inky makeup and a small fascinator like Smiffy’s Mini Top Hat to complete the skimpy cosplay.

Shop the Look:

The Hottie Halter by Victoria's Secret - $40.50

Women's Gothic Mini Top Hat Fascinator by Smiffys - $12.74


Image via Birth. Movies. Death.

Katana first originated as a superhero in the 1983 release of The Brave and the Bold as the inaugural member of the Outsiders. Once known as Tatsu Yamashiro, an average Japanese woman, she entered into rigorous ninja training upon the tragic death of her husband. She has a lengthy history with DC, with the bulk of her time spent with the Outsiders. In The Blackest Night she followed Killer Croc into imprisonment, before joining the Justice League of America in The New 52 under the command of Amanda Waller.

While she has been illustrated in numerous iterations, Karen Fukuhara channels a modern take on David Finch’s concepts by trading out latex for bomber jackets, leather, and spandex in the Suicide Squad film. The key to successfully executing Katana is her leather mask. The MBK Women’s Faux Leather Zip-up Moto Jacket paired with a white lycra tank top and fashion stretchable faux leather leggings help to bring the outfit together. The cosplay is completed by a ninja sword with sheath, tactical arm, and knee pads.

Shop the Look:

Womens Faux Leather Moto Jacket with Hoodie by Made by Johnny - $29.95

Womens Girls Faux Leather High Waisted Leggings by Slickblue - $13.99

Ninja Sword with Sheath by Fun World - $9.10

Katanna Mask by LMEmasks - $45

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