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Best Superhero Board Games Ever Made

Want to play board games based on your favorite superheroes? Check out these awesome superhero board games to dive right into.

By Stephen HamiltonPublished 7 years ago 5 min read

We love watching superheroes on our televisions screens. It's thrilling to watch the action-packed films based on great superheroes such as Batman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Flash, and others. Aside from the heroes themselves, the storylines that take place within each film is what truly lures us into loving superheroes as a whole. And we can never get enough of these heroes, no matter how many times we watch their films or play video games based on the comics. But, did you know that there are awesome board games that revolve around our favorite superheroes?

The majority of these board games are just as thrilling as watching superheroes in films. The excitement of players playing a board game based on their favorite heroes makes for a great time when having get togethers. So, if you're on the hunt for a good board game with your most loved heroes in them, check out these great superhero board games to play with family and friends!

This Marvel Deck Building Game includes 17 heroes, six villain groups, and five masterminds. In this board game, it allows players to use heroes like the Daredevil, Professor X, Blade, and others to face and defeat masterminds such as Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister, and Kinpin.

The game features 350 all-new cards, including 17 new heroes from the X-Force, X-Men, and the Marvel Knights, villains, and henchmen groups. While each hero comes with different artworks and situations, it’s in the player’s hands to survive the Dark City and become legendary.

Ever heard of Chutes and Ladders? Well, this is the Spider-Man version of that board game and I can assure you that it's way better playing this, because it's known as one of the best superhero board games to play.

In order to play, the player must follow wherever the spinner tells him to go. Climb ladders to get closer to winning the game, but if you fall into chutes, your player goes down towards the starting line and must work your way back up again.

You can play with characters like Spider-Man, White Tiger, Iron Spider, Power Man, Black Cat, Green Goblin, and even Rhino. With so many heroes and villains to choose from, playing this with friends or family will be a blast!

Monopoly has a ton of different version from Star Wars to Game of Thrones and Stranger Things, here's the Avengers version of the classic board game. You can now play Monopoly in a more adventurous and thrilling way.

This fast-trading property game is now based on the superhero twist — Avengers! The game features S.H.I.E.L.D. and villain cards that are like community chest and chance cards. You can also play as one of the superheroes like Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and more. You have the ability to save locations rather than buying, and can collect power-ups rather than cash, and whichever player with the most power wins the game.

The game features superheroes Captain America, Falcon, Iron Man, and War Machine. You can play as either Team Captain America or Team Iron Man. Stand up for your team and fight against enemies in one of the best superhero board games to play with anyone.

In this game, it’s your chance to control the most territories, capture the Winter Solider, and escape with the Quinjet before it reaches the end. If you’re playing with two players, each player can be either Team Captain or Team Iron. But with four players, each player is in full control of his/her own hero and works in a team of two. With five rounds of pure excitement, anyone who’s a huge Civil War fan will find this board game to be amazing.

Who knew there was an Avengers version of the board game Trouble? You can play as any of the Avengers superheroes like the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, etc. The best part about this version of Trouble? Captain America’s shield is the board!

With the help of the Pop-O-Matic dice roller, it’s your duty to get your hero safely around Captain America’s shield without landing on the opponent’s space, then your hero must get sent back home. The player who reaches the finish stars first wins the game!

Marvel Legendary Fantastic Four board game is easily considered a must-have among the superhero board games. Play as Fantastic Four and/or Silver Surfer and defeat Galactus and his Heralds from destroying everything.

With the 100 cards, including heroes, villains, masterminds, and schemes, use them to fight your way through, move around obstacles, and defeat Galactus. Be one of your favorite superheroes from Fantastic Four, find solutions to conflicts, and becoming legendary.

Yes, there is a Captain America board game and it's everything and more than you imagined. In the board game, you can play as your favorite superhero from Marvel’s Captain America. Play as one of the strongest Marvel superheroesCaptain America, Flacon, Iron Man, Thor, and other Avengers, and be the first hero to reach the satellite lookout and win the game.

This is the perfect game to play with children from ages eight and up. You should consider it for your next family board game night. If anyone from your family loves Captain America, I highly suggest this game.

Among the greatest superhero board games, Trivial Pursuit Marvel Cinematic Universe is definitely a board game that you should be playing with huge fans of Marvel. Test your family and friends, and see if they know Marvel's superheroes well enough to consider themselves fans of the comics and films.

It has 50 new cards and 300 new questions from your favorite films like Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Avengers, and more. Only the true Marvel fans will run right through this game in a breeze — find out who’s the ultimate Marvel fan.

Finally, a DC comics board game, right? How can we leave out the Justice League on this list of amazing superhero board games to get your hands on. In this game, you can play as Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern, or Cyborg.

In addition, every card has fantastic art featuring your favorite characters, and there’s over 200 cards! Defeat villains, use your powers, and uncover hidden paths to victory as your ideal superhero!

Last among the best superhero board games to buy now, the Fantastic Four Make A Match game is a game that should be played with fans of the iconic superhero group. If you're looking for a superhero board game that's perfect for young children, then this is your best bet.

Fit cards to their appropriate match until you've matched them all. This is also a great memory game for children who not only love Fantastic Four, but want to exercise their minds.

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