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Best Animated TV Series on Netflix

Netflix offers a wide range of content, including world-famous anime, classic cartoons, and the latest in computer-generated animation.

By CartoonVibePublished about a year ago 3 min read
Best Animated TV Series on Netflix
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The current best animated TV series on Netflix

Are you on the hunt for classic cartoons and characters, renowned anime series, or the newest computer-generated animations? You've landed in the right spot! We have compiled a selection of animated TV shows on Netflix for you, ranging from traditional childhood favorites to the streaming provider's own original series.

Hilda (2018-present)

The story warmly and insightfully unfolds around a girl named Hilda (Bella Ramsey), who transitions from living on the fringe of the forest with her mother to inhabiting the fortified city of Trollberg. This pastel-colored fantasy world is a home to elves, trolls, and witches, offering fun for both younger viewers and adults.

Hilda teaches us to welcome unfamiliarity and to accept those who differ from us, all through the captivating lens of a cartoon world. Mercury Filmworks' artistry melds muted color tones with rounded, straightforwardly drawn 2D characters, crafting an idyllic universe.

Midnight Gospel (2020)

Pendleton Ward and Duncan Trussell join forces to create The Midnight Gospel, a surreal animated science-fiction comedy series. Trussell lends his voice to Clancy, the protagonist who serves as a space podcaster journeying across multiverses to interview beings about life and death.

Phil Hendrie co-stars alongside Trussell, giving voice to the Universe Simulator and other characters. The standout feature of The Midnight Gospel is its beautifully bizarre, psychedelic animation, realized through unique art styles.

Agent Elvis (2023-present)

Priscilla Presley, Mike Arnold (Archer), and John Eddie bring the legendary rockstar Elvis Presley to life in Agent Elvis. This adult-oriented comedy envisages the King trading his music career to become a secret agent for a clandestine government organization.

In its riotous first season spanning ten episodes, Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey lends his voice to Elvis, channeling the legend through a whirlwind of hijinks, adventures, and even a touch of music.

Q-Force (2021-present)

Q-Force revolves around an underrated team of LGBTQ+ super spies, led by Steve Maryweather (Hayes). Once a promising asset at the American Intelligence Agency, Steve experiences discrimination after coming out. Determined to prove his worth to the AIA, he collaborates with his team and welcomes a straight man into the group. Q-Force offers not only uproarious humor but also unexpected warmth.

Pacific Rim: The Black (2021-2022)

Certain genre fiction worlds seem primed for expansion beyond their original incarnations, one notable example being Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim. The onset of the epic battle between humans and kaiju, where humans must operate enormous combat robots, known as Jaegers, signals an extensive conflict with ample narrative scope beyond its big screen debut. Here enters Pacific Rim: The Black. Released a year ago today, the series trails two siblings abandoned by their parents who set off to wage war against the kaiju and never come back.

Maya and the Three (2021)

Some shows transcend their medium with a cinematic scale that's undeniably immersive; among them is Maya and the Three, a limited series that premiered on Netflix last year. If the captivating visuals don't instantly draw you in, perhaps the outstanding voice cast, brimming with incredible talent, will. The series narrates the epic adventure of the eponymous Teca warrior princess, who embarks on a journey through a world steeped in Mesoamerican cultures.

Her mission? To locate three prophesied warriors destined to assist her in conquering the God of War. Maya and the Three isn't just an epic tale—it's a triumph of animation that foregrounds cultures and perspectives rarely spotlighted in this genre.

Arcane (2021-present)

In the annals of recent surprises, Arcane sneaks its way to the top. This series slinked onto the scene and ended with a bang, netting an almost immediate green light for Season 2. It roams around the universe of League of Legends, but don't break a sweat if you're a newcomer worrying about keeping up without a lore-filled satchel. This show is your friendly neighborhood pool—feel free to take the plunge without requiring a backstory snorkel.

Arcane prioritizes characters over complex lore, and with Hailee Steinfeld leading the pack as Vi, she cements her dominion over what we affectionately dub as the "Hailee Steinfall"—the most prestigious television season featuring Dickinson, Hawkeye, and, of course, Arcane.

Inside Job (2021-present)

Spinning a web of delightful derangement, this animated brainchild from Gravity Falls writer Shion Takeuchi elevates a crazy premise into a rollicking rollercoaster of wit. All eyes are on Cognito, Inc, the devilishly ingenious corporation that turns your "fake" conspiracy theories into an 'Oh-my-gosh, it's real!' reality.

The side-splitting storylines, featuring a tantalizing twist on the original moon landing (brace yourself for a Neil and Buzz revelation), simultaneously ponder the feasibility of mending a broken system from within. The cherry on top? An exceptional voice cast that stars Lizzy Caplan as a budding mad scientist with a heart not too far off the mark.


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