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Best 3 Shows to Binge During Quarantine...

by Riley Rain 2 years ago in tv
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By:Riley Rain

Shows to watch During/After Quarantine...

We are all stuck at home either alone or feeling uncontrollably insane with our families and friends. This quarantine is making us all a little insane, chubby,or really productive. So the next time you sit down to watch a show on Netflix this will help you know what you want.

Degrassi Next Class

If you like shows that address important subjects and keep you wanting more. Well "Degrassi Next Class" is the show for you it is a 4 season show that is a heartbreaking, funny, dramatic, and crazy show. Following the insane lives of teenagers in High school. It is as good as the original Degrassi show and it you loved that you will most definitely love the re-boot. It teaches about bullying, body issues, drug use, and it looks into the LGBTQ+ community. It shows what type of problems people face everyday and how there are people there to help them get through it and you as well. It is the type of show that you will stay up all night seeing what will happen in the next episode. Of course there are some of the original cast members appearing on the show. Now lets dive in a little closer to some of the characters there is Maya a strong, independent, young female who love her music and she uses her music as a second voice she uses it to address sexism she fights for women and she helps other understand what type of issues are going on. Then we have Zoe a young, confused, hard working female trying to get by as well as understand who is she is and who she wants to be. Another charter we have is Miles who struggles, lost, and confused but is not so different from any of us actual teens. He is just trying to get buy with the help of his friends and family. Although he and many others have at how issues they learn to work through them. At last but not least we have Goldie a female who loves activism, strives to be the best, and works really hard, She helps address racism, feminism, and so much more. During these times as well in the modern days this show helps you understand and navigate life a little bit more, as well as get some perspective on what other people go through. This show is a major recommendation especially when it comes to High schoolers or any in your life because you never know what they might be going through not that this is only target towards High schoolers but its more likely in to in my opinion.


Is a show mostly targeting body positivity and revenge. It follows a girl name Patty played by Debby Ryan. This is a kind of show that shows the struggle of people who were judged because of their looks in her case being "fat". She is a hungry and vengeful. This dark comedy makes people feel less alone. It's crazy, wild, unpredictable, unexpected just like Patty Bladell. She is looking for revenge on the people who bullied her for being fat and she does it while wearing a crown. It doesn't help also that she feels fat inside, that her mother isn't really around, or that she is in love with a older man. It shows the dark side of social media but with humor. Dark humor. Its about finding yourself, real emotion, and it shows how other people see things you cant see for yourself. Its a raw show that is based on good people doing bad things to fill the void inside them. It is a funny identifiable way that people can connect to while making it easier to talk about. This show contains twist and turns, emotion, and confusion. Personally it helped me understand myself a little more and made me realize its not just me out there, to me the most powerful shows are the kind that teach you something that so raw and over looked. Although many shows try to teach you something through the character if it doesn't resonate with you or connect with you on a deeper level its just another show I am watching but if it does it just makes you love it all the more and help you in many ways.


Britt Robertson plays the leading role of messy Sophia. It's about a young women who broke rebellious and who decides to start selling vintage clothing online and she is trying make it all work. But can she? While she is trying to balance friendship, relationships, and so much more. This shows is empowering, funny, and wild. It really motivates you to try something new or even be inspired to get up and get some "Dollar dollar bills y'all". It definitely will want you wanting more,and it is definitely is a lot. It does teach you not to give up. This is the show to watch when you want to connect and be with friends/family and enjoy the emotional, inspiring, funny whirl wind that is GirlBoss. As Sophia becomes a businesswoman she begins to understand the hardship and beauty of being her own Boss, but can Sophia truly be the boss in her own story? This show is inspire by Sophia Amoruso's multi-million dollar fashion empire "Nasty Gal".


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