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The Island.

by Riley Rain 2 years ago in science fiction
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By: Riley Rain

“Hi I am Charlotte. I am 29 years old and I have been a teaching assistant for troubled kids for three years. In one of my positions I was bumped up to the teacher because she had to go on leave but I was replaced the next year by someone who wanted it, not that I didn’t want it but it was a permanent position in L.A. Although I was going to move because my husband got a position in New York. So we are moving out here and that’s why I am here for this position.” She sits there quietly waiting for a response she begins to feel hot and changes positions on her chair. The administrative worker stares at her for a moment then fixes her papers. Then begins to say in her grumpy tone, “Well you have great accreditation and least annoying so you can have the job.” She tries not to be annoying and thinks the women and leave she tries not to be annoying and thanks and grabs her bag and leaves. As she is walking to her car she texted her husband “OMG I got the job” he replies with “That’s great honey.” She is so excited as she rushes to her car. She sits in her car hot and thinks to herself “That this heat wave is going to kill us all.” She puts her bag in the passenger seat and turns on her car as she the air begins to blow in her face the beads of sweat and hot seats begin to cool she feels so relieved. Charlotte gets a call telling her that she needs to come get her cat because the boarding center can’t hold her anymore so she calls her husband while driving and they decide that Charlotte will get on a plane to L.A tomorrow at 11:00am. As she drives home filled with content she sees a girl forcing fliers on people and “Thinks to herself that she would really be hated by the lady at the office”. “Hi I’m Caroline. A girl extends her hand with a flier in it “I’m a Beauty Therapist a beauty therapist is someone who specializes in both face and body treatments I am 26 years old and have been doing this for seven years and I think you should check out my website because you could find something you’ve been looking for whether that be moisturizing or hydrating your skin because we have it all. Plus, we have an animal cruelty free policy and everything is all natural.” She smiles. The very confused and shy man then takes the fliers and shyly smiles walks away. She then sighs in relief, “Finally that was my last flier.” She then gets a call from her friend she fans herself with her clipboard that was once full of fliers and takes her phone from her back pocket. She answers the phone and she says, that god it’s you gave away all the fliers and I need the key to the apartment. Her friend replies, “I was just heading to pick you up guess what they need one of us to fly out to L.A for a conference to show off small Beauty businesses like us to investors and I can’t go so I need you too. She excitedly and quickly accepts the offer. Her friend it right at the corner and Caroline gets in the front seat to the fresh crisp air blasting right in her face her blonde hair blowing around. She hangs up her phone as her friend tells her that she needs to leave at 11:00am tomorrow morning. As they are driving down the street Caroline sees the man she gave her last flier two and smiles. “Yes this is Ted”. In a quiet shy voice, a man says. “Hi we want you to come and work on our nuclear power plant.” He gets begins to get flustered and excited. He knew he has always wanted to do this since he was a young boy since he grew up begging the odd man out he didn’t care much about people’s options except his mom he wanted to make her happy and he would sit and read engineering books while she would cook in the kitchen. He dreamed of the day he would get this but he wasn’t able to share this moment with his mom since she passed away six years ago. He just turned 28 and felt the most accomplished at this moment then most 78-year-old people. He asked, “When do I need to leave.” The man said, “We need you here tomorrow for two weeks then we can figure out the rest after you get here.” Okay. Tim replied “We booked you a flight out here tomorrow for 11:00 am.” “Okay. I will be there.” Tim hung up and he brushed back his already slick hair and fixed his glasses and smiled. He was walking and got a text regarding the ticket when he bumped into someone else walking down the street he looked up and it was a huge buff guy Tim felt scared and embarrassed he said “sorry.” When the man said, “Nah it’s cool man I’m sorry it was my fault.” Tim was surprised that the man apologized to him he felt like he was finally seen it seemed that this was the best day of his life. As he walked down the street thinking about all the amazing things he looked back at the man he bumped into. “Hey Lacy thanks for helping me pack up all my stuff.” “No problem Jacky.” “Hey it’s Jack I’m 29 now.” Lacy told her head to the side and gives a look like really. “Yeah and you’re barely moving out of your parents’ house.” She giggles. He smiles and shakes his head. “Well I traveled everywhere being a kid of military parents yet I’ve never been to L.A so starting my new job as a handsome bodybuilder with big muscles gorgeous brown eyes with amazing black hair.” He runs his hand through his black hair. And wipes his sweaty hands on his white muscle shirt all the way down to his light blue jeans. Lacy gives a long face. “I’m going to miss since I’m not going to see you every day.” “Well you always come visit me and Gerald.” “I hate that stupid cat. Ever since he peed on my designer bags and tore up my 16 hours of paperwork I did.” “Yeah well that’s fair.” He chuckled. “Well we still have today to hangout but we have to make it an early night because I need to ship all these boxes to L.A and board the plane by 11:00 am.” “She smiled okay let’s go upstairs and order some food and movies.” He picked up the last box put it in his little blue car closed the trunk and locked the car and went upstairs. The next day as Charlotte woke she took a shower and brushed her then, said goodbye to her husband then grabbed her suitcase and went downstairs to grab a cab. Caroline had only 50 minutes to get to the airport she fell out of bed and go up from the floor she was just happy that she has a very big cushion blanket to break her fall. She picked the blanket up and threw it on her bed. She ran to her bathroom threw her hair into a messy bun and rinsed her face with water and brushed her teeth. She grabbed her toothbrush and put it in a bag and put it in her suitcase. She grabbed a shirt off her floor and smelled it was a little ripe but she put it on anyway. She grabbed the pants at the end of her bed and threw on her shoes and ran out of the door. She then came back in to get her suitcase and ran back out of the door to go to the airport. Meanwhile, Ted was straitening his collar in the airport restroom then slicking his hair back took a breath grabbed his suitcase and went to board the plane. Jack hugged Lacy then he said, “goodbye I will call you when I land.” She waved goodbye as he got in his car to drive to the UPS store to ship his stuff to L.A then he would go to the airport. Later as he drove to the airport he thought about his exciting new life. When everyone boarded the plane they all had to sit in the same row in the middle of the plane. Three hours after takeoff there was an announcement to remain in your seat and buckle up. Charlotte, Caroline, Ted, and Jack all looked at each other with fear in their eyes as air mask came down from the ceiling they grab them and put them over heads and on their mouths. As the plane shakes they close their eyes and took deep breaths. Things were loud they just remained with their eyes closed and there was a loud crash and everything went dark. As they slowly open their eyes everything was still quiet and calm they open their eyes at first it was dark then all the lights went on then it was just the four then everyone else had vanished they all looked at each other concerned, scared, confused, and fearful of what just happened. They unbuckled their seatbelts they looked at each other and looked around and there was nobody on the airplane they got out of their seats walked up and down the aisles and went into the control room and there is no pilot. They looked out the window all they saw was trees and land they knew at that moment they were on the ground. They were scared and confused mostly and had so many questions like what happened? Where were they? Where did everybody go? Why didn’t they vanish? They then introduced themselves to each other when Ted came up with the idea to call someone with their phones. They all pulled out their phones and they were all busted up glass cracked and screen completely black their phones were fried. In this moment they were extremely disappointed and frightened of what was going to happen and what was out there. They sat down and talking with each other trying to figure out ways to get out of this and if they should go outside or not they then looked in though their luggage and all the other luggage’s were there. They had everything had access to the served snacks and water and clothes people had in their luggage. They talked and decided that they would stay in the plane for another day and go out if nothing happened. As it became nightfall they just talked about their lives so that they wouldn’t feel so scared and they got to know each other. Caroline and Ted were mostly grateful that they weren’t alone in this situation. Charlotte and Caroline really connected. While Ted was very closed off at first he began to open up sense he knew this situation was very difficult and he needed friends on his side. As Ted opened up he began to connect more and more with Jack. As it is now dark and cold they snuggled up in their seats with their blankets and blankets that they found. While Jack and Charlotte had fallen asleep Caroline was afraid and so when she saw that Ted was awake she talked with him for hours and hours and he realized that she was kind since many people would treat him differently as a child. He knew that Caroline was one of the popular pretty girls but she was kind and she wouldn’t be the type to judge him because of his appearance or brains. Mostly because she was always treated like a piece of meat, but she also had brains along with her beauty which made her not judge others, as well as stay away from people who objectified her. Ted waited until Caroline fell asleep so that she wasn’t scared then he fell asleep. The next day as Charlotte woke she hoped everything was a dream but, as she opened her eyes and saw the seats she knew that it was real life and even though she wanted to burst into tears she took a deep breath and thought happy thoughts. She then looked around and everyone was asleep and they seemed uncomfortable and cold because they were curled in their chairs in balls. As she sat there she just thought of all the good things that can happen to them and what was out there wherever they had landed and why did everyone disappear. When she felt really sick all of a sudden she ran to the bathroom in just in time she puked right in the toilet. When Caroline woke up she heard her in the restroom puking so she walked to the door it was cracked open when she peeked inside she asked charlotte if she was okay. Charlotte tried to reply but she just kept puking. When she finally stopped Caroline helped her from the floor and they went to get some food for Charlotte. They found crackers and she ate them along with some water. When both of the guys woke up they smelled the puke and saw her eating crackers so they assumed she puked. Later as the smell settled they were wondering why she was puking because she seemed confused herself. When Caroline got the idea she was pregnant she then had this look of fear and surprise on her face, her eyes widened and she looked at Ted and he then got what she was thinking and he got the same look on his face and looked at Jack when he then got it. As Charlotte watch them each get the same expression she can ask them, “What is it! Tell me!”. With a fear in her voice. Caroline relaxed and looked at her with soft eyes and asked her, “Is there any chance your pregnant.” Then Charlotte said, “No! There's no way. No! I can’t be. Can I?” She didn’t want to accept it since she was stuck in an airplane with strangers in a random place. She just stated quiet when she got up and went into the pilot control and she sat down and just burst into tears. She thought what if they died here and the baby was left by itself what if she had to have the baby here she thought about her husband and all of the scary things that could happen when she took a deep breath and just felt relieved because she knew deep down that she shouldn’t be sad because what she was feeling wasn’t real then she ignored that because it was clearly was real since she was alive and could touch and eat things. She went back to go sit with everyone. She then announced that they needed to go outside and try to get help if there was any. They looked at each other and thought when Caroline agreed then Ted and finally took a breath and agreed to go outside. So they devised a plan to just look around and stay near the plane and not to sleep outside and sleep in a plane. As well as stay together as a group. They found stuff to use as weapons in case they saw a crazy animal and they figured out how to open the latch and went down the stairs and were outside on the ground as they all felt relieved in their own way they still had a sense of caution, hesitation, and fear. They looked for any sign of human life such as tents/ bathroom wholes. They also looked for any indication of where they could be, like a certain animal that lives in a specific region. When they looked for about an hour and didn't find anything they went back to the plane. As Jack took one last look around on the stairs he saw a beach and turned to go in when he realized he saw a beach! He shouted for the group inside the plane ran and looked at it they were filled with joy. So they decided to be prepared for anything they found a flashlight to take because the sun was slowly setting. They got some food, and they found a string so they tied it to the railing of the stairs and walked to the beach when they got there they tied the string around a tree they were so relieved jack ran to the sand and fell to his knees as they looked out they saw ocean. They then looked at each other and said, “we can use an inflatable raft to get off the island. “ They all looked at him with glee. They took a moment then all ran to hug him. He was also filled with glee. They decided to wait until the next day so they weren’t in the middle of the ocean not seeing or knowing where they’re going. As they headed back Jack was dreaming of when they would see land. When it finally became dark they follow the string back to the plane closed and locked the door and fell asleep. As they were asleep Caroline had dreams about doctors injecting her and a bright white room where she laid in her bed. And everything went black she woke up it was the morning she told Charlotte. Charlotte thought about the moment she had where she felt everything wasn’t real but again she ignored it. When they all woke up they packed bags of food, clothes and anything they needed. When Caroline found some wine and juice she brought it out and they made a toast to new friends and great ideas. Since Charlotte was sick and could possibly be pregnant she had juice. They later found a raft, flyers, and lifejackets. They headed out to the beach and begin to paddle out into the ocean. Finally an hour or two when they lost side of the island they all took a breath of relief and then Charlotte, Caroline, Ted, and Jack. Were very relaxed so they close their eyes for about a minute when they didn’t feel the current under them they all woke up and they were on the beach they had left they looked and they saw the string on a tree. They looked at each other in confusion and fear. So they push the boat back into the water again and sailed out again once they lost sight they were completely wide awake and then within a minute they were back on the beach. They were filled with anger, disappointment, confusion, and sadness. When they calmed down they finally realize that whatever this island was they weren’t going to be able to get off it. They all went back to the plane. They tried for days to do anything to get off the island and kept trying to disembark on a boat from the island multiple times but they kept ending up in the same place. They eventually gave up. Jack had built a fire since he learned how when he was in Boy Scouts for five years. They sat around the fire discussing their lives before the crash and what would happen after. Charlotte knew at this point that she was pregnant. Caroline feared the future for them. Ted and Jack tried not to think about what would happen if they weren’t discovered and their families and friends states since they went missing. As they sat on the beach they saw dark clouds forming and they figured it was going to rain so they started packing their stuff and they went back to the plane. They sat in the pane and during the days when trying to get off the plane they figured out how to use the movie players in the plane and they moved to first class and had taken all the stuff they wanted out of the other passengers luggage’s. When I sat down Charlotte begin to think about the future of them and her baby and begin to cry. As everyone tried to help her she got an idea to use a computer they had found in one of the luggage’s to see if they can power plane up and fly it. She asked Ted if he could do that and he thought about it and tried to do it, although it was not a success. It rained for two days. They did have to skip days of eating in order to save their rations and have food. They had rationed out their food. They also found berries, bananas, and coconuts because Caroline went on a trip to a tropical island where they had did a seminar of edible wild foods in how to get them. It did not stop raining but the winds sped up and the rain did not stop. It began having thunder and lightning. They feared the lightning with hit the plane so they powered everything off and use their flashlights they had found in the plane. Ted had started to be concerned with their well-being and more and more every day as they tried many things and did not have a way to get off the island. Bigger and bigger waves started to crash on the shore. Which increase their worry. As the winds grew stronger and had broken palm tree branches that had crashed against the plane and fell on the plane. They decided once the winds, Lightning, and thunder went away that they would go to the beach to see what was going on. When it finally happened they all went out and they saw huge waves crashing on the shore and in the far distance they saw what they had no control over and what would be their downfall. It was a tsunami coming their way and they looked at each other and through the harsh rain and fear they yelled to each other and made an agreement that once the tsunami hit the island they were let it take them as they would sit on the beach. Something in them was OK with this and it is eased their fear. They sat on the beach holding hands and they Agreed to close their eyes it so that they wouldn’t know when the tsunami hit and they talk to each other about their greatest moments and accomplishments. As they heard the sound of waves getting louder and louder they clinched each other’s hands tightly and soon enough it had hit them. It went dark when Charlotte, Caroline, Ted, and Jack woke up and they were in a great room and lights with A IV in her arm screamed blood pressure machines in various things were connected to them they all looked at each other and were happy and confused and then they remembered that they had signed up for this testing of a game. They were alive and were living in year 5025. Charlotte was pregnant and her connection to their world was through her baby. They all were filled with glee and great happiness. Although they were in a game many of their conversations were tweaked but they were all True stories. When they are had given their statements of what it was like in the game. They are exchange numbers and decided to go for coffee sometime.

science fiction

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