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Avatar 2 Will Save Theaters

You Provoked the Beast, Now He’s Out of the Cage. James Cameron Is Coming to Change the Whole Picture.

By Casimiro Filipe Published 2 years ago 3 min read

Movie theaters are closing down, ticket prices are skyrocketing, the price of popcorn is staggering, streaming services are dominating the competition, and piracy is never-ending. All this can be defined as a crisis in movie theaters.

Cinema is in an orphan state, it needs a father to put its house in order, and James Cameron is coming to change this situation. December could be a month that cinema can change things, in a different way than we have seen in recent years.

How Can One Film Change That?

Critics and film enthusiasts should ask James Cameron about this situation. But the answer lies in the reaction of viewers to the reception of the teaser for the second part of Avatar after 13 years of expectations.

“The Release of Avatar 2 could change the picture of movie theaters worldwide. “

How can we define the crisis in movie theaters?

The largest streaming platform that dominated the movie scene for years, is in a complicated state with the loss of audience and credibility of their content that lately is being repetitive, there is practically a war of competition before the streaming platforms, the filmmakers were all bought by these platforms, practically theaters went bankrupt. But James Cameron may change this reality with the release of Avatar 2.

The publicity campaign for Avatar 2 has begun, and the opinion of analysts is unanimous; Avatar 2 may be the salvation of cinema.

How Can This Be Possible?

There is pressure coming on theaters because of Avatar 2, and the analysts’ opinion is that a single film can save this decadence that is plaguing theaters. Avatar 2 arrives on December 16 in theaters, pay attention to this detail: “the release will be exclusively in theaters, not on streaming services,” but in theaters. Since analysts are saying that movie theaters are in crisis, and with the pandemic, the trend for this decline was even greater; all this made people prefer to watch movies at home. Avatar 2 is going to change all that, it will force everyone to head to the theaters to watch the feature film premiere.

In recent years the big film producers have invested heavily in streaming services, only Sony has been left half out among all the giants. So the movie business situation is in a serious state, and that situation is so serious that James Cameron vented his frustration saying, “ I know it’s been hard, I’ve been making movies for 40 years and I’ve never seen anything like this, this close to threatening the business I’ve dedicated my life to. “

Avatar has been thought of since the beginning, to call the population back to the theaters; back there, 13 years ago they thought of turning Avatar into more than just a movie, it is an experience that people can only enjoy as a whole, inside the movie theater. There is no other way, Avatar was made for theaters, not for streaming services.

Avatar was made with that giant screen in mind, with that amazing 3D effect. And this strategy has already begun through the first Avatar 2 Trailer that will be premiered at the premiere of Doctor Strange in the multiverse; that is, even the Avatar 2 Trailer will be premiered in theaters. This strategy is to draw an audience because the Trailer will not be officially released on YouTube until a week after it is released in theaters. And of course, there will always be some rascal who will film it with some cell phone camera and post it a week earlier, but the strategy is in place, the goal is to draw people back to the theaters.

So the message is clear, forget about online services, Avatar belongs in theaters. Disney knows it, Disney trusts the works of James Cameron. James is the current all-time movie box office leader with the first Avatar, and he also directed Titanic and Terminator 2, which were also record-breaking films when they were released.

Let Avatar come and may theaters be saved because we were happier with theaters than we are today with streaming services.


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