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Atticus Finch

by Almárëa Laurësil 2 years ago in literature

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Atticus Finch was an Alabama lawyer during the Great Depression when racism was rampant in the South. He was faced with tackling the issues of racism, discrimination, and bigotry in the courtroom. With the help of his devoted nanny, Calpurnia, Atticus raises two children in this time of turmoil. She watches over and cares for the children for Atticus when he travels for matters of state, where he finds fame for his hard work and fairness. A single father with an important job, this man attempts to convince a racist jury that a black man is not guilty. He comes to find that justice is not welcome there in Maycomb. Atticus succeeds at being a great lawyer, a good person, and a dedicated father to his children, Jem and Scout.

Atticus is an exceptionally talented lawyer. Although he knows that he will lose, Atticus does all he can to try and save Tom Robinson. Judge Taylor chose him to do the case out of all others because he trusted him to do what was right. He works night and day on this case and puts himself in harm's way to protect Tom. Even though Tom is bound to be convicted, Atticus tries his hardest in court by presenting every piece of evidence that would prove his innocence.

The fact that Atticus agreed to take on Tom’s case demonstrates that he is truly a good person. Moreover, it proves that he does not have Maycomb’s “usual disease.” He is a well-trusted man and did something most people would not. He stood behind Tom while quite a few of the townspeople were against him. This is a testament to his tenacity and drive. Many people look up to him for that, including his children, Jem and Scout. His re-election to the state legislature every year by the townspeople shows they respect Atticus. Atticus sees the good in people even when they do bad things, like when he talks about Mr. Cunningham, “Mr. Cunningham’s basically a good man… he just has blind spots along with the rest of us” (180). He is able to look past mistakes to see someone’s true character they have at heart. Atticus is honest, too. When Mr. Ewell is killed and Jem might have done it, Atticus does not want to cover it up. If Jem did it, he wants them to know and for there to be a trial. He understands that everyone knowing about what Jem did is better than having him live under the shadow of the doubt for the rest of his life.

Atticus is a good and understanding father. He makes sure his children are well-cared-for by trustworthy people, like Cal. Atticus taught Jem and Scout to respect the law. He also stresses the importance of being respectful of others, like when he told his children to leave the Radleys alone because what they were doing was rude. He teaches Scout how to understand the way other people feel by stepping into their skin. By teaching them to be unprejudiced and not racist, Atticus raised his children right.

As a prominent attorney, a devoted father, and an all-around good person, Atticus Finch is a good example of how more men and women should have acted during this time. He focused on doing the right thing, even when it was very difficult to do. Atticus strives to uphold justice and reveal the truth that others turn a blind eye to and do not wish to see. The biased views of the people of Alabama were too powerful to allow him a victory, but he stood strong to his beliefs against racial injustice. Many admired him for his sacrifices and for doing what no else would.

Almárëa Laurësil
Almárëa Laurësil
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