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After 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' — What's Next for Laura Harrier's Liz Allan?

by Tom Bacon 5 years ago in superheroes
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From Laura Harrier's Liz Allan onward: the film is twisting traditional Spider-Man tropes in fascinating new directions.

Laura Harrier in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' [Credit: Marvel Studios / Sony Pictures]

Spider-Man's love life has always been something of a tangled web, and that was certainly the case in Spider-Man: Homecoming! Introducing fans to a new love interest, Laura Harrier's Liz Allan, the film twisted some traditional Spider-Man tropes in fascinating new directions, most of which will now be discussed in spoilerific form!

Who can forget the moment when Liz's dad opens the door to her date, only for Peter Parker to react in shock after recognizing the Vulture? It was the perfect twist, clarifying why Michael Keaton was odd reticent to discuss the Vulture's family in interviews. From that moment on, it was sadly inevitable that Liz Allan's life would be turned upside-down.

Liz's Relationship With Peter Parker

The nascent relationship between Liz and Peter is beautifully handled, particularly in the scene where Peter finally plucks up the nerve to tell Liz he likes her. Unfortunately, over the course of Homecoming, Peter lets Liz down time and again. This painful chain of events all comes to a head at the Homecoming Dance, when Peter literally leaves Liz on the dance-floor and suits up to be a hero. That's an experience no teenage girl would ever be able to forget.

And then, of course, there's the fact that the night of the Homecoming Dance became a tragic one for the Allan-Toomes family. After all, that was the night Adrian Toomes was captured by #SpiderMan, and revealed to the world as the Vulture. Liz learned that her father had been lying to the family for years, and that he'd secretly been selling advanced technology on the black market. Homecoming ends with a shaken Liz telling Peter that she and her mother are leaving New York City to start their lives again.

The move to Oregon does seem to suggest that Liz isn't going to return — but that may not be the case. After all, the mid-credits scene in Homecoming suggests that the Vulture may well turn up again!

A Surprising Possibility: Firestar

Liz became Firestar in the Ultimate Universe. [Credit: Marvel Studios / Sony Pictures]

Laura Harrier herself has suggested a pretty left-field possibility for the future of her character, suggesting that Liz could become a superhero herself! The #MCU is strongly influenced by the Ultimate Universe, a modernized relaunch of the #Marvel Comics that dates back to the early 2000s. In the Ultimate Universe, Liz Allan was actually a mutant, and became a new version of Firestar. This Ultimate incarnation of the character was a powerful pyrokinetic, able to project blasts of fire, and gifted with the power of flight.

Speaking to Screen Rant, Harrier excitedly noted that she'd love to see her character develop powers of her own.

"I hope Liz get’s powers, because that’s what happens in the comics. She becomes like Firestar, and she can like light things on fire."

The character of Firestar has often been associated with Spider-Man — she was introduced back in the animated classic Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends TV show. For all that's the case, though, she wasn't licensed to Sony as part of the Spider-Man deal. It's instead possible that the license for Firestar actually sits with Fox, as she's a mutant. If Marvel can use the character, they'd need to rewrite her origin story so as to ensure she isn't a mutant anymore.

Will Liz Allan return to the MCU? Even though the character's moved to Oregon, the reality is that she could very easily crop up again — whether as the Vulture's daughter, or as a superhero in her own right. Personally, I'd love to see Laura Harrier step up and become a new street-level vigilante, giving the young actress another time to shine.

(Source: Screen Rant)


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