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A Possible Third Season of 'The Punisher'?

by Matthew Donnellon 7 months ago in movie

'The Punisher' may get a lifeline from another network.

A Possible Third Season of 'The Punisher'?

The Punisher is a great show and possibly one of the best of the Marvel/Netflix shows.

Last year, Netlfix cancelled all of its Marvel shows, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, along with The Punisher. Disney announced it was its content from Netflix last year as well as creating its own streaming service so it didn't help Netflix to keep producing content whose IP belonged to a rival.

'We Got This Covered' is reporting that the Marvel anti-hero might be getting another chance. According to the article, The Punisher might get a third season on Hulu.

This would be the perfect scenario. I could see Disney wanting to use Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage again. But, The Punisher is a darker show and far more violent, and it wouldn't quite fit in on Disney+.

But, it would fit Hulu as Disney seems to be using it as a depository for properties that wouldn't fit on the more family friendly Disney+. A lot of the Fox and Fx properties are there, shows that have no problem with violence. The Punisher fits along Sons Of Anarchy much better than it does Frozen.

I really hope The Punisher gets a second chance.

Marvel's Netflix lineup was breath of fresh air. Instead of the safe, PG version of the Marvel universe that movies use; the Netflix universe, is grounded, brutal, and far more real. It had successes in its first three outings with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. The Defenders and Iron Fist were less successful. But, Daredevil's Season two introduced us to the Punisher, and it was the best part of that season. The Punisher was a force of nature and an excellent contrast to Daredevil. But could Frank Castle carry a season on his own?

I think it does. The Punisher is by no means perfect, but it works as everything about The Punisher is imperfect. It's raw, uncut, and gritty.

The show delivers this. On paper, this season really shouldn't work, especially how he was originally used in Daredevil. There his motives were simple, and he was merely a man haunting the criminals of Hell's Kitchen. He was the game changer, the complication to the story. He wasn't so much a character as a force of nature. Now it's his story being told.

He goes through a progression as the series unwinds. He begins it as a broken man. He's completely lost and without purpose now that his kill list is done. But, you get to see him slowly remember what it was like to be humans as he starts connecting with people. But, the pain of losing his family never quite leaves him. The story is grounded, brutal, and at times hard to watch, so basically exactly what it should be.

Jon Bernthal is the absolute perfect choice for the Punisher. He's a stone-cold killer, but there's a good person under the tough armor. Bernthal essentially spends the entire season growling every line of dialogue. His words sound like they're mixed with gravel. He also has this ability to roar when he's on a rampage that makes the Punisher seem more beast than man.

Bernthal imbues the character with a sense of a man who will do anything to get the job done, but he still has a code he lives by. I enjoy every second he's on screen, and he has chemistry with just about every actor he works with whom he works.

I would really like Bernthal to get another opportunity and he wants to keep going.

And it would make Eminem happy.

Matthew Donnellon
Matthew Donnellon
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