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A Man Called Otto - A Movie Review

'A Man Called Otto' is a bittersweet film.

By Marielle SabbagPublished 13 days ago 3 min read

People don’t know your struggles if you don’t let them in.

A Man Called Otto is a 2023 film based on the book by Fredrik Backman. Otto is an unhappy miserable widower who refuses to let others in. One day, a young couple moves into the house across the street. Reluctantly befriending Marisol, she could change his perception of the world.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in a sold-old movie theater. Out of everyone in attendance for A Man Called Otto, I was the youngest there. The message of the film touches anybody. Lead the life that you want to live.

Tom Hanks is excellent in any role that he does. I am glad that he is taking more opportunities to expand his career. This is a role that we have never seen Hanks in. Hank’s role as Otto proves that he has mastered the craft. His deadpan remarks to people were funny.

Not all the things Otto said or did were appealing but you have to remember that it’s essential to his character. Not the most pleasant man, Otto is still kind at heart.

A Man Called Otto is about the characters. Each character has depth. We come to know them throughout the film. The people in your life are so important, especially in your neighborhood. There’s always some kind of entertainment happening.

Other credits include Mariana Trevino, Mack Bayda, Cameron Britton, Juanita Jennings, Rachel Keller, and Peter Lawson Jones. Oh yes, and an adorable cat who likes to cause mischief. My whole theater was laughing when the cat was playing around with Otto’s pant leg.

Mariana Trevino was a highlight. I really liked her character. Funny and thoughtful, Marisol creates a bond with Otto. My favorite scene in the film was when Otto was teaching Marisol to drive. Trevino was excellent in a dramatic moment. After viewing this film, she is the definition of what a good neighbor is.

Another Hanks is in A Man Called Otto. Truman Hanks, the real-life son of Tom Hanks, plays Otto as a younger man. He does an astounding job. Both studied their characters closely, matching one another's expressions and personalities.

Even though she has a small part, I felt like I knew Sonya (Keller). Otto and Sonya shared sweet moments. Sonya also had an impact on other characters, like Malcolm (Bayda) another favorite character.

The story doesn’t move fast, though it’s necessary to pay attention to every segment, including flashbacks. Marc Forster worked very well with the film’s technical aspects. Flashbacks were incorporated well, not jumping around. I never like it when films incorporate an excessive use of flashbacks. From the looks of it, filmmakers have been learning that.

A Man Called Otto is a bittersweet film. I was not prepared for it to be so emotional. It is also very emotional which was evident by all the sniffling audience members around me. Fair warning, the film has grim themes. Otto makes several suicide attempts that are interrupted or don’t work.

The whole film resonated with audiences. A Man Called Otto has an important moral. Make connections. Life is not all happiness, but the people in your life change it for the better. It is difficult opening up to people. Still, it’s not okay to judge someone when you don’t know why people do the things they do.

I am happy that A Man Called Otto has earned its rightful audience. The film is entertaining mixing comedy and drama. You’ll laugh, smile, and feel tears. Go see it in theaters.

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