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90s Fashion Would Make Harry Potter So Much Better

by C.R. Hughes 3 months ago in tv

It's time to bring back the beloved characters as they were intended.

Back in January, the internet was abuzz with rumors about a Harry Potter TV series that was allegedly supposed to be released on HBO Max. As a potterhead myself, I couldn't contain my excitement and started imagining how much more accurate a TV series could be than the movies. But it also got me thinking how much more accurate the books could have been.

It's not exactly common knowledge that Harry Potter was born on July 31, 1980, meaning that most of the series took place between 1991 and 1998. And the biggest reason for this lack of knowledge is that besides a throwaway line about Dudley playing on a Playstation, there are really no indications that the series is set in the 90s, whether in the movies or in the books; no muggle-born students randomly singing the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song in the Hogwarts hallways or obsessing over Princess Diana or the Spice Girls. Nothing.

An easy way to rectify this is through clothing. While the books often showed older witches and wizards struggling to put together convincing Muggle outfits, the younger witches and wizards would often wear Muggle clothes when they weren't in their school uniforms, but the 2000s fashion of the movies isn't true to that era. In the real world, 90s fashion is making its way back into popularity, so the fantasy world should have no problem catching up.

As a dedicated fan, here are some of the 90s styles that need to be revived along with the series.

Butterfly Clips & Scrunchies

These hair accessories were the height of trendiness in the 90s and an incredibly sensible way to keep hair out of your face. In the HP universe, the eccentric Luna Lovegood would definitely wear butterfly clips as they match her dreamy personality, while her tomboyish bestie, Ginny Weasley, would opt for scrunchies so she could pull it off her wrist and throw her hair in a ponytail at a moment's notice. Quidditch scenes would definitely be elevated if we got to see Ginny rocking a scrunchy while flying on her broom.


A 90s school hallway wouldn't be complete without a few students rocking their overalls. From Will Smith to Tupac to the Spice Girls, overalls were modeled as the perfect casual wear. And what I wouldn't give to see Dean Thomas in some overalls paired with some Chuck Taylors and a flat top.

Baggy Jeans

In 2021, the great jean debate has been skinny jeans vs. bell bottoms, but in the 90s baggy jeans were where it was at. You can bet that Ronald Weasley would own a few pairs of these but whether it's because of fashion trends or because they're hand me downs from his older brothers, the world may never know.

Vests & Sweater Vests

Vests are a simple accessory that add a little something extra to an outfit without being too flashy and that makes it the perfect clothing choice for Hermione Granger. On the flip side, sweater vests were seen as just slightly more pretentious and when worn by nerds, they often looked uncool but when worn by preppy rich kids, they were a symbol of status. Therefore, Draco Malfoy would definitely be seen terrorizing people in sweater vests.

Crop Tops

In 90s TV shows, crop tops were often reserved for pretty, popular girls, making this the perfect outfit choice for sociable, crushworthy Cho Chang. It also seems fitting that Harry would get all tongue tied about asking Cho out while she was a wearing a crop top. Hopefully, Hogwarts isn't as pressed about regulating what girls can wear as most present day high schools are though.

Denim on Denim

This fashion choice, though simple, was quite the statement in the 90s. Celebrities could be found sporting this look everywhere from coffee shops to red carpet events. For a hero who is always on the move and in the public eye as much as Harry Potter, having a wardrobe that doesn't require too much thought is always a smart choice and denim on denim is about as easy as it comes.

Grunge Fashion

The grunge movement of the 90s was fueled by working class lifestyles and rock music, with bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam paving the way. In the HP universe, the only rock band we're introduced to are the Weird Sisters who totally would have been a grunge band. And who else would have been grunge? Mr. Cool himself, Bill Weasley. Imagine him in a Kurt Cobain inspired outfit complete with ripped jeans and a flannel shirt. And of course his long hair would just be the icing on the cake.


Even though the rumors about the TV series have since been debunked, with the Harry Potter universe expanding and with fans showing that there is a demand for a show, it could very well happen in the near future. And if it does, we need the 90s Harry Potter aesthetics we were deprived of in the books and movies and all the creators would have to do to make it happen is add some of the popular trends of the time into their costume designs.

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C.R. Hughes
C.R. Hughes
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