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8 Reasons Why I Love Gangster Movies

by Ryan Miller 6 months ago in movie · updated 6 months ago
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And why you should love them too

8 Reasons Why I Love Gangster Movies
Photo by Martin Zaenkert on Unsplash

I love everything about them. They usually have good actors and fascinating stories behind all the shooting and the racketeering.

Remember this quote?

“You don’t keep a man waiting. The only time you do is when you want to say something. When you want to say f*ck you.”

Yep, it’s from The Irish Man.

My favorite gangster movies are The Godfather I & II, The Usual Suspects, Goodfellas, Scarface, and Casino. And Pulp Fiction… Which is another kind of gangster movie, but still fits the category.

Do you like watching gangster movies? Why? Or why not?

Everybody Is Well Dressed

One thing is for sure. Gangsters have good taste in clothes. They all wear elegant suits, hats, and nice shoes. As fashion evolves and changes, people start to wear funny clothes.

Why do people nowadays prefer to wear ridiculous clothing?

They Are Used to Handling Difficult Situations

Every gangster is a leader.

I love gangsters’ ability to be one step ahead of law enforcement and always find solutions for problems. They have good leadership skills because they are used to managing different, on-edge situations.

I once read that Pablo Escobar’s crime family was organizing better than multinational companies nowadays. The best project manager from a company most likely lacks the skills a regular drug trafficker has.

They All Have Values and Principles

In those times, people had life principles and values. I can't entirely agree with their activity, but I cannot appreciate that they take care of their families, always keep their words, and do everything they can to achieve their goals.

These values are rare these days.

They Have Loyalty and Respect

Another thing I love about gangsters is that they value loyalty and respect. They don’t forget the people who helped them and respect their family, friends, and associates.

I know it’s one gang against another, but the team members do everything they can and need for their organization's wealth.

They Are Motivated and Ambitious

Gangsters have some positive greed. Did you ever see a gangster that does not want to achieve great things?

They are motivated to work hard and do whatever is necessary to expand their business and conquer their micro-society.

I disagree with their actions, but that kind of mindset required for always achieving more is excellent.

There Is Always a Pretty Lady Involved in the Story

Who doesn’t love pretty women? Have you noticed that in almost every gangster movie, there’s a lady that makes things complicated? I love the romance of that.

I’m not too fond of soap operas and telenovelas, but sometimes I enjoy harrowing romantic stories. There is always a pretty lady involved.

And who doesn’t like pretty movies?

All the famous gangster movies have at least one pretty lady that makes the story more interesting. Do you remember John Dillinger’s girl from Public Enemy? Bye. Bye, Mockingbird!

They Live a Good Life and Go to Parties

I love this. Life isn’t all about work and business.

Sometimes, it’s a perfect thing to disconnect from everything and enjoy life. Mobsters know how to do that.

In all the movies, we can see them going to fancy parties and dancing with pretty women. Who doesn’t like that?

The Value Family a Lot

Last but not least, all gangsters love their families. They are willing to do everything required to make sure that their loved ones are safe.

This characteristic is quite rare nowadays. In modern society, family members don't stick close to each other.

Do you have a good relationship with your cousin or your brother? For example, I don't. We are not close.


👇 I hope you enjoyed reading this piece. Curious to know a bit about myself? 👇

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