7 Questions You've Definitely Had About 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'!

An In-Depth Look at the Key Parts of the Fourth Book vs the Movie

7 Questions You've Definitely Had About 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'!

The size of the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire book was monumental compared to that of its predecessors. So, how were they going to fit that much detail into a film that wasn't 10 hours long? (Which I would definitely sit and watch by the way). Unfortunately for Potterheads, they cut out quite a sizeable chunk of not only characters, but character depth, and key plot developments as well.

Read on and challenge yourself to see how many of these seven trivia points every Potterhead (including you, reader) should know!

1. Let's start with the the biggest sporting event in the wizarding world. The Irish brought Leprechauns as their mascots, but who did the Bulgarians bring to represent them at the Quidditch World Cup?

The Quidditch World Cup was a grand spectacle for many reasons. Mainly because it was Harry’s (and our) first experience of seeing wizards and witches from all over the world. There were so many, that the stadium could in fact fit 100,000 wizards inside of it! Two great teams (Ireland and Bulgaria) had made the final, England of course being beaten early on (as usual). Although, it was the reveal of the team mascots that made for very interesting reading in the Goblet of Fire.

The mascots, explained by Mr. Weasley, are typically magical creatures associated with that nation, a chance to show off to their rivals. Ireland of course brought Leprechauns, unfortunately for the viewers of the film, we only saw a small clip of the cheeky mascots above the crowd. Rowling describes leprechauns as mischievous creatures, and they certainly lived up to their reputation. They even rained down a mesmerising amount of leprechaun gold down onto the spectators below, much to the surprise of our main characters.

Earlier in the book, Harry had bought some omnoculars for the trio, much to Ron's dismay (realising again how little money he had to splurge). This downfall of gold from above, for a short time, allowed Ron to pay Harry back for the omnoculars Harry had bought the trio earlier. (Omnoculars are similar in a sense to binoculars, but they can pause, fast forward, and rewind live action, a bit like Sky TV (other digital services are also available) it also named Quidditch moves, noticeably the Wronski Feint that Harry tries out for himself later in the book!) The problem of course, is that leprechaun gold is just an illusion. Due to its magic, it vanishes a couple of hours later, leaving Ron feeling very embarrassed he didn't actually pay back his best friend.

Bulgaria, however, brought mascots with them who were a lot feistier. This was also the first time, we as readers, are introduced to these creatures in the series. They were called Veela, and described by Harry as the most beautiful, enchanting creatures he had ever seen, they inevitably cause some trouble. They appear to be beautiful young women, who have pale skin, bright blue eyes, and often blonde/white hair. Their speciality however is to enchant nearly all men (and some women) around them to do incredibly daring/stupid things. Their effects on Harry, however, nearly caused him to jump from the top box in order to show off, and grab the Veela’s unattainable attention. Even the elderly Quidditch referee was flexing his muscles trying to impress them! However, when Veela are angry, they change into dreadful Harpy like creatures with scales, wings, and can even throw fireballs. The leprechauns angered the Veela so much that both team’s mascots were sent off during the match for fighting above the quidditch pitch, a first for any world cup final!

Fun fact: Ever wondered why the boys at Hogwarts were so enamoured by Fleur Delacour? J.K. Rowling reveals Fleur’s maternal grandmother was a Veela! Explaining the overenthusiastic reactions the French Beuxbatons champion had over her male counterparts.

2. So we know Ireland won, but what was the final score?

Due to time constraints (even though it would have been epic to watch international level quidditch), the full match was cut from the film. We see the Weasley’s, Harry, and Hermione all celebrating Ireland’s win back in their tent, but what was the score, and why am I telling you about it?

As we know from later on in GoF, Krum is an amazing seeker, and teamed with Bulgaria’s solid defense they were clear favourites to win. However, due to Ireland’s amazing teamwork, they managed to keep Bulgaria at bay when it mattered. Even on account of all the drama on the pitch (including a broken nose on Krum’s part) Ireland’s chasers managed to put them ahead by just enough to win the match, even though Krum caught the snitch! The final score Ireland 170–160 Bulgaria.

3. What was the outcome of the Weasley twins' bet?

Now we all know Fred and George Weasley as our favourite troublemakers, but did you know they like to take part in the odd bet too? Before the game, the Weasley twins, and the rest of the gang bump into Ludo Bagman (we’ll meet him soon) who is Head of the Department for Magical Games and Sports, who is also taking wagers on the match. Fred and George bet all of their savings (37 galleons, 15 sickles and 3 knuts to be exact) that Ireland would win, BUT Krum would catch the snitch. Ludo, being the gambling man that he is, took the twins’ money without hesitation as he thought that result would never happen. However, when the bet won, Bagman paid the boys their money in leprechaun gold, which as you can imagine didn’t go down too well. The twins then spent the rest of the Goblet of Fire writing to Ludo, and trying to catch him whenever he was at Hogwarts for the Triwizard tournament in order to get their money back!

4. So who was this Ludo Bagman fellow?

Which leads us to the man himself. Ludo Bagman in his day was a very tall, attractive, blonde wizard with an athletic build. He was a retired quidditch player who used to be the star of the Wimbourne Wasps!

Ludo, although, didn’t see eye to eye with Barty Crouch Snr. soon found himself rising up the ranks of the Ministry of Magic to become the head of the Department for Magical Games and Sports. Ludo seemed like a likeable character, and one that I really did miss in the films, as I felt he would have brought a different dimension and depth to the Goblet of Fire. I saw him as another Lockhart, bringing a lighter air, and his 'boyish charm' to what was to become quite a dark book. Ludo is also the one who commentated the Quidditch World Cup match (not Fudge), and also the one who helped Barty Crouch Snr. organise the Triwizard Tournament at Hogwarts. (This was how Fred and George could initially contact Bagman to get their money back). Bagman unfortunately, did have a weakness for gambling (see above), and unfortunately for Ludo, he gambled against the wrong people… well, goblins. Ludo was the master of finding loopholes in his bets so he didn’t have to pay! Or, he would simply refuse to do so, maybe even paying in fake leprechaun gold (sound familiar?). The goblins hunted Bagman down twice in the Goblet of Fire, and eventually took all the gold he had. Rumour had it, Ludo was delighted when Harry was picked as a Triwizard champion, as he thought by betting on Harry to win, he would win back the money to pay off the goblins. Whether he would, or not, would be a different story!

5. Okay okay, so we’ve met Crouch Snr. we’ve seen Crouch Jnr. be sentenced to Azkaban, but he suddenly appears as ‘Mad Eye Moody’ at the end of the film. So what happened in the middle?

Let's try and get the timeline straight, shall we? When Harry accidentally falls into Dumbledore’s pensieve, he is transported into a very important memory. This was the moment he witnessed Barty Crouch Snr’s life fall apart. In the film, we can see Karkaroff imprisoned in the centre of the room, giving up the names of Death Eaters in front of the jury to try and get a reduced sentence from Azkaban. The last name he gives up, however, is that of Barty’s only son, Barty Crouch Jnr. In the book, we are given a fuller explanation as to how someone who is apparently sent to Azkaban for life, suddenly appears, not only in the Riddle House at the beginning of the film, but also impersonating a well-known auror too.

Sirius explains he remembered Barty Crouch Jnr. arriving in Azkaban. He said the young boy screamed for days until he finally went silent, because ‘they all went quiet eventually.’ Sirius then goes on to explain Dementors cannot see, and are only able to sense the emotions of the prisoners around them. A year after Barty Crouch Jnr. was imprisoned, his mother and father hatched a plan. As she was in such poor health from the stress of finding out her son was a Death Eater, Crouch Snr. used his high status at the Ministry of Magic to arrange a visit to their son, which would normally be forbidden. Then, under the influence of the Polyjuice potion, Barty Crouch Senior smuggled his son out of Azkaban in her place. The dementors were none the wiser, as they sensed one healthy, and one weak soul enter the prison, and one healthy and one weak soul leave again. When his mother died in her son’s cell a few weeks later, the dementors buried her outside of the fortress walls believing her to be her son. News of ‘his’ death spread, tricking the world into believing that Barty Crouch Jnr. was officially dead. He was then forced to live in the family home under his father’s Imperius curse, with the only other creature who knew he was alive, their house-elf Winky. When he heard word of Voldemort still being alive in a remote part of Europe, Barty wished he could escape, and become his loyal follower once more.

6. So Dobby and Kreacher aren't the only house elves in the Potter series?

Definitely not. Most wizarding families have a house elf to help run their homes, and usually their house elf has been with them for generations (as we can see by the heads of past house elves lining the walls of 12 Grimmauld Place).

The house elf in this scenario was called Winky. She was a fiercely loyal house elf to the Crouch family, she even talks proudly about how her mother and grandmother before her also served the family. One part of Winky's duties was to look after Barty Crouch Jnr. and make sure he didn't run away. After years of good behaviour (despite it being due to the curse) Winky persuaded her master to allow his son to attend the Quidditch World Cup, as he had always loved the sport. Against his better judgement, Barty Snr. allowed his son to leave the house magically bound to Winky as his guide, and under an invisibility cloak.

In the fourth book, Harry and the Weasleys enter the top box, and as they're looking around at the empty chairs, Harry sees someone who he thinks is familiar, recognising the over-sized ears. "Dobby?" he asks curiously, but is met with brown watery eyes instead of green, and a shocked high-pitched voice. Throughout the match, it was clear that Winky was uncomfortable, emitting horrified squeaks now and again. Mr. Weasley wondered aloud, why Barty Crouch would send his house elf up there alone, when she was clearly petrified of heights. However, Winky wasn't alone. Next to her in the seemingly empty seat was Barty Crouch Junior. It was in the top box that Barty's son stole Harry's wand, and was able to later cast the Dark Mark into the sky.

In the film, we see an unknown (at this point) figure, casting the spell, and when the aurors arrive, Barty Crouch is urgently searching in the woods. However in the book, the aurors find an unconscious Winky directly under the Dark Mark and holding Harry's wand. The wizards then accuse her of conjuring the Dark Mark, despite her protests of not knowing how to do it. As Barty Snr. couldn't seem to find any proof his son was there, he had to show his authority to the other aurors, and immediately dismissed Winky from her post. Winky was beyond the point of grief, and turned to drinking Butterbeer (it has quite the effect on house elves) to drown her sorrows. Dobby, who was an acquaintance, managed to get Winky a job with him in the kitchens at Hogwarts. However, as Winky was still so devoted to her old master, she had no motivation to work or look after herself, spending her days by the fire in the kitchens away from the other house elves.

When the effects of the Polyjuice Potion wore off after the Third and final task, Dumbledore sent for Winky, so she could identify her former master's son. She was, yet again, distraught to learn that Barty Crouch had been killed, and that her other master, his son, had done it. Overall, Winky didn't have a great time in Harry's fourth year either.

Fun Fact: After Hermione witnessed Mr. Crouch's treatment of Winky, she decided to set up S.P.E.W.–The Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare.

7. Barty Crouch Snr. turns up in the middle of the tournament talking gibberish, did that have anything to do with his son?

Good spotting, yes indeed it does. After his son cast the Dark Mark into the sky, the aurors sent lots of stunning jinxes into the bushes. Unknown to them however, they had hit their mark, however as Barty Jr. was still under the invisibility cloak he wasn't seen. This allowed Mr. Crouch to find him after the aurors had left and transported his son home safely. However now it was just the two of them inside the house, it became a lot more dangerous to hide his son.

Remember the ministry witch who went 'missing' Bertha Jorkins? Well, Bertha turned up unannounced one night at the Crouch residence, and learned their secret. Barty Snr. was able to perform a memory charm on Miss Jorkins, however, it was so powerful it caused her to have permanent brain damage. This subsequently affected her when she travelled on holiday, and ran into Peter Pettigrew, after following him unsuspectingly to Voldemort, she proved to be very useful in his questioning. Through his investigation, he learned not only the whereabouts of one of his loyal servants, and about the unfolding Triwizard Tournament at Hogwarts. Voldemort and Pettigrew then travelled to Crouch's home, and set Barty Jnr. free, however, instead of killing his father, they placed Barty Snr. under the Imperius curse, and sent him to work at the Ministry as normal to keep up appearances.

Some time around the mid-point of the Triwizard Tournament, Barty Snr. managed to break free from the curse, and managed to apparate near Hogwarts, where he stumbled across Harry Potter and Vikor Krum in the grounds. They were both worried about his apparent crazy ramblings about Bertha Jorkins and his son, so Harry decided to run and inform Dumbledore leaving Krum alone to guard Barty Snr. After previously taking the Marauder's Map from Harry, Barty Jnr. now disguised as Moody, recognised his father's appearance, and ran to the scene. He immediately stunned Viktor Krum and then killed his father. He quickly transfigured him into a single bone, and finally buried him in Hagrid's front garden.

And there we have it, seven of the most important Harry Potter book vs movie trivia of the fourth installment in the wizarding world!

So then, how many of these seven Harry Potter facts did you know?

How many are you now going to share with friends and family?

Go on, share all of your amazing new Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire knowledge, watch this space for more need-to-know articles about our favourite boy who lived!

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