6 Tips a New Cosplayer Should Know

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6 Tips a New Cosplayer Should Know
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When you go to a con for your first time and you want to cosplay sometimes it feels scary. Here are six tips that definitely help, some you may have already heard of:

1. Picking a Character

You may already have a character in mind but if you don't, this may help. The way it generally goes for me is: pick two things you're interested in. This is how it may look on paper.

Ex: Naruto or Ouran Highschool Host Club

Next, pick two-three characters you wouldn't mind cosplaying, then determine how easy it is to get all of the items for your cosplay.

2. Food and Drink

I cannot emphasize how important it is for you to drink water and eat. First, read the rules on food and drink. If they allow food and drink, great! If they don't, hope there is a water fountain or a food court.

This may seem bizarre but I assure you they are kinda like my personal holy grail. The reason tights are so important is because they make your legs look nice for photos, and also if you stumble across thicker tights you can wear skirts on colder days.

I felt like I needed to add this. Although not ever having to deal with them, they are still something I need to bring up because—well there are creeps. If you have a creep, tell a security guard/staff or ask random cosplayers/group to help you—they will. Here’s a mini story. A person cosplaying Blue Pearl (they were young and thin) was asked by a guy that gave me chills to have a photo they agreed. I was watching the person that gave me chills the entire time, only because I wanted to make sure that the person cosplaying was safe. If you someone at the con getting harassed, please step in.

5. Bags

Cons have things you can purchase items from (Artist Alley) that are really nice. Bags are really awesome. If you are going alone (not recommended) bring a fairly medium sized bag. If you’re in a group you won't/should have the only bag. This can also be nice if you have a heavy prop or don't want to carry art or water bottles. Bags should include a few things; money, water bottle, makeup for touch ups, deodorant, phone, and cables for charging—these things are very useful, don't forget them.

6. Time Scheduling

Plan everything ahead of time, such as, if you are sewing your costumes plan that; meet-ups, plan that; panels, plan that. You get the point but planning is kinda essential for doing meet-ups and photoshoots. If you are disorganized, make reminders on your phone or notepad.

The videos are where I got those points from. They are both amazing cosplayers so yeah. These were six basic things you need to know from a semi-novice. Well, enjoy your cons.

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