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5 Franchise Crossovers Fans Would Love to See.

by Craig Arnott 10 months ago in pop culture

Crossovers are not uncommon, but merging some universes can be a risk. Here we will look at 5 crossovers that if done right, could make big box office bucks.

The MCU - The Ultimate Crossover

Crossovers are something pretty much everyone has encountered now, especially with the Marvel Cinematic Universe cashing in massively through the shared universe the characters hold. But here we are talking about two different franchise crossing over. Some crossovers have seen success while others are simply failures. This is because when merging two separate properties you have to ensure both fanbases are pleased with the combination and that the mix-up of characters work. Here we will look at five potential crossovers that if done correctly could result in massive gain in the box office takings.

5. Doctor Who & Star Trek

The Doctor Boldly Goes Where He Hasn't Been Before.

Now this first one may seem a little crazy, but it has actually happened a couple of times in the forms of novels. Given that Doctor Who and Star Trek have both established that parallel worlds do exist. Surely all it would take is for one of the established cast to fall through some hole in space and end up in a different universe.

It would be an extremely interesting crossover, depending on which crew and which Doctor they use. This alone would alter everything, as no Star Trek Captain is the same and no Doctor is the same. But even more interesting is the options of pairing villains from both sides that could join forces. Both universes hold villains with the intent on turning you into one of them, for the Doctor it is the Cybermen and Star Trek have the Borg. There are also species bent on galactic domination that could come together, being the Daleks and the Dominion.

This is where you can start seeing the potential in this crossover, villains that would pretend to work together only to plan on turning on each other. The key to this successful crossover would lay in the hands of a good writer who knows both franchises inside out and a director that can bring justice to both. But even with all that, you can see how any sci-fi buff would head to the silver screens to check this one out.

4. Transformers & Power Rangers

Power Rangers, Transform and Roll Out!

This is one that could be played out extremely well and has multiple options. One being a simple crossover with the Rangers and Transformers aiming to stop the combined forces of the evil in Power Rangers and the Decepticons. But if an ambitious writer were to be on this, it could lead to a literally crossover.

Imagine the first time the Rangers and Transformers head into battle they find the combined forces they face are too much, with the Rangers losing their powers and many of the Autobots out of action after the fight. This could then make the Rangers and the remaining Autobots to truly join forces. The Rangers could become repowered using the sparks of the Autobots and them pairing up to form a new force to fight together.

You can even see some of the potential pairings, the Red Ranger with Optimas Prime, Yellow Ranger with Bumblebee, Black or Green Ranger with Hound, Blue Ranger with Mirage and Pink Ranger with Arcee. The Rangers could get new Ranger Suits to match their new partner Autobots and the Autobots could even combine to create a new combiner/Megazord. Admit it, you see it now and you want this to happen, and with both properties being owned by Hasbro it could happen one day.

3. Godzilla & Pacific Rim

Kaiju vs Godzilla vs Jaegers.

A giant crossover with great potential is to have Godzilla meet the Jaegers and Kaiju in battle. It could also be a crossover with one side having to come to new conclusions as to why they fight. As in Pacific Rim they simply aim to destroy the giant Kaiju attacks, so when they encounter Godzilla they would just see another monster that needs taking down.

But imagine how they would react when Godzilla engages in battle with one of the Kaiju. The pilots of the Jaegers would have some new things to consider, as this would be unprecedented to them, two giant monsters fighting. This is when films can make or break how fans react, the conflict has to seem real and nothing is more real than a character questioning their core beliefs in what they are doing.

It can easily been seen how this three way fight would literally shake the ground. But it could bring some interesting lure into Pacific Rim as they discover earth itself has its own Kaiju, but these Kaiju bring balance and help to protect their home. If the right creative team are brought on this idea it could literally go giant sized and fans would love the earth shattering action it could hold.

2. The Incredibles & Big Hero 6

No Capes Allowed!

Given both of these are animated superhero features from the same company, it would be easy for this to come to light. Given that it has never been stated that the two are in different universes, you could imagine how the Incredibles are simply in a different city than San Fransokyo. So, as far as bringing them together, it would be pretty simple.

The question is why would they come together? Well, there are several options. The most obvious being some super villain aiming to destroy the world and both teams are needed to save the day. But there are other options. With the Incredibles, mainly Mr Incredible and Elastigirl, being veteran heroes, they could feel the need to mentor the younger team. Another option being that Violet and Dash both go to some superhero school and meet you teens in Big Hero 6, which would lead to both teams joining together to stop a villain.

Needless to say, there are plenty of ways it could play out. There would also be a way to please fans of both and that could lay in everyone's favourite superhero fashionista, Edna. Edna could come in at some point of the film to design new outfits for all to unify them as a single team. We already know she would be pleased, as none of the heroes wear capes. With so much potential it could easily become the ultimate family friendly crossover of all time.

1. Marvel & DC

The Ultimate Superhero Smackdown!

Okay, it was an obvious choice, but what else would you have put in the top spot? One thing that is probably never going to go away is the question, which is better? Marvel or DC? Truth is, they are both awesome and both hold their pluses and negatives. So why not just allow for this to be a superhero team-up that would make Avengers: Endgame look small in its hero line-up in comparison.

The pairing options are endless, for both heroes and villains of both franchises. It would also be interesting to see the odd pairings, the ones you wouldn't expect to work but do. The obvious pairing of Captain America & Batman or Doctor Strange & Doctor Fate are clear for all to see. But instead picture Doctor Strange with Batman or Captain Marvel with Green Lantern. You can see how these pairing of characters have aspects in common but also differences. This is where you can have heroes and villains alike learn from mismatched pairing, allowing them to accept ideas and concepts they had never considered before.

The largest thing stopping this is the fact it will require a massive deal to be made between the two production houses. But given that Marvel and DC have paired up in comic form more than once and even created an amalgam universe together, there is hope. Let's just pray that if this is one day made fans of both can agree that both are amazing superhero franchises to be enjoyed by all.

Do you agree with these five choices? Which franchises would you like seen come together and why?

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Craig Arnott
Craig Arnott
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