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5 Children's Books for Adults

by Tricia H 5 days ago in list

They're full of truth, life lessons, joy, and beautiful pictures

5 Children's Books for Adults

Some of the most endearing and truthful stories ever told are found in children's books. They are timeless and inspire and teach us life lessons so smoothly that we don’t even realize we’re being taught. Written in simple language, with beautiful illustrations, these tales are perfect for adults as well as children. Don't miss out on them simply because you're all grown up.

Here are my top five children's books for adults:

The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams

This classic, written in 1922, tells the story of a stuffed rabbit, made of velveteen, who was a Christmas gift to a little boy. The rabbit longs to become Real to the boy, like many of his other toys, which is what happens to you when you are really loved by your child. He gets his wish, but then the little boy becomes ill with scarlet fever. Rabbit sticks with him, and must be discarded once the boy gets better, but in the end, the nursery magic Fairy makes him a real rabbit.

The Velveteen Principles: A Guide to Becoming Real; Hidden Wisdom from a Children’s Classic by Toni Raiten-D’Antonio, is a book written for adults, which distills the message of the original book.

Old Turtle by Douglas Wood

A long time ago, according to this book, there was a time when the rocks and the wind and all the animals could speak to each other. But they began to argue, each thinking God was what it was. Wise Old Turtle, who seldom spoke, tells them what God is and where God is. She also tells them that people are coming to the world, and they will be reminders of what God is. The people come, they begin to argue about God as well, and Old Turtle once again talks about the nature of God.

A second Old Turtle book, titled Old Turtle and the Broken Truth is equally as wonderful for both children and adults.

The Little Soul and the Sun by Neale Donald Walsch

Called 'a children's parable adapted from the author’s Conversations With God series, this book tells the story of a Little Soul who, knowing he is the light of God, wants to experience what he is as a person who forgives. He talks to God, who tells him that in order to experience what he is, he must experience what he is not. A Friendly Soul agrees to help him, and he is given a new lifetime in which he can be forgiving.

There is a second Little Soul book, titled The Little Soul and the Earth, which also tells a wonderful story.

The Smile That Went Around the World by Patrice Karst

Descriptively named, this book tells the story of a smile that is passed from one person to another, ultimately travelling across the world, and back to the person who first smiled it, and the impact that smile has. You'll find yourself with a smile on your face when you're done with this book, and I highly recommend passing it on.

Horton Hears a Who by Dr. Suess

Horton, an elephant who lives in the Jungle of Nool, is the only one who hears the call of the Whos, who live on a speck of dust. They need his help, and he perseveres in his quest to help them, despite the ridicule and opposition of the others in the forest. This is a wonderful story, told in delightful rhyme, as only Dr Suess can do.

There are many, many wonderful children's books that offer as much to adults as to the children they are aimed at. Spend a few minutes in the children's section of a bookstore or the library, and you can discover them for yourself.

You won’t regret it.

Tricia H
Tricia H
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