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Gilmore Girls

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Gilmore Girls remains one of the most popular shows from the early 2000s. Its popularity sparks lots of internet discourse and there has been much discussion on the characters and their quality as people. So of course, as part of our regularly scheduled Gilmore Girls discussion we will be ranking the main characters of the show. By main characters I really just mean the Gilmores and anyone they’ve slept with. Perhaps we will do a second list with all of your Stars Hollow favorites but for now let’s keep it mainstream.

In dead ass last we are putting Dean and Christopher. Together. I am not sorry about this at all, they were terrible to their respective Gilmore Girls and actually crazy. Dean was possessive, jealous and beyond clingy. Even as a teenager, excusing the fact that he was a child there is no reason to ever call your high school girlfriend 10+ times without a response. He was clingy and pathetic and his jealousy was not cute, it was actually extremely toxic. Christopher strung Lorelie along for years, he was an astoundingly terrible father and he still felt like he was owed something from either of them. It was terrible to watch.

Next up we’ve got Jess and Jason, also together. Bad boyfriends in their own ways but slightly above the last two. Jess was of course inconsiderate, aloof and kind of an ass. BUT he was also the person that challenged Rory enough to get her to go back to Yale. His youthful discretions for the most part can be written off by his age. Because he grew into a functioning, successful adult. The same can not be said for Rory. Then we have Jason who saw no problem in suing his girlfriend’s father.

Next we have Emily and Richard Gilmore. Terrible, horrible parents. They abused Lorelie emotionally, mentally and financially. Emily constantly inserted herself into things that were just not her business, and breaking up Luke and Lorelie is unforgivable. Then we have Richard fully cheating on Emily for their whole marriage. To be clear, having lunch with your ex and hiding it from your partner is in fact cheating. And then we have the fact that both of them treated Rory like the daughter they always wanted often at the expense of both her and Lorelie’s actually well being.

Rory Gilmore is in the middle. I would personally put her lower but she is a main character so we get to give her some wiggle room. Girl was selfish and delusional and truly thought that the earth revolved around her. I will be giving this a much more detailed rundown in my Gilmore Girls video essay but Rory quit school at the first sign of criticism, she knowingly slept with a married man, and to that point she thought she owned anyone she used to date. Her and Logan clearly broke up and straight up didn’t talk for months and she thought she had a right to tell him who he could and couldn’t sleep with. I am the world’s #1 Rory hater.

Next from the top we have Luke, Max and Logan, the best of the boyfriends. Luke was always there for both Rory and Lorelie, in fact he was more of a father to her then Christopher ever was. Now of course, his really only big major mistake was keeping April from Lorelie. That whole situation was very unlike Luke and it did destroy their relationship for a lot of reasons. Max was great, in fact Lorelie kind of treated him like crap and his only flaw was maybe being a bit boring but he was an incredible person and he deserved better. Logan was a little arrogant but he was also brilliant, challenged Rory but also wouldn’t put up with any of her shit.

And my top spot goes to Lorelie Gilmore. There are people who are going to want to disagree but those people are wrong. Lorelie Gilmore was an incredible friend, she took care of Lane like she was her own daughter and she did the best she could for Rory. Lor obviously had some flaws but none were big enough to outweigh the fact that she is a good person.

I love Gilmore Girls and for the most part it does show the reality of human relationships and how different personality types interact. However, that also means that some people in the show are simply bad people, just like in life. Just because it's realistic doesn’t make Rory any more relatable.

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