25 Lessons to Learn from Disney Characters

We can take away important life skills from our favorite magical stories.

25 Lessons to Learn from Disney Characters

For my 25th birthday last year, I did a video on 25 lessons I have learnt from Disney Characters. I decided to share the list here as well, so here it is:

  1. Lesson number one is from Jasmine from Aladdin. If you are not happy with what you have, it is okay to want more or want something else. That does not make you ungrateful. If you want a different experience than what life has given you, it is okay to make a change.
  2. The next lesson is from Lewis Robinson from Meet the Robinsons: It does not matter where you come from. Everyone has the chance to go far in life, as long as you keep moving forward.
  3. Lesson number three is from Dumbo—as in, the character Dumbo from the movie Dumbo (this is going to happen more than once). Believe in yourself. Not everyone is going to believe in you, or in your talent. That does not mean that you do not have it in you.
  4. Of course, we have a lesson from our queen Pocahontas, from the movie Pocahontas. She is given two options in life: She can choose the easy and steady path, or she can choose the uncertain one, the one that is risky. This will happen in life. And choosing the easiest path is not always the best nor the right option.
  5. The next lesson is from Marlin, from Finding Nemo. We can learn so many things from him. First of all, never give up fighting for what is important to you. He is also a great example of getting through the darkest of times and still managing to build a good life for yourself.
  6. Next we have a lesson from my personal favorite, the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. The most important thing we can learn from him is that who cares if everyone thinks you are weird and crazy? As long as you are happy with who you are, that is all that matters.
  7. Lesson number seven is from Moana. Only you know who you truly are, and what is right for you. Do not let anyone tell you that you are wrong. It is your life. Go as far as you want, go on an adventure, explore, do crazy things. No one can stop you.
  8. The next one is from Hercules, which is a movie with a great message. What seems important to you is not always what really is. Along the way your goals and ambitions can change, and you can find happiness where you did not expect to find it.
  9. Lesson number nine is from Maggie from Home on the Range. From her, we can learn to bring some fun and banter into every situation, to make it easier to deal with challenges and difficult times. If your farm is being auctioned off, at least you can crack a few jokes to lighten up the mood. Have fun whenever possible.
  10. Number ten is from Rapunzel from the movie Tangled. Something can feel terrifying and nearly impossible to do, but going through with it can change your life forever. Taking a big chance and doing something scary can be exactly what you need, even though it might not be easy. Dare to be in charge of your own life.
  11. Turk from Tarzan taught us that you should do whatever you can to help and support your friends. I do not care if you have to put on a dress or piss off the gorilla leader, if that is what your friends need you to do for them.
  12. Then we have a lesson from Ariel from The Little Mermaid, which is that no one has the perfect life. It can seem that they have something amazing up there, everyone is happy and has everything they want. At the same time, the people up there think that being a mermaid is perfect because it looks fun and fabulous and it must be the perfect life, right? Stop thinking that someone else has the perfect life. No one does.
  13. This lesson is from Wendy from Peter Pan. It does not matter what anyone thinks about what you like and what makes you happy. If someone thinks it is stupid to believe in childish stories and fairytales, that does not matter. If it makes you happy, do it.
  14. Next lesson is from Simba from The Lion King. Never forget who you are. Be the person you were truly meant to be, and put everything you have into that role. You can do it. You were born to do it.
  15. Lesson number fifteen is from Kenai from Brother Bear. Things do not always turn out as planned. You need to be able to get through the different challenges and crazy journeys life sends your way. I am pretty sure Kenai did not expect to be turned into a bear, but he just had to deal with it.
  16. Of course, we have one from Winnie the Pooh from The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh. The most important thing I want you to learn from him is to be happy with your body. In his Stoutness Exercise song he sings "I am short, fat, and proud of that". No one can tell you that something is wrong with your body. All that matters is that you have a good body image, and that you are happy and healthy.
  17. I will not forget our fierce warrior, Mulan (from the movie Mulan). She taught us that we can make our own way. If you do not fit in, you can create a new life for yourself. Do not let society tell you how to live your life.
  18. My favorite prince, Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty, has a good lesson in store for us. Do not let anyone tell you who you are allowed to love. If it feels right, it does not matter who the person is.
  19. Of course, I have to mention a lesser-known Disney classic. Fantasia 2000 showed us that talent is not limited to a type. In one of the segments of the movie, crocodiles and hippos are doing ballet. You can do anything you put your mind to.
  20. Another over-looked classic, The Emperor's New Groove. Kuzco taught us that what seems important to you now, might not even matter in the bigger picture. Put your focus in the right place.
  21. This lesson is from Megara from Hercules (again). From her, we can learn to believe in love. Although she has been disappointed and hurt before, she dares to take the chance to love again. It is better to regret something than to have a what-if.
  22. As this movie blew my mind, Zootropolis needs to be on the list. Judy Hopps is an amazing inspiration as she taught us not to listen to haters. Everyone doubted her, and yet she made history. No one can tell us what we can and cannot do, just because of who we are and where we come from. It is solely up to you and your efforts, your energy and your persistence. You can do anything.
  23. This one is definitely an obscure classic: The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. From Ichabod Crane we can learn that there is nothing wrong with being different. He stands out from every single person in the town he lives in, but he could not care less. He is happy.
  24. Second to last we have Milo Thatch from Atlantis. He is a great example that it is completely fine to be nerdy and obsessed with topics that might be considered boring, unusual, or even lame by other people. Someday, you will find someone who understands.
  25. I could not possibly make this list without including my queen Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. She is my favorite princess, and a great role model. From her we can learn that you need to work hard to achieve your dreams. Do not expect things to just come to you, you need to earn it.

Those were 25 lessons from Disney characters! Which one is your favorite?

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