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2024's "The Garfield Movie" shows the importance of express delivery and technology

"Oh, yeah. Drone delivery. Welcome to the future."

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 29 days ago 5 min read
Image Credit: Screenshot from Sony Pictures Entertainment on YouTube

It's not new that Garfield is loved dearly by Jon Arbuckle, so much so that he is pampered and without the necessary skills for survival. In this 2024 movie, Garfield learns and implements some tactics to succeed in the missions. Like the Willy Wonka character, Garfield has a different parent in this version. In the 2005 version, Willy Wonka had a father but in the 2023 movie, he has a mother. These other parents serve different purposes in the lives of these characters. 

According to the Garfield Wiki on Fandom, his mother has made verbal and physical appearances in some 80's specials, the most notable being 1983's Garfield on the Town, in which Garfield briefly reconnects with his family. His pampered nature bothers him as he finds himself on the streets needing to fight but is unable to. His mother tries to console and encourage him about his domesticated life but he is aware of this difference. In the 2024 movie, he has a father named Vic who jumps at the chance to lessen his domesticated ways.

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Garfield(Chris Pratt) struggles to accept his long-lost father after his perceived abandonment which led to his adoption by Jon (Nicholas Hoult). However, they reunite after he and Odie's (Harvey Guillén) kidnapping to work for Vic's (Samuel L. Jackson)old associate, Jinx (Hannah Waddingham). Garfield is a name given by Jon while his dad calls him Junior. In the past, Vic told Garfield to wait saying he would be back but no sign of him and the food at the Italian restaurant encouraged him to leave. Then he meets Jon who spoils him before struggling to part with him. Jon's apartment doesn't allow pets but he changes his mind and his home before eventually getting Odie.

As a family, they fall into a routine but their midnight snack routine is interrupted by Roland (Brett Goldstein)and Nolan(Bowen Yang) who kidnap Garfield and Odie. Confused by the situation, Garfield's emotions only heighten at the sight of his father who called him his given name. Their rescue with the help of Vic is unsuccessful as Jinx stops them to make her demands.

Image Credit: Screenshot from Sony Pictures Entertainment on YouTube

She tells the story about her abandonment by Vic's crew which led to her capture. She demands they steal again from Lactose Farms but this time the amount of milk they get should equal her 4 years plus sentence in the pound. Garfield is unhappy he cannot escape this situation due to Jinx's order that he and Odie assist Vic. He is also unhappy about their reunion being under these conditions of which he will be watched to prevent any escaping.

They journey to Lactose Farms to find out it's no longer a Mom-and-Pop shop as Vic remembers but they see Otto (Ving Rhames), a former mascot and ask for advice to get in. After some hiccups, they agree to get his love and former mascot partner, Ethel(Alicia Grace Turrell) as well. They train for the mission but Vic and Garfield continue to clash before the friction is forced into solution. Odie tied them to a tree to allow a discussion about the abandonment misunderstanding. Vic explains he left to get food for him but hid for a while to avoid being caught by a human. He says he looked for him but saw how happy he was with Jon and decided it was probably better that way.

Jinx wants their mission to fail so Vic gets caught and sent to the pound where she was. She tips the security and Marge (Cecily Strong) hinders their success. She separates Otto and Ethel then sends Oddie and Garfield to the pound while Vic escapes with the milk for Jinx but learns her true intentions. Jon rescues Garfield and Odie from the pound after waiting endlessly by the phone to bring attention to their disappearance. Marge who separated Otto and Ethel struck a deal in the end to free Ethel for the capture of Jinx. She admits that Jinx's crew reported her after they felt they were working for a bad person from their moment of not wanting to throw Garfield and Vic off the train. Garfield, Otto and Odie followed them to save Vic who was tied up in the train to be thrown off and it was successful. Vic joins the family with Odie, Jon, and Garfield as the characters all visit to celebrate Garfield's birthday.

Image Credit: Screenshot from Sony Pictures Entertainment on YouTube

Chris Pratt was criticized for being the chosen voice actor for Garfield and while I was unsure, I think he fit this Garfield. Garfield still sleeps the same way, still loves lasagna, still loves Pooky, still hates Mondays, and more. Nurse Liz is still included and so is Vito who works at Mamma Leoni's, the Italian restaurant where Jon and Garfield first met.

Odie is the best character in this. He is perceptive and resourceful. I like that Garfield's relationship with Odie is more equal. Yes, Odie did a lot for him as he called him his "intern" but he was smart and helped him because he wanted to. They had a dynamic and they were okay with it. Odie was more independent and had to pick up the slack for Garfield at times. Odie was emotionally intelligent and it was beneficial when dealing with Otto as he tried to console him, unlike Garfield who thought he had the skill but failed and only irritated Otto.

There's a comparison between active and passive love. Vic loved Garfield from afar. He continuously let his crew down because he had to watch Garfield from the Oak tree across the street while tallying each time on the tree. However, he is forced to actively love Garfield as Garfield gets him to join their family. Jon is so agreeable when welcoming Vic into the family. He allowed several changes including updating and changing the family portrait.

There's some self-awareness present in several instances. Jinx's anger is being worked on as noted by her therapist and her emotions are monitored by her mood-changing necklace. However, she embraces them after failing to remain calm and eating her therapist. There's also a need for acceptance from Roland, Nolan, Garfield, and Vic. Roland decided to finally accept his folds and New York accent after he changed to make Jinx more comfortable.

Image Credit: Screenshot from Sony Pictures Entertainment on YouTube

The movie starts with Garfield placing a mobile order from an Italian restaurant to be delivered immediately and it is delivered by drone. This scene informs us of the many more moments of express delivery. He utilized it in his battle against Jinx and her crew to save Vic. He ordered numerous pizzas, meatballs, chilli flakes, hot sauce, and more to stop them and prevent falling. The express delivery was also utilized for getting Vic his chair to join the others.

The question of "Can Garfield be heard or not?" is answered clearly in this movie. The animals are unable to communicate with the humans until the animal translator app Marge has is brought up. She used it to understand Jinx who called to tip them off about the heist and she used it during the transaction for Jinx.

As I wrote in my Garfield Animated Movie x3 article, "Garfield's signature snicker, love for lasagna, hate of Nermal, and Mondays are identifiable as Garfield is very much Garfield. Despite any reservations of Garfield, he is arguably one of the iconic characters."

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  • Luksi Bayou28 days ago

    Drone delivery is almost immediate. But working on family relationships takes time. I see the juxtaposition of those two points.

  • Haha Garfield! Childhood memories!

'Vive AkughaWritten by 'Vive Akugha

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