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Garfield animated movie x3.

"Nermal thinks he's the most famous cat in the world. But let's not forget whose name is on this show"-Garfield Cat of The Garfield show.

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 2 years ago Updated about a year ago 6 min read
Image Credit-Collage of screenshots from nie Ji on YouTube.

Garfield gets real, Garfield's Fun Fest and Garfield's Pet Force are the three movies I watched. I recalled some aspects of Garfield's Pet Force from a few years back but finding them on Netflix was interestingly nostalgic. 

These are different from the two more known live-action movies which are: Garfield: The Movie and Garfield: A tail of two kitties.

Image Credit-Collage of screenshots from YouTube Movies (the preview) and Movieclips Classic Trailers on YouTube.

The three animated movies came out after these two. Garfield: The Movie came out in 2004 and Garfield: A tail of two kitties came out in 2006.

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Garfield Gets Real.

Image Credit-Screenshot from nie Ji on YouTube.

This movie came out in 2007. Garfield is tired of having the same routine and is in need of a change. His unmotivated mood led him to leave his comic world for the real world. Garfield did not know he could actually get hurt with no available return to the comic world. Odie ends up joining him while lamenting over a bone that is transported into the real world. With the two stars being unavailable, the comic strip is in jeopardy. This required a change and therefore, auditions to find the next character(s) to replace them. Garfield's struggles in the real world led him to realize he was wrong about leaving especially on a whim. He realized that home is where the heart is which to him, is the comic world. 

He was told he had a good thing going and that may be true but he needed a change. People experience this feeling to do something out of the ordinary from time to time, so this is understandable. We also get to see him in the context of a relationship with Arlene. Garfield had a hard time expressing his feelings for her which annoyed her. She expressed her love for him after he returned and although he didn't say it back, she was happy he was there. In all, the movie centres on contentment in your situation and the importance of having a break. It doesn't have to be that extreme but a break is important every now and then.

Garfield's Fun Fest.

Image Credit-Screenshot from nie Ji on YouTube.

Garfield's Fun Fest came out in 2008. The fun-fest is a talent show done every year not only as entertainment but to also determine key spots in the comic strip. The winner of the fun fest gets a higher position on the comic strip's order. Garfield had that position because he always won using a routine with Arlene. This time, Arlene wanted to do the Tango with him after asking for years but Garfield declines numerously and stated she could look for someone else to dance with. A new cat, Ramone offers to dance with her which she accepts as Garfield declined once more. After striking out without Arlene at rehearsals, Garfield decides to go on a fairytale journey with Odie to make himself funny. He was suggested to work more on his routine but felt the funny water would work efficiently. The journey from the very beginning was a series of tests to improve his comedy and connection with the audience without a magical fix.

The movie centres on contentment in your abilities while searching within you to unlock more. The importance of wanting to improve while humbling one's self is expressed. On Garfield's journey, he is told the lesson numerous times and finally accepted it. Although, he decided to dance with Arlene instead of his intended solo comedy act. She was happy, accepted his apology and they won. This was great after previously feeling underappreciated and taken for granted. Ramone's reveal was very chaotic but the movie stressed not to rely on certain things.

Garfield's Pet Force.

Image Credit-Screenshot from nie Ji on YouTube.

Pet Force began in 1988 as a series of books but this movie came out in 2009. Dorkon's Pet Force is scrambled, all except Garzooka. He escaped with a vital part of the Moscram ray gun, the Klopman crystal. Garfield's cartoon world is visited by Garzooka and Vetvix as Garzooka looks for the DNA matches of his teammates. As they visit Garfield's world it becomes a crossover between both comics and materializes in the comic book as the events happen. Garfield and his friends help save Dorkon as well as themselves by joining Garzooka, Emperor Jon and Professor Wally to stop the evil Vetvix. It's made clear to be an alternate version of the cartoon world or vice versa as both have a similar Jon and Wally. The cartoon world characters become the Pet Force after drinking a reversible serum. It turned Odie, Arlene and Nermal into Odious, Starlena and Abnermal as they possessed their powers as well. Garfield ends up teaming with some of the other comic strip workers and friends to help save the day. This movie is about the untapped potential in everyone.

However, some of the molecular scrambles could be nightmare fuel. Also, Vetvix's transformation could mean she's stuck in some sort of internal jail as she got merged with goodness but the fact that she was nice and actually liked her husband (Emperor Jon)was great, I guess. The irony that everyone was in the anniversary issue of the Pet force comic they were anxious about is funny. Relationship-wise, they were okay in this movie. The movie stresses the ability of anyone being able to make a difference or help to do so while getting more involved with an effort.

In all three movies, we see some other characters and get a glimpse of their personalities as well. Also, there's some continuity between the three movies. Shecky from Garfield gets real was in the fun fest performing the same routine from the first movie. How they do their jobs to make the comics is also continuous. I like this aspect of the movies, it made them actually work to create the scenes. Also, I like how they could see the real world through newspapers. There's a lot of newspapers around though hahaha.

Image Credit-Screenshot from nie Ji on YouTube.

Some people might not like the animation style but I didn't mind. Also, the tale of "Can Garfield be heard or not?" does not matter much in The Garfield show but in these three movies, Jon and the other human beings can hear him as well as the others too. 

With Garfield and Friends, the movies, the books, the specials and the comics, Garfield and the crew have gone through a lot of changes since its creation in 1978 by Jim Davis. Most of which are under Paws Incorporated- the comic studio and production company founded by Jim Davis in 1981. The most recent Garfield adaptation after The Garfield Show which started in 2009 and ended in 2016, is the Garfield Originals short series which came out in 2019 and ended in 2020 with one season.


Garfield's signature snicker, love for lasagna, hate of Nermal and Mondays are identifiable as Garfield is very much Garfield. Despite any reservations of Garfield, he is arguably one of the iconic characters. You can find some of the old and ongoing comic strips on the GoComics website.

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