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2022 Reading Round-Up

aka the year of 45 books and falling back into reading

By Victoria BrownPublished about a year ago 3 min read
2022 Reading Round-Up
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At the start of 2022, I said I wanted to write something about every book I read. I didn’t think I’d end up reading 45 books, but I also didn’t think I would end up working at a library and having enough free time to read without compromising on something else.

I can happily say that the only goal I set for myself for 2022 was accomplished.

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Basic Stats:

  • How many books read: 45
  • Average rating: 3.6 out of 5
  • Favorite new reads: Mary Jane, Normal People, Book Lovers, The Bell Jar, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
  • Least favorite read: Diary of an Oxygen Thief

In total I wrote 23 blog posts. Some books got their own essay, like Normal People, while others, especially in months where I read a lot, were clumped together in compilations, like May.

It’s something small, but I’m proud of myself for accomplishing it. I know others read more, or write more, other 22-year-olds are “influencers” making more than I probably ever will. But I’m proud of myself for this small accomplishment because it meant so much more than just writing blog posts.

I missed reading and I missed writing. Despite studying literature in college, I didn’t read a lot for fun. I wrote, differently than I had in the past, but it was still words on paper. It counted for something.

But I felt like I was missing a piece of me.

I always had my nose in a book, or was scribbling into a composition notebook (the best kind for plotting novels). I was known for writing, throwing up links to different articles and shamelessly self promoting my poetry collections on my social media accounts.

And then suddenly life got in the way. I read a decent bit in 2021 – 17 books before August when I took a “hiatus” of sorts – and started using Goodreads (let's be friends here). It didn’t feel like enough, though.

Things started to change in 2022.

I went from working a full-time, high stress internship (hi, Disney College Program!) to working part-time at a library. Suddenly, I had time AND I was surrounded by books. It was a sort of heaven, giving me the chance to rediscover my love – that never faltered – while learning how to be an “adult.” I’m still trying to figure that last part out. I don't think we ever figure that part out.

That wasn’t why I started writing about my reads, though. That was just a factor in the end result being 33 books over my Goodreads challenge goal of 12. Working at WDW, I thought one book a month was fair. Funny how things change.

I knew I wanted to go to graduate school at some point, preferably sooner rather than later, but I was scared I’d lose any and all capabilities to write and analyze text if I didn’t do something to stay active with it. Put those two together and you get the idea to write an essay about every novel read in a year. Not too bad.

First, I tried writing personal connections to the novels. Then they became somewhat analytical, somewhat critical – at least I thought so – before ending up as pseudo reviews. I think moving forward I’m just going to do monthly recaps. I liked writing those the best.

I like to think writing those essays helped retain some sort of competency in writing and understanding literature. I did get into graduate school after all.

2022 was a lot of things, good and bad. But despite it all, I had my books by my side. Their unfaltering loyalty has gotten me through life so far and I know going forward they will continue to be there.


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