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10 Underrated TV Shows on Netflix

Need a new show to watch? Here's what Netflix has to offer...

By Rich BurtonPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

New Girl

This show has six seasons total. Only five are on Netflix, but it's worth the watch. If you've seen this show, watch it again! And if you haven't it's about this woman whose boyfriend cheated on her and now she needs a new place. Her new place is also home to three weird dudes. But they make it work. Through relationships, different roommates, house guests, and family issues, they work through life together as a happy dysfunctional family.

The Good Place

I just started watching this show and it is literally the best thing on TV. Eleanor, a recently dead woman, has found herself a new member in the good place. Just one thing though, everything they are saying about her is a lie and she actually belongs in the bad place. Watch as Eleanor tries to become a good person to stay in the good place.

Marco Polo

Now if you're looking for a show that is historically accurate, this ain't it. This is a twist on the adventures of Macro Polo. It kind of has a Game of Thrones feel, and if you like that show, this is fantastic. There are only two seasons on Netflix, but it is worth the watch.

Video Game High School

If you like video games, drama, and fun high school antics, this is the show you need to invest in. It's originally a YouTube features series and Netflix made it into a movie, but I still count it as a series because that is how it was made. It follows a kid who randomly got into the prestigious Video Game High School and now has to make sure he proves he gets to stay there. With the help of his unique friends and hot new friend, he tries to to stay there and show he belongs.


Now this show is the classiest television show on Netflix. I just finished this show a week ago, all 10 seasons, and was wondering how I've never watched this before! It follows six friends from their mid 20's to their mid 30's telling their stories of friendships, relationships, jobs, and how they learn the value of what it means to be a family with your friends.

The Crazy Ones

If Robin Williams is your idol, then this is the show you need to watch. He's quirky, funny, serious, and everything in between. This was his last TV series filmed before he passed, so there is only one season, but it is so worth it because you really see Williams worth as an actor. Sarah Michelle Geller is also in it and gives a great performance. It's about a advertising agency and how they advertise for different companies.

Kevin from Work

Have you ever just dreaded work? Kevin does, but probably more than you... The love of his life works with him, but she's currently seeing someone else. And his boss is a sex crazed maniac. Watch Kevin as he battles his struggles at work trying not to make it obvious he's in love with his coworker.

Stranger Things

Now you may be thinking, this show isn't underrated. But even though it has a lot of hype, some people don't want to be trendy and watch this show. You're wrong. This show is like Super8, E.T., and The Goonies all mixed into one with more horror. It follows three kids whose friend gets put in the upside down place and they have to find him with the help of a girl whose name is Eleven. Elle for short. There are many stories that are also put into place, because one little boy doesn't just visit the upside place, many more people do, and this little town has to figure out where they've gone.

Penny Dreadful

The supernatural takes a huge twist in this show. It takes all the classic vampires, witches, and werewolves and gives a spectacular new view on what it's like to be tormented by these devils. With Eva Green playing the star you know it's going to be good. It is violent, sexy, raunchy, evil, and psycho, but it gives you the pleasure of watching a few seasons with a twist ending you won't expect.

The Finder

This was another last TV series for a passed on actor, Michael Clarke Duncan. In this show it follows two man, and a girl on probation who run a bar and find things for a living. If you ask them to find something you may not always get what you want, but what you really needed to actually find. There is only one season with the passing of Duncan, but his memory lives on.


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