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10 Sweetest Moments In WandaVision

Aww, cute.

By Kristy AndersonPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
Credit: Disney

WandaVision, the MCU's first series for Disney Plus, changed from comedy to drama quite quickly, with just a little dose of horror thrown in for good measure. But it wasn't all doom and gloom. The series still had enough nice moments to cling too to keep the dark ones from becoming too much.

Here are the ten sweetest moments in WandaVision.

1. The Heart on the calendar

In the early minutes of WandaVision's first episode 'Live In Front Of A Studio Audience..', Wanda and Vision discover a heart above the day's date on their calendar. Unfortunately, neither one of them can remember what the heart represents. The pair playfully dance around the subject, each trying to draw the answer out of the other and refusing to admit that they simply don't know.

Letting the two have a cute moment together, without any of the usual drama of the MCU creeping in, was a treat for fans of the couple. The scene was also great for displaying the brilliant chemistry between series leads Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany.

2. Rings

Credit: Disney

After Mr and Mrs. Hart leave the Vision residence, Wanda comes to a realisation about her relationship with Vision.

"We are an unusual couple, you know."

The pair don't have an official anniversary, a song, or Wedding Rings as most couples do. Vision takes this in his stride, stating that Today will be their anniversary, and their song will be 'Yakkity Yak', which he sang during the disastrous dinner party. Then, Wanda makes wedding rings for them both.

It was nice to see Wanda and Vision get a few cute moments before reality crept in.

3. Redecorating

The series second episode, 'Don't Touch That Dial', opens with the pair settling down ready for bed. However, their rest is interrupted by a strange sound at the window. Vision investigates, seeing nothing, but panics when the sound returns. Wanda, equally panicked, magically pushes their beds together. After realising the sound is only a tree, Vision relaxes, admiring Wanda's work with their beds.

"Wanda, darling.. Get the light."

While having the couple share a bed was very risque for the time period in which the episode is set, the scene was still very cute.

4. "Is this really happening?"

At the end of episode 2, Wanda and Vision are having a quiet night celebrating their victory in the Talent Show when they discover they have another event to celebrate. Wanda is Pregnant!

While their happiness is briefly interrupted by the arrival of a creepy beekeeper, Wanda rewinds time to just after the discovery of her pregnancy. Wanda and Vision continue to celebrate their happy news as the world around them shifts into colour.

5. Tommy or Billy?

Wanda and Vision were destined for a few arguments over the course of the series. The first, and most minor of these disagreements came in episode 3, 'Now In Colour', as the couple struggle to settle on the right name for their unborn son. Wanda, probably due to her desire to fit in, wishes to name her son Tommy, a nice American name. Vision prefers the name Billy, after William Shakespeare.

Unlike the couple's later disagreements, this one remained cute and lighthearted. And as comic fans would be well aware, Wanda ultimately delivers twin boys, rendering the argument moot.

6. Vision meets his son.

Wanda's pregnancy progresses rapidly, leading to her going into labour about halfway through the episode. Unfortunately, while rushing to fetch the Doctor, Vision misses the birth of his first son, Tommy. After the Doctor and Geraldine/Monica leave the room, Wanda encourages Vision to drop his disguise.

"Don't you want to meet your son as yourself?"

Vision is able to hold Tommy for the first time in his synthezoid form, and in a happy twist, has also arrived just in time to help Wanda deliver Billy.

The scene demonstrates that Wanda truly loves Vision just as he is, and in her truly ideal world, as proven later in the seies, he would not have to hide himself at all.

7. 'Can we keep him, Mommy?'

Much to Wanda and Vision's surprise, their baby boys soon age themselves up into adorable five year olds. After the age up, Tommy and Billy discover a stray dog, whom they eventually name Sparky. The twins beg to be allowed to keep Sparky, and both Wanda and Vision clearly struggle to say no to their request.

The five-year old twins aren't around for long, soon aging up to ten as a condition for keeping Sparky, but during their brief appearance, they easily stole hearts.

8. Vision comforts Wanda

Credit: Disney.

WandaVision's eighth episode, 'Previously On..' took fans on a journey into Wanda's past through a series of flashbacks. One of these flashbacks takes place at the Avengers compound, which Wanda remembers as the first home she and Vision shared. Wanda, still grieving the loss of Pietro, is sitting in her room watching Malcolm In The Middle, when Vision enters, hoping to keep her company. As they sit together, discussing the nature of grief, Vision delivers this beautiful line:

"What is Grief, if not love persevering?"

The scene is sad, but beautiful, and it was nice to get a glimpse at some of Wanda and Vision's earliest days together.

9. Monica saves the twins

In WandaVision's final episode, Billy and Tommy get a chance to show off what they can do when their Mother instructs them to deal with the Military while she battles Agatha Harkness. The boys are successful, but while busy celebrating their victory, they fail to notice Tyler Hayward pointing a gun at them. Thankfully, Monica Rambeau arrives in time to throw herself in front of the boys, stopping most of the bullets with her new abilities. Billy stops the final bullet, before he and Monica share a sweet exchange complimenting each other's powers.

This moment carries extra weight when you remember that Monica, as Geraldine, was present when the twins were born, and even delivered Tommy herself.

10. Wanda and Vision tuck the twins into bed.

Towards the end of the episode, as Wanda's spell slowly ends, Wanda and Vision tuck the twins into bed for one final time, making sure they know they are loved, and their parents are proud of them. As she leaves the room, Wanda makes sure to say a proper, though hopefully not final goodbye to her sons:

"Boys.. thanks for choosing me, to be your Mom."

She and Vision then leave the boys be, in the hope they will be asleep and not have to experience the end coming. The scene is heartbreaking, but sweet, and beautiful in equal measure.

Hopefully, it will not be too long before Wanda gets to see her boys again.


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