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10 Facts About Gambit Only Serious X-Men Fans Know

by Iggy Paulsen 3 years ago in list

Don't take a chance on losing a good Marvel trivia night without learning these quirky facts about Gambit.

As far as X-Men members go, very few characters have the same amount of female fans as Gambit. He's a low-key comic book hottie. With his sultry Southern brogue and his crazy card shuffling skills, Gambit's got that kind of sexy vibe that girls go wild for.

Don't take him for a "comic book pretty boy" though, he can kick some serious ass with those flying cards. He also has a pretty awesome personality that appeals to men; and let's face it, his choice of dates is totally enviable.

As one of the cooler X-Men to end up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Remy LeBeau has a ton of lore behind him. These facts about Gambit, for example, might prove good to know before the new Gambit movie (which has been confirmed and is still in the works according to Channing Tatum).

He's not as old as many other old-school characters.

With a character like Remy LeBeau, you would definitely expect him to have a history in the X-Men comic book series as long as someone like Storm or Rogue. This isn't true, though. One of the most shocking facts about Gambit is that his story only heralds back to 1991.

It was only because he became a major character in X-Men: The Animated Series back in 1992 that most people recognize him. So, in terms of stories, he's decades younger than Storm or Wolverine.

His charm is a secondary superpower.

Did you ever notice how Gambit seems to get all the girls in his yard? Sure, it could be the whole mutant aspect of things, but there's a canonical reason for his knack for charming everyone around him.

One of the lesser-known superpowers Gambit has is hypnotic charm. Whether or not that's the reason why he's managed to get with a hottie mutant like Rogue, though, remains to be seen.

He tried to avoid a war by marrying someone—and it was not Rogue!

Most people see Gambit's love life and know he's been with Rogue for most of his career as a member of the X-Men. What you may not realize was that he was once married to the daughter of the head of the Assassin's Guild in Louisiana.

At the time, he was a member of the Theives' Guild, who were rivals to the Assassin's Guild. Since he believed he owed them his life, he wanted to do right by his guild. At the time, things were looking like they were headed towards a war.

To avoid the war, he agreed to marry Bella Donna Boudreaux. That said, the marriage clearly didn't last.

His relationship with Rogue is complicated, but still going strong.

It's gotta be rough, being in love with a woman you can't actually touch. Rogue's devastating abilities mean that even a kiss can't happen without putting Gambit at serious risk of losing his life. As you can imagine, this has kept their relationship pretty difficult.

Despite all the ups and downs, Gambit and Rogue have been pretty steady—albeit, a bit "on again, off again." Comics paired them together for about 30 years.

Remy's way more powerful than you think he is.

Perhaps many of the more overlooked facts about Gambit is the sheer amount of power this dude wields. Most people think that he just tosses cards that explode on impact. Truth is, his power is to add kinetic energy to objects.

That alone means that he can put a huge amount of power into anything he touches—not only throwing cards. He also has the ability to control how much force he adds to each card. So, it could be a light tap, or it could be a building-shattering kaboom.

In one alternate universe, Gambit gets reborn as The Son. The Son is so powerful, he actually overtakes the Dark Phoenix. To say that he is a fascinating MCU character that needs more screen time wouldn't be a stretch, especially if this story arc was to be explored.

He fought against X-Men in the 'Messiah Complex.'

We all like to think of Remy LeBeau as a hero, but there were definitely times when he was on the wrong side of the comic book pages. In Messiah Complex, Remy actually sides against the X-Men.

Rogue was in a coma. A baby called Hope had the potential to heal her, but could also end up killing the baby. Mystique was all for using Hope to bring Rogue out of the coma. Remy, on the other hand, wasn't. He felt Rogue would rather stay comatose than kill a baby.

Eventually, Mystique was able to rouse Rogue out of the coma. Hope lived, but Rogue's relationship with Remy was a casualty of this saga for quite a long time.

Remy also agreed to be one of the Four Horsemen for Apocalypse.

Once again, it's important to remember that Gambit isn't always a hero. He's more of an anti-hero like Deadpool or Wolverine—or, at the very least, he knows how to play a damn good one.

During one saga in the X-Men comic book series, Gambit agreed to be one of the Four Horsemen heralding Apocalypse's rise to power. This saga is considered to be a real cornerstone when it comes to showing Gambit's cunning.

In this comic book arc, people were under the impression that Gambit felt unliked in the crew and likely turned to Apocalypse under the belief that he would be more recognized as the Horseman of Death. Gambit actually joined to infiltrate Apocalypse's team.

He wasn't fully aware of the transformation that being a Horseman would have on his soul though. He was able to resist the full transformation by thinking about Rogue.

Storm was the first X-Men he met.

Some of the facts about Gambit might make you appreciate his cunning, or just realize how powerful he really is, whereas this one's a little more lighthearted. His first introduction to the X-Men came after Storm saved his life. He returned the favor and soon joined them.

When the two first met, he used to call her "Stormy." She hated it, and he soon dropped the nickname. Probably a good idea; you wouldn't want to piss one of the deadliest and sexiest Marvel heroines of all time.

He's a talented cook.

Blame it on that Louisiana upbringing if you want, but multiple comics and television show clips show Gambit cooking up a storm. In most scenes where he's in the kitchen, he's definitely flaunting his love of the culinary arts.

What a delicious aspect of his character!

Gambit was one of many mutants that quit smoking.

Believe it or not, Gambit started out as a pretty heavy smoker in the comics. However, that wasn't slated to last. Marvel comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada kicked off an anti-smoking policy among all Marvel superheroes.

Prior to the policy, one of the facts about Gambit you may not already know is that he was a pretty heavy smoker. After the policy, Gambit's habit involved him quitting cigarettes for good.


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