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Why you should play Escape From Tarkov

by Jirasu 3 days ago in rpg

The most difficult gem in gaming.

There are a LOT of video games out these days. And because of that, there’s a game for practically anyone and any taste. Whether you’re just getting into games, or you’ve been playing them since you were little, there’s no denying that video games are wonderful addition for anyone who has time to kill and wants to engage with a media, instead of just watch one. And while it’s always awesome to find a game that’s exactly what you’re looking for, sometimes it’s good to branch out and try other genres or types of games that you may just overlook entirely. Even if it’s games that are notoriously difficult. Some people would look to the Dark Souls series as an example, but what I’m talking about is a game that has blown up in popularity at the start of 2019. Escape From Tarkov.

Now, that game has been playable to the public since the second half of 2017. I started playing it in September of that year. And the game has changed a lot since then, and it’s been for the better. Escape From Tarkov is a hardcore, first-person shooter with RPG elements as well. It’s an instance-based style where you select what map you’d like to play and load into a “raid”. From there, your goal is to try and reach the extraction point on the map by any means necessary. You’ll be combating both other real players across that raid, as well as AI scavengers and even potentially bosses that are on the map as well. There are currently seven playable maps in the game, with an eighth coming hopefully by the end of this year. Each map has a drastically different layout with lots of interesting locations to roam around and loot, with multiple ways to extract from the map. There are two ways of playing the game: your PMC, which is your main character, and a disposable scav mode. Your PMC is the main way how you will engage with Tarkov; you choose what gear you want to go into a raid with from your stash, and then choose what map to play on. If you die, you lose whatever gear you have on you at the moment of your death, But you can choose to insure your gear, giving you a chance of getting that gear back should no one pick it up and extract with it. You can complete tasks from the different venders at the main menu to increase your reputation with them, giving you more and better ger to purchase the higher their loyalty level is. Your other method of playing the game is your scav character; a disposable character that is on about a 20-minute cooldown, that allows you to go into a raid that is already active and scavenge the map for the scraps that other players have left behind, or missed entirely. The best part about scavs is there’s no initial investment. So, if you die on your scav it doesn’t hurt as much because the kit they gave you was free.

Escape From Tarkov has THE BEST weapon modification of any first-person shooter. Ever. And there’s no arguing this point. There are thousands of weapon modifications for your guns. It’s a very complex and intimidating system (much like the rest of the game honestly), but when you figure it out, half the fun of this game is making really cool looking guns and then going into a raid and trying to get some kills with them. That, or you can make super ridiculous meme guns. That’s genuinely a good time too. Regardless of how you mod your guns, there are tons of optics, suppressors, handguards, buttstocks, rail systems and more. The possibilities are endless. And this game has so many interesting and niche guns too that you may not have even heard of, It’s crazy how much you learn about weapons from this game, because everything is painstakingly crafted and animated to be just like their real life counterparts. Some of the best aspect of weapons in Tarkov, are some of the animations for ejecting a round out of the chamber, or adding one into the chamber. They are underused, and underappreciated. Those animations are so smooth and slick. And most guns have their own unique animation(s) as well. Truly a part of the game that needs more attention and love by those who play it.

Besides all the guns and different ways of playing the game, Tarkov stands out from the rest of the first-person shooters because of its difficulty and complexity in mechanics and overall challenge. There really is no other game out there like Tarkov; dying stings more than any other shooter because any gear you’re using can be lost at any moment. And you may not see it ever again. Survival is the cornerstone of why this game is so fun and addicting once you get the bug. Trying to move throughout the map with a goal or objective and not dying to other players and AI adds a level of tension that is missing in a lot of modern-day shooters. There’s no real incentive to doing whatever it takes to see the light of day. You just die, see how you died, and then respawn to do it over again. But in Tarkov gear isn’t infinite. You can die, you can run out of money, you can lose everything. It’s up to you to figure out the best course of action in your raids. Do you chase those shots that you hear in the distance? Or, do you avoid combat all together because you have a really important task item for one of the vendors and you don’t want to have to get it again? You’ll end up making so many quick decisions while you’re in a raid, that when you die there’s always room for improvement and reflection. Which is why, if possible, you should record your games so you can look back at them when the go bad, or when you make a really good decision too.

Escape From Tarkov is its own game. No other shooter comes close to the highs and lows you will go through when you sit down to play this game. It’s incredible. However, this game is not perfect, far from it actually. It’s not finished; the game is being developed as we speak, and the developers are adamant about improving the quality of your experience. There are lots of bugs, glitches, crashes, errors and more. It’s technically early access, in beta; and it costs $45 to gain access to it, with other versions available for those who enjoy the game and want to a more expensive version. If you are interested, I highly recommend you just get the standard $45 version so you can at least experience what the game has to offer. If you put one hour of gameplay in for every dollar you spent, you’ll get your monies worth for sure. So, if you’re curious about Escape From Tarkov, or truly want a hardcore experience with video games, be sure to check out this one.



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