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Why I Still Play Skyrim and Love It

Whether playing as a vampire or hunting some humans as a werewolf, the possibilities in Skyrim are endless.

By Abdullah MasoodPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

Skyrim came out in 2011. It is hard to imagine that this year its half a decade old. I still have the dvd game for my xbox and when I get sad and lonely, there's nothing better I like doing than killing some dragons and hunting for some Daedric artifacts.

The game has aged incredibly well. I still find it amazing in terms of experience, immersiveness and interactivity. I've played games such as the Witcher III and Elder Scrolls Online, but none compare. The problem with RPGs such as those that came after it are many. While Skyrim gave the player full control to chart out his journey, without regards to how leveled up a boss is or how hard a battle might be, Elder Scrolls Online gave only one choice, level up or die. And the battles were pathetic and no special kill move that unlocked on it's own. Now, being an MMORPG, that's understandable. But the Witcher III, while charming in terms of graphics, is still lacking in terms of magic and free roam.

Perhaps that's the reason why Bethesda is re-releasing Skyrim with improved graphics. Indeed, there is a quest to do at every village and town and even if you've completed the main quests and side quests, there is still much to do. Go prowling as a vampire or hunt some humans as a werewolf, the possibilities are endless. Indeed, the landscape is vast and the no of voice actors in the series have truly added to the whole experience. Here are some of my top favorite things about the game.

The Gameplay:

Skyrim is like a medieval GTA San Andreas. Beyond the first mission where you survive Alduin's attack there is literally nothing you can't do. There is no specific mission that the game will force you to so. You can be a companion, assassin, dragonborn or even a lowly thief and the game will accommodate. Plus there is no limit on what you can use as a weapon like in ESO. While leveling up is fun and improves enemies and yourself, it does not act as a roadblock to items or powers. Everyone will sell you things and if someone doesn't, you can loot it from a dungeon. The combat is fun and though somewhat limited than other games due to there being only one button, still worth playing. Plus there are one hit kills that are mysteriously activated(mostly when health is low that add to the whole experience). The game is also fun in throwing dragon attacks at you at random and making you top head honcho of something or the other whenever you finish a questline like archmage of the Mages Guild etc. It's lifelike experience is only extended by the expansions which allow you to build a house from scratch or homestead if you prefer. Plus you can marry, give charity, buy property, sell items, etc etc.

The Characters:

There are a large no of NPCs that add to the experimeter. Mags, sages or even Daedra, they all have rich stories and voices. Plus it really feels like they have lives when you experience their missions.

The Mods:

One of the reasons Skyrim has aged so well is the mods. There are mods for literally everything from becoming high king to marrying the vampire princess. The Nexus mod community and others have added even total conversion mods that change the landscape and story completely. There are even high resolution textures, complete control dragon riding and of course, naked mods too. The great thing about these is that they are being re-released on the next gen consoles when the remastered edition of Skyrim arrives so it will be awesome.

The Story:

Like all games in the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim is about a lowly nobody with a lofty destiny whose only limitation in life is the amount of hours you put in the game. It is about the choices we make,good or evil that shape our destiny and rewards. It is about a struggle of good and evil and all the dragon hunine in between. Truly a great game that will still take your attention today.

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