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Trekkie News: Bryan Fuller Reveals 10 Exciting New Details About Star Trek Discovery

All the new details we heard from Bryan Fuller about Star Trek Discovery: the new series to start in January 2017.

By Abdullah MasoodPublished 7 years ago 1 min read

So here are the new details we had today about Star Trek Discovery, the new series to start in January 2017:

1) It will feature a gay character; a woman in the lead.

2) The lead will not be the captain.

3) It is set 10 years before TOS.

4) It will have robots, time travel and more than one alien character.

5) It will be in the prime universe.

6) It will be on CBS All Access only for American viewers, Netflix for global viewers in certain areas.

7) Each episode will be serialized.

8) There will be 13 episodes in total.

9) Really great quality coming for tv.

10) Sets and uniforms closer to the TOS primary hues, instead of the grey and blue of ENT.

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