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Why is the Best Way to Play Android Games on PC

Discover here why is the best way to play android games on PC. Explore the benefits of downloading as your PC Android Installer now.

By James BarneyPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

When the first mobile phone game made its way to the public in 1994, it was not an instant hit among the users. After all, a monochrome version of Tetris installed on a brick phone (Hagenuk MT-2000) is not that fun to play. Not to mention that the phones back then, although big and price are not exactly fit for gaming. Nevertheless, the Danish phone manufacturer laid the foundation of what would become the fastest growing platform in gaming. Three years later, Nokia introduced the game “Snake” as a preinstalled “extra” on some of their selected devices. Nokia’s version of Snake soon evolved to become one of the most played games on the planet, and the rest is history.

The New Era

More than two decades later after the launch of the Tetris embedded Hagenuk MT-2000, the mobile video game platform is bigger than ever. Mobile video games have indeed come a long way from the monochrome versions of the ‘90s to the high definition graphics of today. The fact is that some of the mobile games of today require the specifications found only in the most advanced smartphones in the market. This means that if you have a mid-range budget phone, getting these games to run seamlessly requires you to tone down the performance settings of the game.

To make the game playable on your mid-range device, you need to tweak the game’s performance and aesthetics. In other words, you can still play the game; however, the experience will not be the same. Besides, some of these games can put a heavy toll on your device, which will eventually lead to performance and battery issues.

In summary, as mobile video games become more advanced in terms of aesthetics and feature, it also becomes a burden for your device. Nevertheless, one way of taking advantage of the vast library of free-to-play Android and IOS games without having to worry about your device is playing the games on your PC. This is where Games.Lol comes into play. Game Launcher is a play store app that allows you to download and play Android/IOS games free of charge to your PC. Using their own dedicated Android game installer, Games.Lol eliminates the hassle of downloading your favourite games online. This is done through the use of the sites own browser app which serves as their PlayStore that houses all of their PC-optimized video game titles.

Also, with the help of an Android installer, the browser app will serve as the bridge between you and the game’s installation. All you need to do is sit back and wait for the entire process to finish. Playing through Games.Lol allows you to enjoy the full version of the game seamlessly without lag.

On top of that, you can also exploit the max settings of the game and get the whole immersive experience. Even better is that you need not worry about the Android/IOS version required by the game. This is because all of the titles in the Games.Lol library are already optimized and updated with the latest version. It’s playing a buffed up version of the Android/IOS game.

In Summary

Android/IOS games are still made for mobile devices. Nothing beats gaming on the go; however, unlike before, the mobile games of today require a better system for it to work properly. Having been said that, if you are into hardcore RPG and ARPG titles that require a faster and more advanced computer, then, why not play the game on your PC instead?

In the fast-evolving scene of mobile games, having an alternative way to play some of your favorite games is the smart way to extend the life of your smartphone, Try out Games.Lol today and see the massive difference in playing your Android/IOS games on PC.


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