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Why Do I Suck at Apex Legends? (Tips & Guide) 2021

by Emilio (Sleepy) Salinas 4 months ago in how to

Apex Legends For Dummies

Credit - Respawn Entertainment

Do you suck at Apex legends? Do you die with in the first 30 seconds of a match? Do you wish you could be better, but don’t know how?

Whether you’re on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, or even switch, this will help all of you wannabe Apex Predators out there.

I'll be telling you why you suck, and how to get better.

If you have any questions that you didn’t get answered, or want to see how a “pro” does it 😉, Follow my twitch channel at

I stream every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 7pm-9pm CT USA. I would love to play a few rounds with you and help you get better.

Let’s begin with the most important reason why you suck.

This isn’t Call of Duty, Stop Playing Like it is

Stop being sweaty. You forget that Apex isn’t COD or Halo, that’s why you suck.

Even though it feels like those games sometimes, remember that if you die, you don’t spawn back. It’s life or death in Apex, and that’s how you should play every first-person shooter multiplayer game but especially in Apex Legends.

When you die in Apex, you either wait to get respawned by a teammate or you quit the match because you suck and you want another round as quick as possible so you can prove to yourself again how much you suck.

If you don’t want to suck, here is what you do.

Remember, it’s not about the kills, it’s about surviving.

Be more defensive, always be on the look out for cover and high ground, and don’t push (run straight at the enemy) at any enemies by yourself or push without knowing what you’re going up against.

I’m not saying don’t be aggressive, you just need to know when to be aggressive, when to use your COD/Halo skills, and when to push.

You only push when your whole team is with you, and you know you can take the enemy team on.

Here is a list of things to check anytime before you push.

Push Check-List:

- Whole team is aware of enemies.

- Whole team knows that enemy shields are low.

- Whole team is ready and equipped for a fight

- Break 1 enemy shield or down at least one enemy

If all those are checked and your whole team communicates and pushes at the same time, your push will probably be successful.

Remember, all that matters... is being the last one alive.

You Don’t Know Where to Land

Credit - The Cream Team (YouTube Channel)

New players always want to land at a spot that is either brand-new or looks like it might have the most loot. If you or your teammates suck at Apex, DON’T go to these places until you’ve got a lot more experience.

Updated map areas or high loot areas are always going to be targets for Apex Predators and high ranked players. They go to these areas because they know that they can take people like you on... that suck.

So, if you suck at Apex, land at more unpopular areas.

Each round has a different high tier loot area and unpopular areas.

High loot areas are marked with a blue circle on the map and a straight blue beam of light from the drop ship at the beginning of the match.

Unpopular areas are the areas farthest and perpendicular from the drop ship. Dropping to these areas will be less crowded, less anxiety filled, and easier to find loot, though it won’t be high tier loot... usually.

You Don’t Stay With Your Team When Dropping and Looting

Credit - Respawn Entertainment

Another reason why you suck is because you let other teams find you alone.

When dropping, stay close to your team or you risk being cornered and killed by another team.

Don’t ever try to lone wolf it, it never works out.

Landing close and staying close together will keep you from dying in the first 30 seconds of a match.

If you land and don’t find a weapon immediately, there’s a good chance that the enemy closest to you has.

Wouldn’t it be great to have 2 other guys cover you while you find a weapon in that situation? It would, wouldn’t it. That’s what your team is for.

Further more, after the landing, don’t just spread out, keep track of each other and watch each other’s backs.

When you’re looting, your guard is down and any number of enemy’s can take advantage of that. So it’s better to be in a pack, not a lone wolf.

A good rule of thumb is to never let each other’s arrows on the map leave past what your map shows. Staying in view of each other is the best way to go.

You Don’t Know Which Guns to Take or How to Use Them

Credit - Respawn Entertainment

Before you can start killing a whole squad by yourself, you need to get a handle and feel for every gun in the game.

Know the equipment, attachments and the physics of the game itself.

Doing this in a match is hard to do without giving away your position or just straight up dying.

To fix this problem, there's a training and firing range mode in the main menu that may help players like you hone their Apex skills.

Training mode shows you the basics of Apex.

The firing range is a small sandbox of weapons, equipment, and targets for you to practice on.

You can also choose and change into any legend you want to get practice with the different character abilities as well.

There's even a Easter egg/mode where you can make the dummies fight back.

It’s pretty useful and almost like the real thing.

Practicing is one thing, and applying that practice into matches is nerve racking but that anxiety will go away the more you practice and the more real matches you play.

So, use these modes to your advantage. Get to know every gun in the game. Even if you don’t like a specific gun, you still need some practice with it.

You never know what kind of cards you are going to be dealt with when you land in the Outlands.

You Communicate Like a Bad Married Couple

Remember you are not alone. Communication is key to winning in this game... and having a good marriage.

Having a mic is strongly recommended.

Even if you don’t have a mic, you are still able to communicate in Apex Legends with the ping wheel. No excuses here.

Using ping system is better than nothing.

Even in ranked matches, using the ping system can still be effective.

On console, holding the right bumper will show you different lines of communication, USE THESE. Especially if you don’t have a mic. Even if you do, still use them just in case someone has muted you because your mom is vacuuming in the background or your wife is on the phone with her annoying gay best friend.

On PC, the ping button is the middle mouse key.

Pressing the ping button once will let you team know you’re interested in going to location you have your cross-hairs pointed at.

Double tapping it will notify your squad of an enemy in sight.

Even letting your team know what type of weapons you have or how much charge you have left on your ultimate is very useful information.

So communicate as much as you can with your team, this will keep the whole squad on the same page.

Know This Game is 80% Skill, 20% Luck

Credit - Sleepy & Company

Skill can only take you so far in any battle royal and Apex is no different.

Fast-paced game play is very hard to master and makes you feel like an extreme athlete when you perfect a situation that you have failed in before so many times you can’t even count them.

This is what Apex legends is. It’s failing to the point of insanity, but the ones that win are the ones that know what they did before is wrong, and change it.

There's so many scenarios you will come across playing Apex, and mastering all of them is key, and the only way to do that is by failing over and over and over again.

A split-second decision can mean the difference between winning or losing, and the only way to know for sure what decision is the right one is by learning which one is the wrong one.

Use your deaths and failures to your advantage. See everything you did wrong in that situation, learn from it and apply what you learned into your next match.

You're going to die a lot, might as well learn from it.

Welcome to the Apex Games

The cards you are dealt at the beginning of the match are always random.

Though by playing the game again and again, you will master how to use each card to its fullest potential.

An experienced player with a Mozambique and a blue shield, is more dangerous than a noob with a Spitfire and gold shield.

So keep on playing and learn from your mistakes.

The only way you learn is by failing, and the only way you win... is by surviving.

Credit - Respawn Entertainment

See you in the Outlands, legend.

If you have any questions that you didn’t get answered, or want to see how a “pro” does it 😉, Follow my twitch at

I stream every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 7pm-9pm CT USA. I would love to play a few rounds with you and show you how it’s done. Hope to play with you soon 🤙.

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I am a person with hopes and dreams, just like you... and we are all dealt a hand of cards when we start this life. Remember... not everyone knows how to play that game... so learn how to play the game and know what your hand is worth.

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