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What Is Cloud Gaming

by Sawn Baen 10 months ago in adventure games
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What Is Cloud Gaming

What Is Cloud Gaming
Photo by Carl Raw on Unsplash

The purpose of Xbox Cloud Gaming is to enable seamless functionality between specific devices to stream video games from Xbox hardware into Microsoft's data centers. The most exciting aspect of the service is that it can be played on any established Xbox network, so no one will ever lose a game except and can pick up where they left off. Show Sources

While Xbox Cloud Gaming is a separate entity, it is an add-on to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service. Starting today, it is available to Game Pass members on Win10, PC, Apple Phone, Tablet and Browser in 22 countries. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate combines Xbox Online services with a library of over 100 games which can be downloaded and played for $14.99 a month. Show Sources

Gamers can look forward to a healthy list of over 100 console games on Microsoft's cloud gaming service Xbox, but there's a catch. Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass includes more than 100 games with a monthly subscription of $9.99, but the games can't be streamed to Xbox consoles, so you'll need to download them manually. When Microsoft launched Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the service included the Xbox and PC Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold for $14.99 a month. Show Sources

It started out as limited service with minimal platform support, but is now extended to a decent variety of platforms. The beta of Project xCloud, also known as Xbox Cloud Gaming, is Microsoft's subscription service that provides streaming capabilities that Netflix took years to develop and includes the free Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Show Sources

Subscription plans for it start at $12.99 and give you access to all games, no high-end hardware required. It plays on demand, so you don't need a game console to access your games from a mobile phone. Similar to Stadia, this service allows players to stream games to a browser or mobile device so long as there is an adequate internet connection. Show Sources

Today we announce that we are launching several cloud streaming games on the Facebook app and browser that are fully playable and do not require downloads. Hundreds of games are already available on the streaming service, with more to follow in the future. We already have more than 200,000 people playing these games every week in limited areas, so it's no secret that I'm excited to show what we're building. Show Sources

Starting on Tuesday, September 15 many players around the world will be able to carry their Xbox gaming experience anywhere on their mobile devices. Xbox Cloud Gaming gives players who don't own an Xbox console all the fun. There are plenty of Xbox Cloud games that potential subscribers want to know about, with more than 150 games to play when launched on your mobile device. Show Sources

With a cloud gaming service, you can play your video games on Netflix the same way you stream your movies. Many of the industry's biggest companies have introduced cloud gaming services, including PlayStation, Microsoft, Google and Nvidia. Xbox Cloud Gaming is an online service that allows players with monthly subscriptions to play selected titles on mobile devices. Show Sources

Much of the appeal of cloud gaming is less about paying to enjoy a high-end gaming experience and more about figuring out how much it costs, which is more complicated. This segment makes demands on the technology and business of streaming video games. There are similarities between streaming games and streaming movies and series on Netflix, but from a consumer perspective, business models differ. Show Sources

Cloud gaming services will require greater capabilities from CDN providers to deliver rich low latency and scale experiences for large multiplayer titles. They need to align with telecommunications to meet growing bandwidth needs, identify and appeal to immersive players with better subscription offerings, and work with network companies to offer routers optimized for high-bandwidth gameplay. When immersive players use 5G services, they will experience a performance boost from cloud gaming, both at home and on the go. Show Sources

Given the enormous impact of AAA franchises with world-class AAA and how much PCs and consoles support them, many are evaluating cloud gaming services and how well they can deliver immersive experiences. Now that Amazon has announced its own cloud gaming service, let's see what it has to offer. This comes after Google was unveiled at Amazon's 2020 hardware event, and it seems like it's a superior service, at least on paper. Show Sources

Microsoft's xCloud game streaming service is still in beta and currently only works on phones, but it looks like a strong competitor. Microsoft has thrown its full weight behind the service and declared that it will not only work on Windows and mobile devices but will also be a core element of the forthcoming Xbox X series consoles. Facebook also confirmed that it is working with Microsoft on xCloud integration. Show Sources

Facebook recently unveiled a free cloud gaming service for sharing and playing games. This includes Facebook's online game sales, in addition to instant games that people can play through Facebook's messaging service and News Feed. The service is part of Facebook's beta, which is currently being tested with a limited number of people. Show Sources

The service grew from a deal launched last year when Facebook acquired the PlayGiga cloud gaming startup in Madrid for $78 million. Facebook is the latest Silicon Valley juggernaut to enter video game streaming. Show Sources

Not the kind you can watch on Facebook, Twitch or YouTube, but a gaming competitor that you can play without an internet connection. Over half of our gaming users play games that Facebook has acquired to close the gap. In addition to console and PC titles, Facebook also offers smaller, free games. Show Sources

There are signs that Ubisoft is moving into game subscription services such as EAs Origin Access for PC and EA Access for consoles. Apple is trying out its own subscription service for games for Mac and iPhone, but games are not streamed on devices. It is similar to Microsoft's existing Xbox Game Pass subscription, but will be exclusive and only available on Apple devices.

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