Ways to Make an Interesting House in 'The Sims'

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Use your creativity to design the home of your dreams.

Ways to Make an Interesting House in 'The Sims'

Oh, the Sims. A franchise that began in 2000 and has created years of creativity and imagination for people all over the globe. With its quirky characters and home design system, I have personally been able to live out my fantasies or create plain chaos for my sims. My sim can be poor or live in a mansion with 7 cats, be a superstar, or live a single, party lifestyle while attending university or traveling to the local club meeting supernatural creatures. Anything is possible. One of my favorite aspects however has been that I can design a home in any way that I would like. Motherlode and Rosebud always come in handy when you are desiring that marble hot tub and stereo system... if only real life were like the sims! haha. Within this post, I would like to share photos of some of my favorite home designs that I have created within my game as this game has allowed me to spark an interest in interior design and architecture {whether it is realistic or to the extreme).


When creating my sims' houses, I often determine the style of house that I am going to build based on the sim's location and lifestyle. I like my sims to have backstories and with that, create the environment around them.

Appaloosa Plains is a great place to create a country style home. With the addition of pets, we have been graced with a town, perfect for adding stables and horses.

Midnight Hollow is perfect for Victorian style homes, as this style has become one of my favorites.

Starlight Shores and Bridgeport create an illusion of the bustling city life. Add your superstar sims to their modern homes filed with ceiling high windows, bright lights, and nightlife living.

Isla Paradiso offers an environment where you can create a house on the shore, just miles from the resort you have just built. And Sunlit Tides, which is one of my favorites, also surrounds itself with sandy waters and modern living. These are just some ideas if you would like to create backstories for your sims, but with your creative mind, you can do whatever you like!

I often enjoy adding pools and fountains to my homes.

Don't forget to add foliage. Trees and flowers really can bring a drab environment to a garden of bliss with its colorful life. Sunflowers are my favorite! If you don't like flowers, add a few trees and use your terrain tool to really bring out the realism or to create a lot thats full of fantasy.

If you are confused as to where to start, browse the internet for exterior or interior photos or blueprints to help spark some inspiration.

I love fancy windows and rugs in my dining areas. This use of color (above) creates a modern touch while still being artistic and classy. Plants are always welcome in my homes as well.

Dramatic chandeliers, plants, flowy curtains, and fireplaces are some of my favorite features for dining. I usually like my dining area to be clean as opposed to the clutter I enjoy in a few other places of my sims' homes.

Counters to join together with family for breakfast and warm lighting create a comfortable kitchen environment. I often like to add curtains or just windows that speak for themselves. Some windows in the above photos show enough personality to act as their own piece of art.

And even add a place for your pet to eat and enjoy their time with you!

Where the Creative Magic Happens

Now when it comes to bedrooms, I like to take my sim's personality into consideration. This is their space and I want it to reflect that.

You may want to add closets or dressing rooms with vanities and shelves with additional items for your sims use/or viewing pleasure (as certain items ARE just for show). I tend to use more feminine colors in my game because that's just what I enjoy in real life.

COLOR: Using different colors creates a new vibe for your rooms, As you can see above, a room with blue walls is completely different than one with green or pink walls. Play around with color and patterns to determine which makes you feel the most at ease or whichever feeling you are going for. Luckily in the Sims 3, you have the option to upload your own patterns or use a countless number of the ones provided. Plus you have the ever-so-popular and highly demanded in the Sims 4... COLOR WHEEL.

A Little Mood Lighting and Color

Adding a little clutter never hurts.

Music to My Ears

Who does't want to learn a new skill? Adding instruments is great to add entertainment to your sim's rooms.

ALSO take note that in a living space, adding books, candles, pillows & throws are a great way to make a room feel cozy and inviting.

Enjoy the Outdoors — But of Course, the Rest of Your Home Too!

If you want to create your dream home, think about adding some extra living space.

  • Entryways/hallways for your sims to enter their home after a long day (or to tell a pesky sim to leave).
  • Rooms for your pets to play/sleep and be adorable.
  • Painting rooms/music rooms
  • Game rooms for pool, foosball, and hey, maybe a bowling alley?
  • Laundry rooms for your sims to do their favorite chores.
  • Patios/gardens/a picnic table for your sims to throw a party or just enjoy an afternoon lunch. Also you may want to add an UPPER patio. That is a great place for a telescope. Just don't get abducted by aliens!

Ah, Living Space

Now kick back, relax, and happy Simming! =)

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