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Warriors and Their Weapons

A new variant class inspired by the Jedi Knights of Star Wars fame, and a few new options for weapons and armour in the Shadowdark RPG.

By Samuel WrightPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Warriors and Their Weapons
Photo by R.D. Smith on Unsplash

Star Knight

Like Zen knights of the Round Table, these mystical warriors are part of an ancient religious order that seeks to bring peace and justice to the world. Through intense meditation and training, they improve their bodies and minds and learn to enhance their combat abilities with psychic powers, including making their own enchanted weapons.

Weapons: Daggers, all swords, crossbow.

Armour: Leather and chainmail armour only.

Hit Points: 1d8 per level

Alignment: Lawful

Monastic Training. Choose Constitution, Wisdom, or Dexterity. You have advantage on checks of that type to overcome challenges.

Sword Mastery. Choose one type of sword, such as longswords. You gain +1 to attack and damage with that weapon type. In addition, add half your level to these rolls (round down). You can use this weapon as a finesse weapon regardless of type if you are unarmoured or wearing only leather armour.

Psychic Sense. You add your WIS modifier to your AC, initiative, and to hit rolls in addition to the normal modifiers as your intuition guides your movements and enhances your DEX.

Star Knight Talents

2d6 Effect

2 Gain 1 psychic power.

3-6 Gain a +1 hit and damage or +2 AC when using your mastered sword.

7-9 Gain a +2 to Constitution, Dexterity, or Wisdom stat.

10-11 Make 1 magic sword of the type you chose for your sword mastery .

12 Choose a talent or +2 points to distribute to stats.

Star Knight Titles

Level Title

1-4 Learner

5-8 Knight

9-10 Master

Psychic Powers

You gain 1 psychic power. Roll a DC 12 WIS check to activate your power. If the same power is rolled again, you gain an additional +1 on your activation check.

Roll 2d6

2 Healing Touch. You can heal 1d4 + your WIS modifier in damage or drained attribute points with a touch.

3-6 Mind Over Matter. You can use telekinesis to grab any item or creature weighing up to 1,000 pounds within far range and move it up to near range as long as you maintain focus on it. You can move yourself at your normal speed in any direction and hover above the ground and slow to a stop if falling. You can telekinetically grapple an opponent in combat with a DC 15 check.

7-9 Sense Life. You can feel living creatures within far range and tell their direction and number. If you are focusing on this ability, you can tell if anyone within range dies or is injured. If you focus on a single target, you can know its physical condition and emotional state. If a dramatic loss of life ever occurs within far range, you can automatically detect it on a DC 15 WIS roll. You cannot detect undead or constructs such as golems.

10-11 Read Thoughts. You can hear the thoughts of one creature in near range. If the person you are reading is another star knight with this power and willing to allow the contact, then range is unlimited.

12 Project Lightning. You can send a surge of electrical power at a target within near range doing 1d6 + WIS modifier damage if the target fails an opposed CON check. If the target is within close range you autohit each round so long as you maintain focus.

New Weapons and Armour for the Shadowdark RPG

Just to increase variety and provide some new options, here are some new types of armour and weapons for use in your campaign.

Weapon Cost Type Range Damage Properties

Katana 50gp M C 2d4/1d12 V, 2 slots

Rapier 8gp M C 1d6 F

Scimitar 10gp M C 2d3 F

Hand Axe 4gp M/R C/N 1d6 Th

Sling 3gp* R F 1d4 *price includes 30 sling bullets

Whip 1gp M C/N 1d3 F, on 18-20 the target is grabbed.

Item Cost Gear Slots AC Properties

Ring Mail 35gp 1 12 + Dex mod -

Scale Mail 95gp 3 14 + Dex mod Disadv on stealth, swim

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Samuel Wright

I am a writer & tarot reader in Oregon. I'm a tabletop RPG fan, love all types of sci-fi & fantasy books, movies, & games, & read voraciously. I write a variety of content, mostly RPG blogs. Tell me where you found me.

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  • Samuel Wright (Author)3 months ago

    The damage for a katana wielded with two hands should probably be 1d10 or 1d8+2, not 1d12. Consult your game's Dark Master if your character has one.

  • I hate doing tables on this app, it does not maintain formatting properly... :-P

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