Two Tokens and a Blue

Destiny Stream Cancelled Today to Tackle Feedback Issues from Last Week's Live Stream

With the next DLC coming out and the controversy surrounding the EA scandal, it’s no wonder we fellow guardians are worried what Bungie are going to reveal next. If last week's stream had anything to go off, I’d want more then “two tokens and a blue engram.” I have been a light bearer since Destiny's vanilla days, joining Destiny subreddits to find other fellow gamers from around the world to conquer "The Vault of Glass," endlessly looting the “loot cave” and reading about the many different ways to “cheese” the end boss. I fell totally in love with my hunter, her invisibility, the triple jump exotic legs, and obviously Bladedancer, before it got nerfed. R.I.P.

I still guide people through today and get them all hyped to join up. This game is forever changing, sometimes it doesn’t always work out right. Bungie listened to the feedback it’s gamers gave but it still didn’t work so well. The drop rate of loot in this new season of Destiny 2 was never equally balanced. I could spend hours with my fireteam doing strikes or running the raid to get the same high level gear drops from running a public event. To be honest, I did go hard, fast. When Destiny 2 came out, myself and my fireteam spent 16 hours straight gaming. We were so excited to explore this new open map and I wasn’t disappointed at all. I wanted to kill Ghaul so badly and get my light back. And I did!

After that it was the usual grind that I am used too and I felt like I was playing Destiny 1 again. But, I wasn’t getting that usual feeling to come back and grind. I hit light level 304 and left it at that, jumping on to help my noob friends through.

I love this game and all the other guardians out there love it too. Destiny 1 opened up so many doors and Destiny 2 seems to have shut quite a few of them. Destiny 1 was so colourful and the drops you got, you had to grind for, and when you finally got that piece of armour you wanted, it was totally worth that grind. Rocking that fancy new gear in the tower, along with a little group dance with strangers. I can fly into the tower now and see everyone with the same gear.

The best thing to come out of Destiny 2, personally, is the clans and the guided activities. Bungie listened to the individual gamers that struggled to find teams and made it more accessible, which I think is something of a positive. It’s about working together and that in a game is something really cool and I have had many great experiences with people around the world, trying to figure things out, together. Gjallarhorns ready!! I miss that beautiful gun.

My thoughts on Iron Banner: It just kinda feels like another crucible mode. I’m not the best PvP player but I can honestly say I don’t die that much and my name doesn’t appear on the bottom of list all the time. Just most of the time. I liked the challenge of coming across better players. It made me want to practice more; I wanted to be as good as them. It seemed a bit of a cop out for PvP players.

Overall, I don’t think Bungie are as bad as people make out. Although I have mentioned some of the things I haven’t particularly enjoyed, I still play it today. I love it and when gamers love their games that much, we just want to see it become the game we know it can be. I still tell people to buy it and get involved, getting excited telling them how cool the raids are and damn right they are. I still get the sweaty palms jumping in "The King's Fall" raid.

I don’t want to pay for better gear. I want to work for it and I want variety. I’ve have killed the Vex, Cabal, and Hive a million times over. I want a new enemy. I’ve done Destiny 1 and I was ready for something brand new. My character got stripped from my original and I had to build myself back up again. The guardians from the very beginning have done all this and I guess we’re all ready to move forward with the game. I have high hopes for this new Destiny and with the EA scandal at the moment, I sincerely hope they see what that has done to their community and decide not to follow in the same direction.

Eyes up, Guardians.

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Claire Elliott
Claire Elliott
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