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Top 10 Undertale AU's

My Favorite Alternate Universes from Undertale's Fandom

By Paola MarchanPublished 5 years ago 5 min read
By DeviantArt-ist: Neloku (Frisk from many AU's?)

There’s no question that Toby Fox’s game, Undertale, has been a success since its release. The fandom has grown so much that many groups of fans have come together to create multiple fan stories that aren’t canon in the Undertale world that Toby has created, but us fans believe it can be of great entertainment.

These stories are what we call Alternate Universes, or AU’s, and this list will be showing my 10 picked stories, and they’re probably are the most famous ones for a reason.

Also, there will be a lot of spoilers, if you didn’t think about that already. So, if you don’t want them, go play the game or watch some playthroughs!

10 - Inktale

Art by Youtube User: Hrom Meteor

Or what we know as Ink, is a universe created by Comyet that, from what I’ve seen, only consists of a version of Sans. He has a brush that, with his “Ink powers,” make portals through every other AU and can create life within these. I have come to known this character thanks to another AU which I will be talking later.

9 - Flowerfell

Art by DeviantArt-ist: HaruKitsu

Flowerfell is very known for its sad theme. Created by Siviosanei, this story tells that for every reset the story does, Frisk, the main character in most of Undertale AU’s, will have a buttercup flower grown from his body.

It is sad, as he dies many times that even the one who probably thought the worst of him, which is Sans, stops his rude behavior and will of killing the human. The people at Flowerfell become one of those who feel compassionate about a poor living creature, which is why one comes to love these.

8 - Outertale

Art by DeviantArt-ist: Nyako-Shoyu

This amazing universe created by 2mi127 is one of my favorites no because of a story, but because of the beauty that is portrayed with the setting. To put it simpl, it has Undertale’s story but it happens in space! It has such a pretty atmosphere when I see things about them and it just makes me love the original timeline more.

P.S: I had trouble choosing what art to show since everything was so beautiful.

7 - Errortale

Art by DeviantArt-ist: Sofua

Much like Inktale, Errortale by Lover Of Piggies, what we most see from Errortale online is Error!Sans. There isn’t really too much to say about its story (it was supposed to be about a glitch in the code of original Undertale) since it has been in hiatus for a long time, but it is really nice to see how the fandom has created a personality to Error!Sans, especially when people make this character cross over to other AU’s.

6 - Underfell

Art by DeviantArt-ist: Pdubbsquared

The beauty point to this AU by… Um, Underfell Tumblr user, is that the character from the original timeline / story have twisted personalities, totally opposite to what we have seen in the game.

The monsters, who in the original are friendly and amiable, are rude, mean and want blood to be shed, meanwhile Flowey only wants to everyone to survive instead of being the demonic flower from the original. Fun fact: People like to call this Edgetale, you may imagine the reason why.

5 - Aftertale

Art by DeviantArt-ist: Scriblotixsketchex

Also by Lover Of Piggies, and a sad one. Here our beloved Sans is being tortured by Chara who keeps resetting the timeline and doing a genocide route everytime. After many attempts he discovers that instead of dying he can leave in the void of the SAVE screen. Us fans have grown to love Geno (what the fandom called Sans because of him only being in the genocide route) because of how much he appreciates every character when he appears in other AU’s, like the next one.

4 - CPAU

Art by Tumblr user: Lover Of Piggies

Again, by Lover Of Piggies, Christmas Party AU is set in the void where Geno lives. He accidentally invites every Papyrus and Sans from every AU into a Christmas party.

I believe that it is still ongoing and so I don’t have much to say about it, but just know that if you’ll go read it (or watch it, I like Starbot Dubs voice-acted version) you definitely will fall in love with at least one Sans and one Papyrus.

3 - Underswap

Art by DeviantArt-ist: Queen-Aquene

This alternate universe doesn’t have much difference from the original game storywise, the only thing is that personalities are swapped between characters that are close to each other, Papyrus swaps with Sans, Undyne with Alphys, Toriel with Asgore, and so on.

Why this is so high on my list being so simple? Because it keeps the original story while giving you characters with personalities that aren’t theirs. That or I just love Sans as Papyrus (Blue) and Temmie as Flowey.

2 - Handplates

Art by DeviantArt-ist: OHItsJULY69x

This one has a heavy story. Created by Zarla, is more of flashbacks that Papyrus and Sans have when being in a neutral route where frisk decides not to go to the surface.

Here, Sans and Paps are said to be both part of W.D. Gaster, and he experiments with them and stuff. It’s a bitter story and I really recommend reading it or watching Starbot Dubs’ version. It really is enjoyable.

And finally...

1 - Underverse (X-Tale)

Art by Jakei (@Jakei96 on Tumblr)

Masterpiece created by Jakei. From what I know, this story is set after X-Tale happens, since Sans has already became Cross (Sans possessed by Chara). This incredible story follows up something called the “X-Event” and it ends up involving Sanses and Papyruses from many AU’s in one, which is why I love this AU. Highly recommended for someone wanting to get to know more about AU’s, since there are so many in one single story.


I hope this has satisfied the curiosity of many people, and on a final note just remember that this is just my opinion. Everyone has a different top of favorite Undertale AU’s.


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