Top 10 Scariest 'Resident Evil' Monsters

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If the scariest 'Resident Evil' monsters are after you, you better have something to keep them at bay or run like the wind.

As if shambling rotten corpses weren't scary enough. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 scariest monsters in the Resident Evil franchise.

For this list, we’ll be taking a look at all the grotesque creatures across every entry in the series. We’re only focusing on regular enemies, so bosses and minibosses won’t make the cut. Whether the game focuses on tension, scares, and the disturbing, or on cinematic action and set pieces, if its inhabiting monster sends chills down our spine, it’s eligible for this list.

When you’re dealing with abominable creatures of the night, you’d expect them to have some scary faces. This is especially true for the Revenant, and don’t be surprised when you see one with two of those faces. They have a puppet like composure, with their arms and head in rigid places, only there aren’t any strings. They look like a mish-mash of random corpses stitched together, and their sudden and erratic movements make them unpredictable. Not only will their grabbing animation drain your health, but it’d force the camera into a close-up of the creature, which is the last thing anyone wants.

We thought dogs were supposed to be man’s best friend! Well, maybe the ones that don’t have their skin torn off and have been starved for a long time. These monsters are usually the second thing the player encounters after zombies, and their size and speed make them formidable opponents. The growl and snarl is your first warning, usually followed by the shattering of a window. Then, they pounce on your chest. You’ll have to time your shots carefully if you want to stop them from feasting on your jugular.

Anything with water involved in survival horrors just plain sucks. No, we’re not necessarily talking about the gameplay, but really the fear-inducing knowledge that you can’t really fight back. This rings true for the first Resident Evil in particular. That infamous aqua ring contains loads of T-virus infected sharks. Hell, even if they were just regular sharks, we’d still be needing a change of pants. These annoying, ferocious creatures will bite at your ankles, slowing you down, so you’d be the main course for the biggest one of all.

If you thought Resident Evil had had enough with infecting seemingly innocent creatures, you’d be wrong! Next on the list is a Lurker, which you’ll notice at first glance is pretty much a frog; and a big one at that. Like the Hunters, they have a pretty high chance at instantly killing you, making your palms sweaty as soon as one appears. They’re ultra-fast, and they have incredible range. You’d better hope you’re next to a door for a hasty escape, or have a high-powered weapon equipped to take them down.

What’s worse than zombies? Zombie-like creatures that can run at you with pitchforks and can throw axes at your skull; that’s what. As the Ganados are significantly harder to avoid than the usual slow zombies of past games, it makes every encounter with them a tense and anxiety-inducing one. One on its own is okay to deal with, but a group makes them incredibly dangerous. As you progress through the game, they become significantly enhanced, wielding dangerous weaponry with a more aggressive and focused nature.

Resident Evil 7’s version of zombies has a pile of black goo take the shape of a humanoid figure, with a huge shark-like jaw. This slimy walking fungus can squeeze into any area, and appear out of the blue to attack the player. This means you’ll have to look at the ground, in vents, and even at the ceiling to catch a glimpse of one of these disgusting creatures being conjured up. Throughout the course of the game, you’ll encounter Molded with makeshift shields, and even humongous, bloated versions that spew hot vomit.

Although you encountered zombie dogs, snakes, sharks, spiders, and hunters in the first game, witnessing this inside-out looking, brain exposed monstrosity drop from the ceiling with its slimy tongue whipping back and forth really made us question the game we were playing, and if we had the courage to face it. Stronger, more agile, and more resilient than zombies, the big difficulty spike when dealing with them had us so scared we desperately tried to recall the last time we used an ink ribbon while we fought it off.

Forget the T-Virus; regular old spiders make us run for the hills as it is. Who’s idea was it to make spiders bigger, hairier, and more aggressive? The first encounter may very well freeze you in your place, as it descends creepily from the ceiling. Just the way it moves makes us cringe in disgust, and if you think it’s about to shoot some web at you, duck. It’s actually green, gooey acid that’ll burn through your health bar before you can work up the bravery to face the critter.

This new addition to the Resident Evil remake refreshed the experience in a new and terrifying way. Backtracking led to the unexpected, kerosene inventory had to be managed, and enemy incapacitation had to be strategic. Additionally, players now had another thing to be afraid of; corpses. No, not zombies, but zombie corpses. If you found yourself in a room with a dead zombie, and you haven’t set it on fire, the thing will rise faster and stronger than ever before. Even zombies should be afraid of these things, as if they’re in between you and the Crimson Head, it’s bad news for them.

Oh good, it’s growing back its limbs we just shot off. That isn’t alarming at all. The simple ambient and atmospheric track that plays alongside the Regenerators really throws us for a loop, as our experience up until the point of the first encounter had been mostly action oriented. Players had to quickly adapt to the new play style that came with the monster. If you thought they weren’t so bad, then you’d probably change your tone when you encountered their variation, the Iron Maiden. They’re similar to the Regenerators, only with giant spikes protruding from their bodies.

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