Top 10 Pokémon with Creepiest Pokédex Entries

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You definitely do not want to encounter any of the Pokémon with the creepiest Pokédex entries.

Before you can catch them all, you’ll have to learn some of their most disturbing stories. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the "Top 10 Pokémon with the Creepiest Pokédex Entries."

For this list, we’ll be popping open our Dexes and reading through some of the most disturbing, terrifying, and downright depressing biographies written in the world of Pokémon. Say what you want about the designs, or how strong your companions are… but you can’t deny that these entries can get cryptically creative.

#10: Gengar

If you’re traveling alone at night, and you feel an icy chill overtake you, it most likely means a Gengar’s come out to play. Most of the time, this Cheshire Cat-like phantom is just a ghostly prankster—posing as a shadow to spook unsuspecting people, laying curses on trainers, and laughing at their victim’s fright. However, it’s been said that Gengar was once human, and it tries to create a traveling buddy by stealing the life of ANOTHER human through its shadow. We’re not sure how humans can become Pokémon, but we know this—nowhere is safe from this ghoulish trickster, as it waits in the shadows for its next victim.

#9: Cubone

Cubone has been identified as the lonely Pokémon due to its loner attitude… and its horrifically tragic backstory. It lost its mother at a young age, and so it wears her skull over its face in her memory—never revealing its true appearance. Unfortunately, the memories still sting, and so it cries its broken heart out mournfully, staining the skull with its tears. They are not only heart wrenching, but the cries also attract Cubone’s natural predator, Mandibuzz—someone at Game Freak really loves to make Cubone’s life miserable. It’s believed that the only way this lonesome Pokémon can evolve is if it can come to terms with its mother’s passing.

#8: Yveltal

While Xerneas is a giver of life, Yveltal acts as a bringer of death. It feeds off the life force of any living creature in its path –thanks to its devastating Oblivion Wing attack. At the end of its life cycle, it sucks up the life force of every creature on earth, and then morphs back into a cocoon where it’ll sleep for 1,000 years. It doesn’t help that Yveltal may be based on several mythological avian symbols of death—or even modern birds of prey. You better hope you never see the day when this beast awakens, as it’ll finish us off before time can finish IT off… and eventually begin anew.

Everybody loves Pikachu; so much so that this lonely little ghost-fairy Pokémon disguises as one in hopes of making friends. Unfortunately, its best efforts are in vain as it occasionally breaks its own neck, then spends all night crying while it tries to fix it—or seek vengeance on the opponent who broke it. Nobody knows what this friendless spook really looks like, but we wouldn’t try to find out if we were you—not only does Mimikyu HATE people trying to peek under the cloth, but it’s been said that anyone who witnesses its true form will die a painful, traumatizing death—what a sad existence this lonesome spook lives.

#6: Banette

The little ghost Pokémon, Shuppet, feeds off negative emotions like vengefulness and jealousy; ironically, it’d have a whole buffet of those feelings with its evolved form, Banette. Once, Banette was an old toy that a child threw away. Fueled by hatred, the doll became the twisted, vengeful marionette Pokémon we know today—searching for the child that cast it away to lay a powerful curse upon them. Banette definitely knows how to hold a grudge—but we can’t blame it, how would you feel if YOU were left alone and unloved in a dumpster? The lesson here: treat your possessions with more respect, it could just save your life—along with theirs.

#5: Kadabra

We’ve heard some outrageous stories of humans becoming Pokémon over the years… but this one is both disturbing and…. totally out there. A young trainer with psychic powers was helping to research extrasensory abilities, but he couldn’t control it. As a result, one morning, he woke up transformed into a Kadabra—silver spoon and all. Baffling considering how it skipped over Abra and went straight for Kadabra, but a story like this is actually a little dark—risking being transformed into a Pokémon, and eventually captured, just because you dabbled too much into the supernatural at such a young age—so be mindful of the possibility if you try and master ESP.

#4: Yamask

Yamasks are born from the spirits of humans long dead and buried; the masks they carry are the last known remnants of their human life – their faces. Tragically, each Yamask still has memories of its previous existence; sometimes, it’ll look at its old face and cry, mournfully looking into the dead eyes of what it once was. It’s cruel enough forcing Cubone to wear its dead mother’s skull, but to have a Pokémon literally carry a part of the life it lost… what kind of existence is that? Once it evolves into Cofagrigus, it most likely loses all those memories, and instead spends its time swallowing humans and turning them into mummies.

#3: Parasect

As a Paras, the two parasitic mushrooms on its back feasts off the nutrients that the host bug eats, and even minorly control its actions. By the time it evolves, the fungus has completely taken over the body and the mind, making the bug nothing more than a zombie –it can’t even move without its engorged master. Much like its real-life counterpart, the mushrooms have medicinal properties for those in China… too bad it can’t help poor Parasect at this point. What’s even worse is that the mushroom will leave its spores on Parasect’s eggs, restarting the vicious cycle of watching a lively, cute little bug become a nutrient-sucking, mindless slave.

#2: Phantump

According to legends, Phantump are made from old tree stumps possessed by the spirits of children who became hopelessly lost in the woods… and died—inspired by the Kodama spirits of Japanese mythology. They can imitate the cries and screams of children, which they use to lead trainers astray in the forest until they can’t find their way out. But they don’t mean any harm; they just want some friendly company. Don’t be alarmed if you run into these little ghouls, but be careful when treading through the woods… or you could end up becoming a ghostly cutie yourself—don’t ask us how.

#1: Drifloon

Taking the number one spot is what legends have described as the “Signpost for Wandering Spirits." The roaming souls of both humans and Pokémon come together to form this cute little balloon ghost; if it were to somehow "pop," the souls it contains would all spill out in a piercing screaming noise. Drifloon may try to make friends with your child, but don’t take your eyes off them, as the phantom balloon may try to carry them off into the afterlife—if they aren’t too heavy. It’s even worse when Drifloon evolves into Drifblim, where it’s big enough to carry ANYTHING, and may just let them drift off into the hereafter.

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