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Top 10 Most Picked Heroes in The International 2021

by Calvin Gordon 4 days ago in esports

Want to learn more about the top heroes in the competitive scene? Check out some of the heroes who made it to the world stage.

The International (TI) is DOTA 2’s biggest event in its esports scene. Players from all over the world gather to determine which team is the best. The qualifying teams need to showcase their skills by dominating the battlefield. This is one of the reasons why the teams are fighting for glory in the grandest way possible.

The biggest tournament in DOTA 2 started in 2011 and became a yearly event esports fans look forward to seeing. More than a dozen teams from different regions take part in this event. The unique strategies of the players is what the fans are looking forward to in every tournament.

DOTA 2 is one of the most popular games in esports Bitcasino and other sports betting sites. The excitement of each game’s outcome, hero bans, and picks allow punters to choose where to place their bets. Even if there are hundreds of heroes to choose from. It can be overwhelming to choose the hero that best fits your playing style. To make it easier for you, here are some of the most picked heroes in TI 2021:

Storm Spirit

Storm Spirit is a ranged hero whose lightning attacks deal massive damage when used together. Moreover, his ultimate makes him invulnerable to attacks even at a great distance. His ganking potential makes him one of the best in the game but the low cooldown of his abilities keeps him consistent in dealing damage.


Lion is a ranged hero who uses his abilities to inflict different effects on enemies. This includes knocking them into the air, turning them into a frog, or draining their mana. His ultimate zaps his enemies for some serious damage. The zoning/crowd control effect of Earth Spike plus his Hex will leave enemies helpless in team fights.

Monkey King

Monkey King is a reliable hero to have because of his ability to hide himself on top of trees or disguise himself while waiting for unsuspecting enemies. He also uses his staff to stun enemies, deal heavy damage, and summon clones of himself for a better ambush.


Weaver is an extremely maneuverable hero who specializes in stealth and swift attacks. His second ability makes him invisible and improves his speed. These moves are considered as one of the best offensive abilities or escape mechanisms of Weaver. He can also summon larvae versions of himself to reduce an enemy’s armor and whittle down their HP.


Tiny is a hero who specializes in throwing rocks, trees, or even other heroes, be it friend or foe. Even if he is originally a melee hero, his normal attacks can increase in range if he grows in size. It could also increase if he uses trees as his weapons. Reaching his maximum size reduces his attack speed.


Io is a hero whom other teammates can benefit from as long as they are tethered to it. Io has healing abilities and can boost an ally’s movement and attack speed. Io also has a teleportation ability which allows it to back teammates up or help allies escape from enemies.


Snapfire is a mounted marksman who uses multiple firearms to deal damage to opponents. Her pet Mortimer can also cause great damage by spitting fiery blobs that leave a pool of lava on the ground. Snapfire and Mortimer can also reposition allies upon eating a Firesnap cookie or being swallowed by Mortimer himself.


Earthshaker is a melee hero who specializes in using his totem to cause tremors in the middle of team fights. He can also stun enemies every time he casts his abilities through his Aftershock. Moreover, his Fissure creates a wall of earth that can be used to block escape routes or prevent enemies from further engaging.


Tidehunter is an incredibly tough hero who can go solo or last long in team fights. His movepool grants him different fighting abilities such as dealing bonus damage, boosting his defenses to an absurd level, or knocking enemies into the air.

Elder Titan

Elder Titan specializes in initiating team fights, disabling opponents, and dealing both physical and magic damage with the help of his Astral Spirit. It is an ability that can reach out to enemies at a distance. The Elder Titan can also help his teammates by reducing the enemy team’s armor and magic resistance through his Natural Order.

After their participation in The International, these ten heroes may be part of most regional meta in succeeding months and may see some more competitive play in other tournaments. After being included in the biggest Dota 2 tournament in 2021, casual players will be encouraged to see for themselves what makes the ten heroes on this list viable in most games.

Meanwhile, punters in esports Bitcasino and other sports betting sites host will keep these ten characters in mind before betting on DOTA 2 teams. Other than that, casual players may have discovered something new about how to use these heroes effectively and expect to see them in any of their matches.


Calvin Gordon

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