Top 10 Hardest Multiplayer Achievements

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Receiving these achievements can require hyper focus and a steady hand, hundreds of hours of gameplay, or just getting incredibly lucky.

Seems like the more people you need, the harder things get to accomplish. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the "Top 10 Hardest Multiplayer Achievements" in video games.

For this list, we're looking at the most difficult challenges that developers gave to gamers in online and co-op modes. We're basing our picks on the outright skill required, how much each achievement relies on luck, and the time investment needed to grind out each gaming feat.

With all the exciting, technical gameplay of Super Street Fighter IV, going online was the ultimate way to test your abilities. The "Legendary Fighter" achievement encouraged plenty of competition by asking players to win 100 online matches. At its core, this takes quite a bit of time, and that's assuming you're up against fighters at your own level. Unfortunately rage-quitters won't count as a victory, and can draw out your already extended hunt. The challenge is tiresome enough that many players use friends and online boosting forums just to complete it. However you go about it though, "Legendary Fighter" will test your patience.

For the online leveling system, Titanfall tasks players with getting kills using specific weapons and then starting all over again on each prestige level. Though the game allows you to skip some challenges at a cost, "Too Legit to Quit" demanded they hit 10th prestige without missing any of them. Titanfall encourages you to use their Forged Certification system too, as certain weapon challenges can be excessively tedious, but a single such skip permanently locks you out of the achievement, which is worth an insulting zero gamerscore. Considering it still takes forever to prestige while using Forges, "Too Legit to Quit" arguably demands too much.

For "The Floor Is Lava" achievement in Overwatch, you simply need to get three killing blows in one life while wall riding as Lucio. Since Lucio's damage is pretty low, you're best off using his Soundwave to get environmental kills. Unfortunately, aiming while wall riding is difficult to start, and the button combinations on controllers are even more frustrating. Luckily, you don't have to get all the kills in one wall ride, and you can jump onto a wall as enemies are falling to their death. Even with all the opportunities for Soundwave kills on maps like Ilios, "The Floor Is Lava" is too nerve-wracking.

There's no skipping or weird caveats to hitting infamy prestige in Payday 2: Crimewave Edition, just lots of grinding. The game requires you to hit the demanding 25th level infamy, or level 2,500 for the "Becoming Monstrous" achievement. This means tons of time playing the same heists, and hoping you get good teammates every time you use matchmaking. You need to hoard cash, secure everything on heists, and try to stay stealthy to speed things up. Though you can accelerate "Becoming Monstrous" with some unlimited heists, there's simply too much risk involved in securing this already drawn-out achievement.

Grand Theft Auto V's "Mastermind" achievement is certainly a challenge, but mostly because it requires so much coordination with other players. Earning "Mastermind" means completing the Criminal Mastermind Challenges for the downloadable Doomsday Heist. While completing this heist is a task in itself, you also need to do it on hard without losing any lives on setups or finales. Players have to do this as a pair, trio, and quartet, with growing amounts of coordination and luck with player lobbies. With the extensive preparation and guides needed to carry "Mastermind" out properly, a real heist might actually be easier.

Most achievements in Garry's Mod are smaller bonuses, meant to make events feel special rather than necessarily providing a challenge. For "Yes, I am the Real Garry" you have to play in a server with the game's creator Garry Newman. Problem is, Garry virtually never plays his own game anymore. Unlike similar achievements which allow every player with the achievement to pass it on, you need THE Mr. Newman. Fans have stalked Garry's profile and even set up massive events around him to complete this otherwise impossible undertaking. Since all related glitches have been patched, Garry himself ironically can't get the achievement.

To level up in Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar Games asked players to spend more and more time in their online mode. At its base, "How the West Was Won" asked players to hit rank 50 by earning over 330,000 experience points. Gamers could originally replay certain hideout missions for as much as 3,000 XP at a time before a patch. After completing every other challenge, many players reported hitting 100,000 points or less. Prestige-ing at level 50 also unlocks the "Legendary" achievement. Red Dead Redemption 2 has a similar achievement called “Notorious;” that, once again, asks players to hit rank 50. Man, Rockstar really can’t help themselves.

Regardless of your skill level, "What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been" takes longer to complete than any other achievement in World Of Warcraft. This is because it requires people to play the game across eight different holiday events, including Christmas and Valentine's Day. Each event also has about a dozen quests to complete, some of which are for high-level players only. At minimum, you need nine months to complete all the quests, and that's assuming you don't miss one and have to wait another year. While you get a cool mount as a reward, Blizzard acknowledges they made this achievement for hardcore players only.

Gears Of War ditched their insane kill-count "Seriously" achievements for Gears Of War 4, and made you complete everything else instead. "Seriously 4.0" requires you to beat the campaign on insane and then climb all the way to level 1,000 online. In Horde mode, you'll have to level up each class and then max-out one skill. After you complete 50 waves in Horde, you'll have to do that again on each of the other nine maps. Unlocking all 141 ribbons requires hyper-specific scenarios and researching how to complete them. Suffice it to say, "Seriously 4.0" wore down even the most hardcore players with its extreme demands.

Hitting number one on ranked leaderboards used to seem like a fair achievement when Advanced Warfighter first came out. People soon realized, however, that becoming top dog was reserved for a couple gamers. While the current sparse player-base would theoretically make this easier, the world champions lead with obscene stats. Most guides suggest cheating through multiple fake accounts to boost yourself up the ladder. Even by gaming the system, it's estimated to take eight weeks of consistent play to reach the top. Though this may have been easy in the first weeks of release, "World Champion" is virtually impossible for modern players.

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