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The Pros and Cons of Both Physical and Digital Media

Physical vs. Digital

By Ferrari KingPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Today you can get a physical or digital copy of games and movies. As for many movies and TV shows you also have the option of streaming. In my opinion there is just nothing like having a physical copy of games, movies and TV shows. It helps that there are very few TV shows I actual care enough about t own and the same with movies. Games are different but I rather have a physical copy.

There are pros and cons of both and I will discuss a few of them.

The of the benefits of owning physical media is that it's yours but if you own digital media than you are only renting the license to use that media. A license that can be revoked for any reason at any time, usually if the company decides to no loner support that game or carry that show or movie. Sadly some games are online only which means you need internet access to play. In my opinion those are annoying because the game becomes useless if the developer decides not to support that game. Some of the newer Call of Duty games want you to buy the physical disc to download the game, or you can get the digital copy.

Someone can hack your account and erase all you media, games, movies and TV shows. You can also be falsely accused of something and lose access to your account which has happened. You can even lose access to the games you thought you owned even if you did say or do something wrong.

With physical copies your media can be stolen. I once dated a woman that after I came back from the bathroom I caught her stuffing movies into her jacket. I stood a foot from her but she was so caught up in stealing that she didn't notice me. Also, you physical media can be damaged.

With digital media you do not have to worry about space since it is all online stored in the cloud or server. Just don't lose your password. With physical media you will always own it even if that movie, TV show or game is no longer supported or produced. With older games you will need to make sure your older gaming system is in good shape. I do not know about Xbox but PlayStation makes it more difficult to get your system repaired. Also Xbox is backwards compatible, unlike the PlayStation. If I had money I would own both systems. Also, you can sell physical media and get some money back, but you can't do that with digital media.

Losing access to your games, movies or TV shows because they are no longer supported and knowing you don't own digital media makes it difficult more me to want digital media. Since most people do not know they do not own digital media and how easily they can lose access to it makes them easier to manipulate by these corporations that sell digital media and try to promote digital over physical. I am sure someday we will not be able to purchased physical media since digital is cheaper and easier to control. With digital they can edit out what certain groups do not like but they can't do that with physical.

Personally I am a fan of physical media. Honestly it might be the idea of not actually owning the item and the fact I am just use to physical media. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I am not one to put anyone down for liking one over the other. The choice is yours.

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