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~ The Mystic Mountain ~

The Spiritual Board Game

By Facundo RaganatoPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Cover & Logo by Andrew Dubravushkin & Facundo Raganato

~ Welcome to the World of The Mystic Mountain ~

The Sages of the Elements unite at the summit of the Mystic Mountain; the prophecy lead them to find the lost Relics and defeat the Titans. Be ready to embark on a Magical Adventure to bring harmony to the Land.


Years ago, I began creating the fantastical world of “The Mystic Mountain” for mainly one purpose: Create an unique and very special multiplayer board game that enhances our spirituality, through communication and harmonious teamwork; all while the players share and have fun.

At the beginning stages, I idealized the factors that the game must have: Nature, Virtues, Magic, Adventure, Freedom, Chance, Strategy, Unity, Treasures, Battle, Teamwork, Sun & Moon, The Four Elements, The Zodiac Signs. And from there, I worked my creativity to make it happen.

As it began to take shape, I used my love for craft to start making models of the board game, the pieces, and the cards. I used scissors, clay, acrylic, pencils, markers. I printed samples and the different colors and aesthetics. Now the game is defined, and I couldn't be more happy about it. After years into this project, I accomplished what I was aiming: The game has many version to play, and it can range from 2 to 16 players.

However, after being set on all inner details, I started polishing the outer look. By working with several illustrators, I am now at the final stages of finalizing the world of “The Mystic Mountain.”



I created this GoFundMe account so you can help me bring this world out for everyone to enjoy. The goal includes all the expenses required to have the final template of the game to be ready to present to the world: All illustrations, production of pieces, cards, box, webpage, marketing, etc. As I begin to unfold this world, I’ll be applying to submit it to companies that can take it forward.

Any amount helps, thank you so much:

GoFundMe for "The Mystic Mountain"


The White Flame

The Symbol of Unity, it represents the harmonious balance of the Four Elements, the Source of Everything in Existence and the Spark of Life. The Sages of the Elements unite at the summit of the Mystic Mountain to honor and express gratitude to the Gods. Legend says Nibiru protects the White Light at the center of their land, for it was the gift from the Gods at the beginning.

The White Flame


The Game

There are many version to play the game, but the spiritual aspects and the metaphorical meanings will always be there. A player can be the Sage of one elements (Earth, Water, Air or Fire), play in team with another player, or even play as the Titans. The variety of versions was a must when I first started to develop the game; it expands to be more accessible and even more fun. Also, the different versions allows the game to be playable regardless how many players it involves. The first version available to play will be with the Virtue Cards.


The Spiritual Aspect of the Mystic Mountain

- The Map is designed in a way for the players to choose where to go, they can only go forward but can make strategic choices to their own free will.

- The 12 Titans represent the 12 signs of western Astrology, divided into the four elements; there are 3 Titans in each Element. How the Titans are defeated is connected to the Virtue Cards.

-The 24 Virtue Cards are the soul of the game; each card contains a weapon/accessory to defeat the Titan; a symbol for the virtue necessary to overcome the traits of each astrological sign. For instance:

4 Cards of the Virtue Cards:

By Andrew Dubravushkin & Facundo Raganato

The Virtue Cards will be available first before the board game, so people can use them to play in one version of the game. These cards beyond the game, as an instrument of spiritual introspection for people to get acquainted with the Virtues and grow spiritually.

By playing the game, people get more comfortable in sharing and working as a team; learning to make their own journey but still being prepared to expect the twists of fate by the roll of the dice and the choices of the other players.

These are just some examples of how I’m implementing spiritual aspects to this project. However, there are many more that cannot be explained at this stage. They are augmented with the symbols, the stories and the artistic elements that create the world of “The Mystic Mountain.”


The Mystic Mountain Theme Song:

As an artist, I take each project soulfully; hence, while I work with illustrators to finish the visual artworks of the cards and the board game, I composed the theme song of the Mystic Mountain so people can grasp a sense of the atmosphere and aesthetic of this world.

It premieres June 11th on YouTube, Spotify or iTunes.

Click here:

The Mystic Mountain Cover - by Andrew Dubravushkin & Facundo Raganato


The Story behind 'The Mystic Mountain:'

Every story has a backstory in order to be substantial; the story behind "The Mystic Mountain" is being written in a novel, where the symbols, the relics, the sages and the titans come alive in mystical magic, adventure and spirituality. It will surely see the light of day once the board game has been presented to the world.


For the World:

This board game is specifically aimed for families and friends; for the purpose to create playtime, to experience adventure, to provide insightful spiritual knowledge of how we learn from each other as we integrate virtues, to reinforce sharing and working together, to inspire creativity and art, and to support unity above all.

Thank you for your support.

Facundo Raganato

GoFundMe for "The Mystic Mountain"





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