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The 8 Best Greatswords In Dark Souls 3

In Dark Souls 3 Greatswords is one of the best weapons, here we will introduce you the 8 best Greatswords.

By Claus OliverPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Dark Souls 3 is very hard and the monsters in it are very powerful, to defeat these monsters we need to have a strong character. To strengthen the character in the game, we need to prepare a powerful weapon and shield. In Dark Souls 3 Greatswords is one of the best weapons, it is easy to use and can cause considerable damage. Here we will introduce you to the 8 best Greatswords in Dark Souls 3, you can choose one of these weapons.

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Black Knight Sword

This weapon is known for its powerful PvP abilities, but it's also a strong PvE contender! It has good scaling and excellent base damage, and its innate passive further enhances it to deal 20% extra damage to demonic foes! It requires high intensity and dexterity. Its qualities shine in PvP situations, as its L2 name for Fortitude helps a lot.

Black Knight Sword Upgrade Table

How to get: Found in the lower parts of the Smouldering Lake.

Gael's Greatsword

Gael's Greatsword also has a very unique combination and offers a lot of versatility, second only to the double-bladed greatsword.

It is a light greatsword, which means it attacks. Combine that with its high damage and devastating combos and weapon art, and you've got a weapon that can handle the various encounters in Dark Souls 3.

Gael's Greatsword Upgrade Table

How to get: Obtained via Soul Transposition from the Soul of Slave Knight Gael for 20,000 souls.

Wolf Knight's Greatsword

This weapon is the perfect combination of speed and balance, sporting both C/C scaling power/agility and a passive that deals 20% more damage to deep-sea enemies!

Its weapon skill is also perfect for PvE - a stance with an arcing AoE multi-hit swing, or a powerful flat front flip!

Wolf Knight's Greatsword Upgrade Table

How to get: Transposition with the abyss watchers soul.

Greatsword Of Judgement

This giant sword is known for its extreme range and versatile moveset. It can also be buffed by using weapon arts to further increase its survivability. While it is great for PvP, it is not popular in PvP. Combined with its WA, it can surprise unsuspecting opponents if used.

It is better than the Moonlight Megazord because the standard wield has more base damage and a smaller attribute need, which means it can be equipped faster and doesn't degrade as due to better durability.

Greatsword of Judgment Upgrade Table

How to get: Transposed with the Soul of Pontiff Sulyvahn.

Executioner's Greatsword

This strike-focused greatsword is often overlooked because people think it has a better alternative. The Executioner's Greatsword's focus on striking damage staggers enemies, which means this sword will be very effective in most encounters in Dark Souls 3.

You can get the Executioners greatsword in the cathedral of the deep, from a corpse in the graveyard. It requires a strong level of 19 and an agility level of 13, making it an excellent choice for strength training. We recommend using the Executioner Megazord with a strength rating of at least 35.

Executioner's Greatsword Upgrade Table

How to get: Looted from a corpse at the graveyard near the Cleansing Chapel at Cathedral of the Deep.

Moonlight Greatsword

This is the most recognizable greatsword in the Dark Souls series and maintains its status as the best greatsword in Dark Souls 3. As a major INT weapon, it has a high-intensity need, which has implications for any potential build. Nonetheless, it's still one of the best INT weapons in the game and has the cool factor.

Moonlight Greatsword Upgrade Table

How to get: Crafted via Soul Transposition from the Soul of Consumed Oceiros.

Twin Princes' Greatsword

Players cannot trade for the Twin Princes' Greatsword; you must defeat Lothric twice to get this weapon, which means you must complete both NG and NG+. Considering that this is the last weapon you'll have access to in most cases, it falls short of the other top-tier mega-swords. But, it is by no means flimsy.

Twin Princes' Greatsword Upgrade Table

Onyx Blade

The Onyx Blade is part of a long tradition of using caduceus patterns in Souls games. Using this weapon, we can build an Intelligence/Faith character. Not only does this weapon work well with Faith, making the Paladin run very viable, but it is also one of the coolest swords around.

The only caveat is that if you want a more traditional kit, like a Strength/Agile split, the Onyx Blade will hinder more than help. But if you build for it, choose the right starting profession, and plan, this Megazord is a much better choice.

Onyx Blade Upgrade Table

How to get: Dropped by Sir Vilhelm in the Painted World of Ariandel.

To get these weapons, we need to invest a lot of time in this game. If you don't have enough time, then you can buy dark souls 3 items at U4GM so that you can get the required weapons in the shortest possible time.


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