The 5 Creepiest 'Ocarina of Time' Enemies

by Tone Breistrand 4 months ago in nintendo

This game's not all fun, it's also freaky as hell.

The 5 Creepiest 'Ocarina of Time' Enemies

It's often mentioned as one of the best games ever made, but it's no secret that Ocarina of Time has its dark sides, as many of the Zelda games do. Link meets a large number of strange creatures on his journeys, and this game is full of them. Here's my list of the five creepiest enemies from the game:

Dead Hand—The Shadow Temple and The Bottom of the Well

If you've ever played Ocarina of Time, you were probably expecting to see this infamous monster at the top of the list. This frightening creature has long, white arms that stick up from the ground, which will grab you if you get close enough. Then they will hold onto you, so that Dead Hand can emerge from the ground and eat you. Yes, this is terrifying. Dead Hand's appearance alone is creepy enough, providing meme material for days. Its white body covered in big, red spots, a long neck which it extends to attack, equipped with a large jaw and huge teeth... How did we play this game as kids again?

Wallmasters—Multiple locations

This is probably the enemy that stresses me out the most, and I'm pretty sure I screamed out loud the first time I encountered one. Navi warns you before entering an area with Wallmasters, so if you notice that your shadow looks circular and is getting bigger... you know one is coming for you. These black monster hands hang in the ceiling, waiting to grab you and take you back to the beginning of the room or even the dungeon (which is annoying as anything). What creeps me out the most, I think, is the fact that you can't see them until they grab you. I very much prefer to see what I'm dealing with, and the fact that there are evil hands lurking in the ceiling waiting to grab me is rather unsettling. Hard pass.

Morpha—The Water Temple

The first time I battled Morpha, I was absolutely horrified. Morpha is the boss of the infamous Water Temple. As you enter the boss room, you see a pool of water. Morpha has taken control of it, using the water to form tentacles with which it tries to grab Link. I think it's the thought of the monster being in control of an element I find creepy, as this entry isn't as visually unpleasant as the other creatures on my list. It is however creepy in the way that as it's able to take the shape and form it wants, it's unpredictableness requires you to be on guard at all times. The walls of the room being covered in spikes doesn't help either, as you have no safe spots to hide in. Luckily, beating Morpha is quite easy if you use the right technique.

ReDead—Multiple locations

You can run into these creepy, zombie-like creatures in different spots around Hyrule, like the Royal Family's Tomb and the Castle Town Market ruins. With their tall, slender physique and wooden masks covering their faces, you know an encounter with them is undesirable. This terrifying appearance, accompanied with a frightening shriek and paralyzing stare, make them absolutely terrifying as they slowly move towards you, whilst you're frozen in your stance and unable to get away. Their attack includes jumping onto you and squeezing you, and it's not pretty. This drains your health whilst you're probably pressing buttons like crazy in an attempt to get away. Thank the deities for your ocarina and the Sun's Song, as playing it freezes the ReDeads, making it easier to sneak past them.

Bongo Bongo—The Shadow Temple

The list wouldn't be complete without this one. Bongo Bongo is the boss of the Shadow Temple, and is introduced as a "Phantom Shadow Beast". That's exactly what it looks like, with its bizarre looking body, a single fiery red eye and two disembodied hands. The boss fight takes place on a giant bongo drum, which the creature keeps playing throughout the battle. Bongo Bongo's body's invisible, so without the Lens of Truth activated you can only see its hands. The hands are much bigger than Link, making them a bit intimidating as they're constantly trying to grab him. This is probably the strangest boss encounter of the game (and that's saying a lot).

I'm not great with scary things, and definitely possess a low threshold for creepiness, meaning my list might be completely different from yours. So, what is Ocarina of Time's scariest monster?

Tone Breistrand
Tone Breistrand
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